Happy Halloween!!!

Ok, so it’s not Halloween yet…but very, very soon it will be. I love holidays and this is one of my favorites. Although, this year I really don’t have BIG plans…I don’t even know if I’m actually going to the party I was invited to on Saturday. If I do, I’m thinking of throwing on my red catsuit and a pair of horns and being a Devil. Why not..I’m a little devil aren’t I? It’s sexy enough but not showing too much skin..perfect for my non-industry friends. What are you doing for Halloween?

Lots of things going on right now, my right hand man is on another huge project at the moment leaving the editing of my videos on hold till November 2nd. Which hasn’t made me any less busy. I took these last two weeks to really focus on my diet and exercise. That’s been ….fun..lol..I found a little thing called the Butt Bible on Demand..yes, I started doing the workout and it is rough. I can feel the results already. I also took the time to watch “Forks over Knives” like Julie, Jim Weathers wife, kept telling me to do. It was a definite eye opener. The thought that most sicknesses are curable, reversible and preventable just by the food we consume. It makes a lot of sense, yet sucks because you should only be eating fruits and vegetables…very small amounts of animal products. This is very hard for me….seeing that I love fish, steak and chicken. I would also love to know who is responsible for the decisions about food that have been made in the last..I don’t know…50 years? These people are horrible human beings. Do they eat processed food themselves? Fast food? Food with Hormones pumped in them? I’ve never met anyone who works for the FDA. I would love to have a chat with someone in that business, I have tons of questions I would love answered….tons.

I’m also addicted to CNN these days…so much is happening.

What’s my escape from all the worlds chaos?? Why work of course!!! CC productions will be shooting again on the 8th, with Sabrina Maree..

This will be my first time shooting with her and I am re-assured by Emily Addison, who is friends with her, that she is amazing.

Two days after, Randy Moore..

Randy is one of my favorite people to shoot with and the reason I¬† now work out like a fiend. ūüôā

Guess who else will be in the area that day and I would love to shoot with???!!

JJ Plush

I’m dying to do some crazy tight bondage with JJ!! I’ll let that her tie me like a pretzel¬† :)… So if you are a hard Bondage fan…this is for you!! Email me for custom info!!



Time to figure out what I need for my shoot with DTWrestling tomorrow…later lovers!!





Hot Shoots and Releases!!


AAAHHHH!!!! The weekend is here. After a long¬† hard week of making spectacular fetish video’s and hitting the gym, I’m ready for a break. No rest for the wicked though, I’ll be at the gym again tonight….like I said earlier..if I have to be naked by these¬† young hot chics..lol.

This week I shot 3 customs in one day!! The first .. Diana Knight and I getting into a super heroine/villain clash. All I can say is she loves to be a bad girl..lol..she had no problem applying those vicious nipple clamps on me over and over again..and loved making me to have an orgasm. The other two where with my girl Emily Addison, I promised her I wouldn’t make her do a pantyhose encasement..lol..so that she could be her normal hot self and she wouldn’t get all messed up :). She got to be the bad girl in the first one…and she loved every juicy minute of it. She got to be as freaky as she wanted with me :)..which I loved of course!! But the very last one she didn’t dig as much..I chased her around for 10 minutes as she had her arms and knees zip tied and a big ball gag in her mouth..I was slapping her tits and ass. She just couldn’t get away..lol…I have to admit..it was definitely fun on my end. I’ll let her get me back for that …one of these days ; ). I love these girls, it’s so nice to shoot with pro’s. You know they are going to show up looking hotter than hell and do a great job..plus…and this is a BIG one..they want to be there.

Here some exciting news…I’ve picked the dates that we’ll be shooting the Wunder Woman movie!!! December 10th, 11th, 16th, 17th,¬† and 18th. I can’t wait..but it’s a lot of work..and a lot of love.

Oh and by the way..we changed the villains name from Morbicida to Minerva. I think every woman I said that name to had the same thought as me…morbidly obese..and that is one thing our villain is not! LMAO.

Ready for this weeks clip release??

Pantyhose Encasement Revenge

Brand new Christina Carter content release in 1080×720 HD. Christina’s husband is cheating with Ashley Graham and Christina feels its time to confront her. Nylon encased from head to toe Christina Carter”s favorite fetish wear! She slinks inside Ashley’s home and lies in wait of the unsuspecting home wrecker. It’s payback time! This clips includes full nylon pantyhose encasement,¬† cat fighting, hand over mouth. Please visit www.christinabound.com for custom information.
Have a sweet weekend!!!

Christina’s Playlist..


