Wunder Woman Clip store update


It’s not time for an update, but I decided to give you one anyway!! Consider it a Wunder Woman present from me to you…an early Halloween gift!! Just a little something extra while your waiting for the BIG WW event…

Wunder Woman – A Case of Red Ass
New Content Release in 1080×720 HD. Christina Carter and Diana Knight are at it again! The combination of these two smoking hot fetish models is a fan favorite and possible the best acting duo in the business today. Wunder Woman (Christina) has apprehended the evil villainess (Diana). At the hand Wunder Woman’s lasso of truth the villainess proclaims a crush on Wunder Woman and agrees to a super-e style spanking. A long the way Wunder Woman is setup by the villainess Diane and has her own bottom warmed in Wunder Woman – A Case of Red Ass.

Available @ my embedded clip stores!!


What’s New This Week…

Happy weekend!

The last full weekend of September, can you believe it? I have been working so hard on the Wunder Woman project that time seems to be screaming by. I saw two dungeon spaces this week, both are amazing and both I will be spending time shooting in. I did get some sad news today..Lux Kassidy will not be in the movie with us..she has decided to retire as of next week..boo hoo..that really sucks. So here is the plan, find another hot blonde that can act and does g/g for that part. Ideas?

If you have been following my twitter you know that I wrestled for DT Wrestling yesterday. I had two matches with my good friend Eden Wells, and had no idea she was so tough. Today…covered in bruises and my boobs feel like someone tried to rip them off. Oh wait…she did try that..lmao!! It was so much fun and quite a work out. She should have been shooting for DT a long time ago…she’s really good..it was REAL catfighting. I suggest if anyone would like a real life catfight custom to put Eden and I together. I had to call cut because I really thought my shoulder was coming out of the socket…lol…and she had to call cut when I yanked my hands out of her grip and accidentally got her in the mouth…I really hope she doesn’t have a fat lip today :).

So as you see, if you are on my site, last night I set up a new journal. I wasn’t planning on it, but I guess when your journal just disappears on you…that’s just what you have to do. It much better now than it was before which is a major plus.

This weeks HOT clip release: Reluctant Bondage Model

New Content Release in 1080×720 HD. Christina Carter and Serene Isley star in Reluctant Bondage Model. Christina needs new talent for her bondage website and has picked up an hot bikini chick (Serene Isley) as her new fresh-faced talent. The clip includes both rope and leather strap bondage, ball gags, tie and struggle, damsel in distress, ballet toe shoes. Buy it in my site’s clipstore.

Wunder Woman XXX Parody Feature Film Update

Hi Everybody!

Just wanted to take a minute to give you an update on how the Wunder Woman XXX Parody movie is coming along. I found an amazing costume designer in Boston who is creating my costume, the season one costume. You want a peek don’t you? Well hang in there I’m about to give you one. Notice the detail to the tiara and the red gem in the center of the star, there is two because on is a prop to throw and the other to wear. There are two belts because the XXX is for the movie and the other will be what I shoot in after for all other WW clips and video’s.

Are you wondering who else will be cast in this film? Paris Kennedy will be playing opposite of me, as the dark queen Morbidica…an evil villainess who will go to the end of the earth to take Wunder Woman down. I’m also looking at Lux Kassidy to play either Stephanie Trevor or the Feminine Spirit. I’m thinking she should be Stephanie. That leaves one last place to be filled…. Who should the lucky girl be? I have a few names I am looking into, but would love your opinion. Who should play the feminine spirit?? She needs to be blonde and beautiful…she is an eternal spirit from the Paradise Island.

I’m also looking at dungeon sets in the LA area to shoot the movie, I will be scouting a couple that I have emailed in the next few days.Feel free to speak up if there is a place you know of in my area that you think would work. If all goes well we will be shooting mid-October.

I’m really excited, this is my first feature length film as this character and I can’t wait to bring it to you. For those of you who might be wondering…it will live up to it’s XXX title. 🙂

Christina Carter

Welcome To My “NEW” Journal Page

Welcome to my new and improved ChristinaBound.com journal page. This the place where I come to vent, share, laugh and enjoy time with you my amazing fans.

I am sad to report that my old journal and it’s archives for the previous 3 years have been lost to a vindictive act. Hey Karma’s a bitch and has a way of working these things out. Thus we start anew! I look forward to writing, adding photos and now video chronicling  what has been an amazing year for me already and all signs point to a future that holds even more wonderful things to come. I am excited to share all of that with you. I will try and update my journal weekly but sometimes life just gets in the fucking way, but I promise that I will always be back. Also, please add comments, ask questions and be involved – I love the interaction and most of all I love my fans. Without you none of this is possible! 🙂


Christina Carter