Tied to the Problem..

It’s time for a deliciously nasty bondage update!! Remember that weekend I drove to shoot with JJ Plush? Well, your wait is over. JJ is the tightest tying female rigger in the business….so tight I couldn’t figure out if I wanted more,or wanted out..lol. She shoved my mouth full of packing before she vet wrapped it shut, and made certain I was tightly tied before starting the torture…
She’s so naughty!!
Christina Carter, Tied To The Problem
New 1080×720 HD video release from Christina Carter. Tied To The Problem is brand new content featuring two bondage superstars in Christina Carter and JJ Plush. Christina is tied on camera by expert rigger JJ Plush. The clip contains rope bondage, fondling, clothes pin nipple clamps, forced stripping, forced orgasm, female domination, mouth packing, vet-wrap gag and a hogtie struggle.
Available right now  http://www.clips4sale.com/38975
Plus more behind the scenes from WW-XXX for you..
Minerva on her Throne…
Have a great weekend!!!

More for you..


Here’s to hoping everyone had a marvelous Christmas and has something spectacular planned for New years Eve. Yes, I took a break for Christmas…. spent the holiday in Mexico. It was definitely something different for me, seeing that I usually spend it with my family in the mid-west. I needed a break…but I do feel like I skipped Christmas all together..not sure I will do that again but I am much more relaxed..lol. 🙂

I was looking through my behind the scenes pictures and found a funny video that my PA filmed on the 5th day of filming..I’m hope you find it as funny as I did and don’t mind the silly potty mouth. I am sending to my editor right now to change it from AVI to something wordpress will allow so I can share it with you…..until then let me share a few other behind the scenes photo’s …

WW forced to suck cock while suspended in mid-air….

WW tortured….

Shooting continues January 7th and 8th.. I still have lots of pictures to share with you till then 🙂

Stay tuned!!!

Christina XXXOOO

My New Slave…

It’s Thursday! You know what that means…a new exclusive one of a kind tasty treat just for you!! I may be busy creating the best fetish Wunder Woman XXX movie EVER, but I still have plenty of time to jingle your bells!! I’ll be adding more  behind the scenes WW for you this weekend on my journal, so go enjoy this newest clip and check back with me wen you have a free hand ;).
My New Slave
New 1080×720 HD content releases from Christina Carter. This sexy featurette (36 mins) features Penthouse Playmate, Emily Addison and the amazing Christina Carter. Emily wants to be a fetish model and is looking to one of the best in the biz, Christina Carter to mentor her or at least that what she’s telling Christina. Emily goes to the dungeon to meet Christina but she has an ulterior motive, making Christina her new sex slave. This clip contains multiple sleepy scenes, bondage, forced orgasm, BDSM, g/g, nipple clamps, handcuffs and much more.
Christina XXXOOO
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Behind the scenes of WW-XXX

Hello My sweet Christmas Angels!!

How would you like a little peek into the Wunder Woman movie?  Sure you would 🙂 , so I’m going to give it to you! We are working like crazy to make this the best WW fetish movie you’ve yet seen, the pictures say it all. We shot the first two of five days this past Friday and Saturday. Tasha Reign and Paris Kennedy have blown me away with their hard work and acting skills, I now know I’ve definitely made the right choice in my casting. We’ve already had so many crazy things happen at the studio..nothing I can’t handle. Plumbing trying to flood us out…no match for me!! Giant bug coming after actress..yeah, I killed it…lol. Trying to get ten people to get along for 14 hours straight….piece of cake!! Getting the lunch orders right and  accounted for… harder than you think..lol. Working with some of the best people in the industry..priceless. We have three more shooting days to go and another fabulous actress joining in(Randy Moore).Friday, Saturday, and Sunday..they are going to be very long, but worth it.

To your right, Diana Price and Stephanie Trevor. This picture is from the scene where Stephanie reprimands me for saying something I shouldn’t have…you’ll have to wait to find out why and what she does. Actually I took this picture before we started shooting it, we were both messing with our phones :)..



Saturday I spent a lot of my day producing, running errands and putting out fires, not a normal day for a model but I loved every minute of it. Welcome to producing and having your own Production Company right??!! I’ve had my Company and  produced many video’s over the last year and a half…but this is by far the biggest. I watched Minerva in disguise, sneak her way into Miss Trevor’s office..and you’ll never guess what happens next..hhmmm..you’ll just have to wait for the movie :). I did get back into my WW costume by the end of the night and end up back on set..I’ll have to see if anyone has pictures of that scene for you.

I’m sure right now you are thinking..where are those pictures she can’t put up on twitter?

Here’s one for you…


That’s right, It’s Stephanie Trevor with her Tongue deep inside of Minerva. It only gets better from here, I’ll post more naughty pics  tomorrow :)..can’t give it all to you tonight.



I’m working on releasing something very special this weekend on the clip stores..something extra delicious. Only problem is picking what it is going to be. I’ve shot so many great things in the last month…hhhmmm..this is the hard part. Guess it’s time to play “eny meany miney moe”… lmao..catch your fetish by the toe, if she hollers …don’t let her go.. 🙂


Have a great night!!





Diana Prince vs Nylon Viper!!

Hello Pantyhose, chloro, forced O, and Diana Prince lovers!!
I’ve got a tasty little treat for you :)..This weeks clip release!
Randy Moore takes her sweet time torturing the hell out of me…and I loved every minute of it!

Diana Prince vs Nylon Viper

New 1080×720 HD content release from Christina Carter. Wonder Woman’s real identity, Diana Price has been uncovered by the Nylon Viper, Randy Moore and she is out to put an end to Wonder Woman once and for all. The Nylon Viper lies in wait for Diana Price to arrive home after a long day at the IADC fighting terrorism. The Nylon Viper catches Diana off guard and knocks her out before she can transform into Wonder Woman. Diana is encased in pantyhose, the calling card of the nylon clad Viper, but Diana’s not going with out a fight. This clip contains full nylon pantyhose encasement, cat fighting, knockouts, forced orgasm, strap-on dildo, g/g blow job and a whole lot of two very sexy ladies Christina Carter and Randy Moore.
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Ready or Not, It’s Time!!


ImageReady or not it’s Christmas time again! It’s one of my most favorite times of year. Christmas trees, holiday lights, baking cookies, buying presents, sending Christmas cards, wrapping presents, being someones present, oh wait…that’s not on everyone’s list of things to do..lol.. Being holiday eye candy. Yep, that’s what Randy Moore and I were this past Saturday. We marched in front of the Last Generation of Syncopated Drummers. Donning the American flag along side theirs. The two hour march seemed like only minutes as the excitement rushed through my body. My last parade was over 10 years ago..boy did i miss it. There were thousands of people, including some of my favorites…fetmodhubby, Jim+Julie Weathers, Anastasia Pierce, Lorenzo, Ashley Graham, and of course Stacy Burke too!!

ImageBut oh my, there is something else happening very, very soon.. The filming of “WW XXX A Parody” is about to begin. Filming starts this Saturday, but I am running around night and day getting all the details together. All scripts have been handed out, props and clothes are being put in a bin ready to be on set and in the dressing room. Catering still needs taken care of,  two PA’s need to be picked up at the airport and settled in, one more script meeting with the main camera man tomorrow night, and set dressing Thursday night. Wow, It’s coming together..and the time is finally here…Wunder Woman is coming!!