I’ve been pounding it out at the gym again. Why? Funny, everyone keeps asking me that question. Have you seen the girls I work with?? They are young, hot, and in shape!! Not saying that I’m not, just saying that they have a¬† one little advantage on me…age. As I take a picture of the ID that have been coming my way I notice that they are all having DOB’s from the mid to late 80’s. WTF!?!? I was a very young girl dancing in front of the mirror in my room to Madonna, Tiffany, and Michael Jackson in the late 80’s. Every once in a while I would even spin a 45 and dance around to “The tide is high” and “Hot Stuff” ..LMAO!! Yeah..so that’s why I’ve been at the gym so much..if my ass has to stand beside Randy Moore naked again… I must be as tone and buff as possible..lol. And I will be!!!


So you want to know what is on my new playlist for the gym? Maybe you can add it to your playlist and think of me when you hear them…

Sexy and I Know it- LMFAO

We Found Love- Rhiana

Pumped Up Kicks- Torches

Stereo Hearts- GymClassHero’s

Party Rock Anthem-  LMFAO

Super Bass-  Nicki Minaj

Mr. Saxobeat-  Alexandra Stan

Hello- Martin Solveig & Dragonette

Gucci Gucci- Kreayshawn (ONE OF MY FAVE!)

Shots- LMFAO

On The Floor- J LO

Dedication to my Ex(Miss That)- LLOYD   (LOVE THIS ONE TOO!!)



All of these keep me very up beat and going, no matter if I am on the elliptical, stair master, or lifting weights.

Since we are shooting¬† Wunder Woman XXX¬† in December I plan on being in Unfucking believable shape by then :)…that is if all the Thanksgiving dinners don’t get me… I have to have 3 Thanksgiving Dinners this year. :)..Pull out the veggie tray..lol..right..haha.. but I may skip that pie eating competition my sister and I have every year.

Off to relax for a minute….

Thanks for all the love and support, remember..your the reason I’m here.






“Wunder Woman Still Fate”

Hey Everybody!!
It’s clip release day!! I’ve got a tasty one for all Wunder Woman fans, especially those who have asked me for Robot/mind control/frozen fetishes.
Wunder Woman Still Fate
New Content Release in 1080×720 HD from CC Productions. Wunder Woman (Christina Carter) is lured into a trap set by the black nylon clad villainess Nylonyx (Ashley Graham). With the tables turned on our super-heroine Wunder Woman is subjected to the power of her magic lasso. In the end Wunder Woman is turned into a life sized action figure to be manipulated as Nylonyx sees fit. But in a case of double cross Big Boss sets up Nylonyx for the same “Still Fate”. This clips contains: cat-fighting, masturbation, super-heroine in peril, stripping, foot worship, pantyhose encasement.
As always, Please purchase from my sites clip store where I earn a higher commission.
Thanks so much!!

What’s a shoot day like for me?

Hi Everybody,

I’ve been asked this question many, many times..what is a shoot day like for me? I even have had a few people assume it is as easy as getting up and jumping in front of the camera..voila!!¬† NOT!¬† That’s not how it happens at all. Let’s take for example the two shoots I did today. It started out weeks ago with an email from a fan wanting a custom. I email back and forth about details..models, outfits, scripts, price. Once I get a deposit I book the other girl and the studio or dungeon if needed. It took a week or two and tons of emails to find that the customers first pick of models is not shooting anymore, back to the drawing board!!¬† . Which this time brought one of my favorites..Randy Moore. I book Randy, figuring out what day works for both her and I plus the camera man and our bad guy for the shoot…not to mention making sure the venue is available on that day.

Forward three days before our shoot…..I have another custom come in for me and Randy. I struggle to get all the outfits together and get a hold of the dungeon to see if we can also shoot in their office, which can not happen since they are open for business while we are shooting. OK..so¬† I back up our start time at the dungeon..we’ll shoot the office script at my place. That decision is made the night before the shoot. Mind you, I am cooking all weekend for a Canadian Thanksgiving celebration on Sunday, also had a baby shower , a visit to the hospital to see my other friends baby, and dinner in Hollywood with a bunch of fetish friends.

This morning,shoot day.. I’m up at 8 to jump in the shower and do hair and make-up. Randy won’t be over until 11am but I still need to run to the store to buy a last minute bra and panty set needed for the first custom. I get home with an hour till start time and start helping setting up the place for shooting, I set out all outfits for Randy and I and make sure we have scripts copied for everyone and all props are at hand….plus make sure I have all paperwork¬† ready and checks to pay everyone after we are done. We shoot from 11am-1pm and start tearing down and packing for the next custom, which is going to be shot at the dungeon. We arrive at the dungeon at 2pm..pick shooting area’s, lights are getting set up, Randy and I are getting dressed in our next outfits..we shoot until¬† 4:30pm. We then hurry to change and pack ..everything..all the lights, camera equipment, props. Drop a check at the front desk and thank the wonderful people at the dungeon for letting us shoot there. Jump in the car, get home and unpack everything. By 6PM I am up in my kitchen preparing dinner.

