Karma’s a bitch!!

Hello Everyone!!
It’s the last weekend before Thanksgiving, I hope your ready!! I know I am. I did another Butt Bible work out last night and will be at it again tomorrow night for the last time before I head home. I would like to say I’m going to take it easy while I’m there ….but that’s not going to happen. I’ll be shopping all Tuesday for  ingredients  for Friday nights dinner  at Dad’s and my famous Cottage potatoes I make for every dinner I go to (Thursday and Saturday too). That’s right, I have three Thanksgivings to go to. Having split families and in-laws makes for a very festive holiday..lol. Wednesday is dinner with the girls, Thursday dinner #1, Friday dinner #2, Saturday dinner #3, Sunday family breakfast and gun shooting. whao..someone is going to have to roll me home unless I watch what I eat…yeah, that’s not going to happen. Rolled it is!!
I’d love to say everything went perfectly this week, but it didn’t. Almost every custom was finally edited and sent out..except for one(which I have to finish close ups for). My shoot with Sara Liz was fantastic..she is such a great model and actress. So what you ask could have gone wrong?? Well a shoot I had pushed back and moved for a model I have never met or shot with went incredibly south. Let me start by saying that I have been in this business for 10 years already and I make sure I am as professional as I can be to everyone. Photographers, models, MUA’s, Producers, Fans..you get what I am saying. I booked a shoot date with a model and a few days before she had to move it due to a event she forgot was happening, no big deal…I totally understand. re-booked..the day before the re-booked shoot I let her know the time we are starting to shoot. She says she can’t shoot at that time, due to a class and sorry she didn’t mention that). Ok..I’ll try to make this work..re-book again…an hour before I text her the suite #. I get this reply “who is this?” Damn it..I had a gut felling this was going to happen. I tell her who it is, and that we do have a shoot in an hour and she replies that she has been sick for two days and just woke up two hours ago. You have got to be kidding?? I would have love to have some kind of heads up..like as soon as she started feeling like crap. I know when I am sick I do that for anyone I am scheduled with. Am I wrong? When I told her that it was unprofessional of her and that I now just lost money on a suite because of her, she told me she would not take that kind of abuse. Dude really? It’s not abuse..in fact I feel like I’ve been abused..lol..or screwed. Do you just forget your schedule or what you booked when you get sick?? I know I don’t. You know…it’s very hard to piss me off..it takes so much. If I had made that mistake myself.. I would have been calling apologizing and promising to make it up to them. But, that’s just me. Oh well…time to book a professional. I’m not going to mention her name..because I’m just not like that…I’ll just wish her good luck in her career..hahhaha… if she shows up for it. Anyway, that’s my rant for the week. 🙂
I took advantage of the suite I booked for that shoot! As you can see from this picture:)
So here we are with this weeks update!!!!!!
Karma’s A Bitch!!
 New content from Christina Carter in 1080×720 HD. Randy Moore discovers that Christina and a partner are embezzling money from the firm. Randy confronts Christina about the missing funds but it’s Randy who ends up tied to her office chair. When the partner shows up to close the deal and walk away with millions it’s Christina that gets double crossed and ends up bound to Randy Moore. The two beauties struggling to get free before a bomb set by the partner goes off covering up the ordeal. The clip contains forced stripping, rope bondage, damsel in distress, pantyhose, bra and panty fetish, cleave gags and big tits.
With that, I wish you all a good night!!

Great Reviews!!

This just arrived in my inbox:
I was happy to see that my clip arrived in my inbox…then even happier when I actually saw it!!!!
It was fucking AMAZING!!!!  As you well know, it’s so rare when something turns out EXACTLY the way you pictured it and this one did!  Not only that, you managed to make it even better!  Diana Knight was perfect (she always is – one of the best) and, of course, you were as perfect as anyone could be (you ARE the best!).  Everyone did such a fantastic job and I hope this clip is hugely successful for you!
Thank you so much for agreeing to act out a fantasy of mine.  There was never any doubt in my mind that it would turn out great but I had no idea it would be so PERFECT!!!
And if your Wonder Woman feature is anywhere near as good as this (and how could it not be?) it’s gonna be mind blowing!!
Thank you so much!  You’re fucking brilliant!!  I’m gonna go watch it yet again…
So, if you had any doubt about getting a custom done by yours truly…I’ve hope this I hope this clears everything up for you. 🙂
Another I meant to share with you last week….
Hi Rich, Kate, Steve, Joss, Katy, Christina and Sarah!

Just a quick email to let you know that Restrained Elegance has had a very
strong showing at the 2011 german Fetish Film Festival:

We won awards for:

Best Long Clip (Ariel’s Job Interview)
Best female peformer in a long clip
(Joss, in Ariel’s Job Interview)

Best short clip: Erotic Daydreams
(which was the one with Christina and Joss as shop girls,
where Christina dreams about her work mate tying her up)

Best female performers in short clips:
Christina (for Erotic Dreams)
Katy (for Ladette to Lady)
Sarah (for Ladette to Lady)

– two awards there for Kate’s directorial debut as well, that was
the mad video from Norfolk with Katy and Sarah bound back to back in
the library with a book on their heads…

And we won one of the best membership website 2011 awards too.