So what do you think? Easy? NO…but I still love it :).

Imagine…I have 10 other customs that I am putting together right now..and a feature length film that includes 3 other actresses and a crew of at least 6. Not to mention the emails I must return, the forums I am on, Facebook, Twitter, Fetlife…… All of this and I still have my vanilla life to tend to as well ūüôā

To the right, a picture of Randy taking a break on one of the thrones at the dungeon..

Check out this Photo I found of me on Jim Weathers phone while we were all at dinner Saturday night :)…HOOTTTT.. I love it!!

If you are reading this journal from my yahoo group and can not see the pictures please go to my site and check them out!!







Strict Elbow Bondage and Wet Panties

¬†Hello..Let me ask you a question….
Who doesn’t love delicious strict elbow bondage that is absolutely inescapable? I don’t know, maybe the whinny little girls that can’t handle it..lol..but not to worry, that’s not the case here. That’s one of the reasons I love working along side Serene Isley, she’s just like me. We both love having our elbows tied tight. I think it’s unbelievably sexy, even more so when I have a hot chic is struggle right next to me in the same tie…it ends up being a competition. Who can move the most, get in the craziest positions..and¬† who can stay in the tie longest….it makes me a wet just thinking about it. It’s a hell of a turn on. You think it’s hot to watch? You should see are panties afterward :). Which brings me to this weeks tasty clip release….

The Groundskeeper Rope Tie Bondage Session
New content release in 1080×720 HD. Christina Carter and Serene Isley where out for a much needed summer stroll in the country. It was a large private estate that had the usual private property please keep out sign but the 2 girls thought it was just a walk and what could really happen. The old groundskeeper watched from a far as the girls laughed and strolled along the gravel road admiring the beautiful scenery. He waited and patiently planned his next move. This clip contains rope bondage, ball gags, elbow ties and a front loader ride.
Available now on my site’s clip store! I’m asking all my fans to purchase my video clips from christinabound.com because I make a higher commission on the sales.
So..as I am sitting here writing this one of the latest videos we’ve filmed is being edited behind me. Which is making it very hard¬† to concentrate..lol….it’s ‘Spy vs Spy 2’ with Randy Moore.¬† All I hear is kissing and moaning….it’s extremely hot. I have to say, spending all day feeling her body and kissing her all over…mmmmm…and right now….wow.. Oh my that’s hot!! Alright, alright..got to get my head back together..damn it…now it’s at the part where I have her panties down around her knees, play with her pussy and then using the vibrator on her…
Seriously…It’s so hard to focus right now.Ok, a few more things before I get off the computer for the night. Tomorrow I’ll be shooting another Wunder Woman custom, while I am at it I’m going to put on the new Wunder Woman costume we had made for the movie and take a few pictures for everyone to see…Promise.

Saturday I’ll be meet a bunch of my loving fetish family for sushi…you can expect pictures from that too. :)Have a great weekend!



Today’s adventure


Another fabulous day!!! I spent it making out with Randy Moore…lol. Jealous? You should be, she’s one phenomenally beautiful¬† women.

We shot two very hot customs….one pantyhose encasement video with hot and heavy fondling, delicious mouth watering foot worship, knockouts, eye rolling, scandalous¬† take downs in this one! Plus, I make Randy suck and choke on my¬† hard cock :)..she loved it!!! There’s nothing like Christina Carter with a strap-on…lol!! Love at first sight, right?

The second video was Spy vs spy 2, that’s where all the making out came in…mmmmm…yummy..this one includes excruciating painful nipple clamps, a¬† stinging crop, forced O’s, and lots of exhausting struggles and take downs.

We’re getting back together on Monday to shoot another custom. If you want one, please hurry and let me know so I can book Randy! Get your scripts in and your fantasies out to you besides it gives me another reason to make-out with Randy! ūüėČ LOL






I found my Stephanie Trevor!!

Christina and Tasha

That’s right!! It took me a few weeks but I found the perfect fit. Tasha Reign,¬†http://www.tashareign.org/ will be playing Stephanie Trevor in “Wunder Woman XXX A Parody”. I am so excited to have her as a part of the cast. She’s very sweet and smoking hot!

XO, Christina