Woo! Go team RE! Thank you all for all your hard work, nice to know
people are appreciating it! 🙂

Cheers, Hywel

Once again….I love my job!!
Good night everyone!

What are you Thankful for???

I don’t even know where to start…

All the wonderful fans I have (especially the ones who trust me to make their fantasies come true), the great friends I work with (way too many to list), all the wonderful models..and most of all fetmodhubby for keeping it all together and loving little ol’ me..lol.

I’m thankful for the amazing shoots I’ve done in the last week. I shot with Jim Weathers from Bondage Cafe last Monday and took some pretty amazing photos. Julie did great work on my make up as usual and Shelby was once again stellar with my hair. Would you like a little sample? Well who am I to deny you :)…….do you like it? I was very excited to see what else came out of this shoot….I’m now dawning the front page of Bondage Cafe..

Speaking of shoots, I’m sure you are wondering where those new WW XXX promo pictures are?  I’m wait till I get the OK to release them…we are almost there. Paris was of course amazing at the shoot, even though she was not feeling well. It definitely did not show. I can’t wait to film this movie with her as the villain. I told her if I wasn’t Wonder Woman already..I’d want her part..she can be as crazy as she wants. I’m pretty sure she’s going to be really good at playing crazy..lmao.

I also shot with JJ Plush  this past Friday night. We shot for both of our sites..and boy did we play rough. So rough that I told her I need learn how to tie better ….so I can kick her ass in return :). I wanted to do nipple clamps even though my nipples where still sore from Jim’s shoot on Monday. So we decided to use clothes pins that JJ said were much looser than my new clovers. Yeah right..those bitches hurt so bad!!! I have a  blisters from them. Maybe, just maybe it was because JJ decided to wrap the rope around them and pull…and then yank them around..oh…and not to mention slapping my breast REALLY hard.. BITCH…LMAO.. I love her! Crazy enough we did 4 sets  in 3 hours, usually it takes about an hour a scene. I especially loved the scene where she had me tied in a strappado in a scary, dark, torn to shit room and threw a burlap sack over my head..You can look forward to seeing this and the others JJ and I  shot on my clip stores and  on http://www.christinacaptured.com.

Who else I’m I thankful for?? Randy Moore of course…my girl has made so many shoots as easy as pie and so much fun it should be illegal. This past week we shot another pantyhose custom video for a very special fan. I love my life..where else could I do things like this?

If I do say so myself, we look pretty damn hot in our pantyhose encasements… especially Randy with her big meaty cock…lol…she made me gag on that monster over and over and over….geeez…she showed no mercy!!!

Here’s a little tidbit you will just love…Randy and I are going to be in a Christmas Parade together the first weekend of December!! WWWOOO HOOO..that’s going to be so much fun..You can be sure there will be some pictures showing up from that little event…lol.

I’m sure you have seen all the twitters about the work out that Randy and I do…it’s butt hell, and called the Butt Bible!! It is working so well….I’m soon to have an ass as hard as hers..and I promise I will stick to it. Although, I’m worried that it is the reason I am having so much back pain..in fact, I know now that my I.T. Bands being too tight are throwing my hips out of wack which in turn is messing up my back and leaving it in one big spasm. I have never seen a massage therapist so freaked out. Her exact words “I’m not sure I can even help you..I’ve only seen this kind of thing happen in car accidents.”  Well..that work out is a tad traumatic..lol..it’s true torture.

Ok, It’s late and I am going to spend tomorrow getting wardrobe together and myself for my shoots on Thursday. Sara Liz in the early afternoon and Sabrina Marie  in the evening.

Have  a great week!!


“Wonder Woman vs No Face”


It’s late Thursday Night, which means it’s time for a clip update. Since I could not update last week due to other business projects I’ve decided to do a very special release. What could be better than a Wunder Woman clip??!! So here it is..

“Wunder Woman vs No Face”-

New Christina Carter super heroine release in 1080×720 HD. Wunder Woman (Christina Carter) and Spectra (Randy Moore) have No Face, a notorious sex trafficking villain, right where they want him. But No Face recently released from prison isn’t going without a fight! The sexy super heroines take the bad guy down but get a little sloppy in the process. No Face seizes the opportunity and turns the table on both Wunder Woman and Spectra making them both excellent sex slave candidates ready to be broken at No Faces evil hand. This clip contains super herione peril, rope bondage, male domination, forced O’s, BDSM, fighting, stripping, ball gags,  gropping, and hand over mouth.

Whats going on this weekend? We’re shooting promo pictures for the up coming  Wunder Woman-XXX feature!!!!

I’ll post them for you ASAP!!

Till then…Ill leave you with this tasty little treat, one of the weapons Minerva (Paris Kennedy) will be using in the movie. Beautiful isn’t it?

Christina XOXO


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