Huge February Update!!!


Why do I feel like it’s the weekend already instead of Tuesday??? Maybe it’s this big beautiful update I have for you  on !! yes, it may be the 31st..but I’m not one to waste anytime.

WW vs Nylonyx ,” Street Crimes”,

“Sunday Social”

and  “Self Bondage Pair- Part 1”


Please be aware that I did stretch the gifs out so you can see what is going on much better. This is NOT the quality of the video’s, they are all very high quality HD go ahead, Take your pick,take a peak!!

Also, I know my fans very well, and I know there are some guys that would kill for a WW custom but just don’t have the cash. It’s your lucky day!! I want to shoot a WW video with me and Dian Knight again…and I am searching for a script…send it in now, if it’s good..I’ll do it …my treat!!

Have a great Tuesday night!!



“The Auto Mechanics”….

Happy Friday!!!
I’m hoping you have an amazing weekend planned…if your stuck at home because of the weather..let ME show you an amazing weekend!! :)..
Lets start with my newest clip release…
“The Auto Mechanics”
New content release in 1080×720 HD. The Auto Mechanics features Christina Carter, Serene Iseley and AJ Marion in the case of the disgruntled customer. AJ arrives at the girls garage to pickup her car but discovers that Christina and Serene have been out joy riding in her sexy black convertible sports-car. She is irate with the two woman but Christine and Serene won’t put up with the spoiled rich girl’s static and quickly turn the tables on AJ. Very sexy damsel in distress video with  ball gags and nipple play.
If your craving a little more, or maybe have a different flavor of fetish you are looking for… dive into the christinabound site. There is sure to be something for you there. If your a clips guy/girl..please, be my guest.
Speaking of clip stores, I received an email saying that eclipstore will be ready to take credit card payment  once again this coming week!!! Yea!!! I’ve missed that store.
I’m not sure if you are following my tweets, but if you are you know what I was doing yesterday :). I was getting very, very naughty with Adriana Sephora and Emily Addison. In my steaming hot video with Adriana, we were new partners on the police force and I get to show her the ropes..starting with There are 4 delicious scenes in this one.  Including Foot worship, striptease, forced O’s, bondage and escape, dual blindfolded tribadism..fingering, pussy name it!! This girl is so sweet and fun to work with, you are sure to see her on my site again and again!!
As for Emily, Believe it or not..we did are very first strap-on scene together!! She was all about getting crazy yesterday…amazing how well the go, I was sliding deep inside her and giving her a dose at the same time. HOT!!!! Something must have been in the air…I would say it must have been a full moon..but I know it wasn’…just got both of these hotties on there horniest of days…I’m one lucky girl!!
I promise both of these video’s will be out very soon…I can’t wait to get them in your hands. UUmmm.. I mean hand….because I’m sure one will be very busy!!  😉
Have a great night!!

More WW-XXX behind the scenes..

I was going to wait till tomorrow to share more…but why ? 🙂


Diana Prince…




WW and Minerva..

I’m so excited!! I just saw a piece of the movie up on the editing screen..Minerva on the roof starting all her destruction..Woo hoo!!!! I can’t wait to share this movie with all of you.


Christina Carter, The Producer..

Good Evening!!

While shooting for bondagecafe and filing my 1099’s , I have  also been searching for these photo’s for you. I just found them on my passport hard drive. I swear I thought I was losing my mind.. I knew I had them.. I just had to figure out where I saved them.

Christina the Producer..


and another..

and one more for you..

So there you have it…when you think its all glitz and glam, it’s really being there for everything, making those last minute decisions and calls on the spot.  I loved and hated it all at the same was an amazing experiance but came with really long hours and tons of work..totally worth it!!!

more pics very soon….


The Hotel Maid’s Misfortune…

It’s time for a new clip release!!
The Hotel Maid’s Misfortune
New Christina Carter content release in 1280×720 HD. In The Hotel Maid’s Misfortune Christina is a riveting Fem-Dom who “enjoys” the beautiful Sarah Liz. Christina noticed the hot blonde maid as she was checking in the her hotel. The hotel maid noticed Christina as well, who wouldn’t notice a beautiful woman walk by. Christina couldn’t keep the sexy blond out of her dirty little mind. She knew she had to have her. Christina phones the hotel concierge and asks to have extra towels brought to her room. The blonde maid arrives at Christina’s hotel room, towels in hand. Christina charms the hot maid right out of her uniform. She then proceeds to tie her hands and feet. Christina is now free to fondle and play with the maid’s naked body and feet. When Christina’s actions are met with the maid’s resistance Christina promptly places the maid’s dirty panties into the Sara’s mouth. This is a great damsel-in-distress, struggle, Fem-Dom clip.

The Christina Carter imposter strikes again….

Hello Everyone,

It seems that someone from my past has reared his ugly head once again. I can not legally name names, but he has a knockoff website claiming to be me, full of very old content and several other sites. To my disgust and dismay I found that he joined my site 5-days ago and downloaded tons of my new copy written content. I quickly banned him from my site and contacted billing, hosting and my lawyer to get the ball rolling. I do have a list of everything downloaded and lets be real..he hasn’t taken it to enjoy the bondage or fetish it contains. I have no doubt it will end up on his sites.

That’s where all of you come in….if  you should see any of my new content from my site or my clip stores appear on other sites please email me with any info you have.  His knockoff site is littered with references pretending to be me, and claims of new content from me — NONE of it is true and it’s a total knockoff and rip off! It’s time to move on buddy!

Thank you all for your love,support and help on this matter,




Naughty Behind The Scenes..WW-XXX


I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Maybe you even have tomorrow off?! Great more time to dive in head first into some fetish debauchery!!!  :)..

Speaking of, lets look at some naughty screen caps I managed to grab from one of my production assistants cameras..


even more..

Gets even better..


Now if that doesn’t make you want to grab the first copy of  WW-XXX  you can get your hands on..I don’t know what


Off to figure out what clip I should release this week…

Good Night!

Ask gaming company Electronic Arts to oppose the Internet censorship bill.

Hello Everyone!!


Please read this, take it very seriously and sign the petition. If not for you, then for me. There will be no more super heroine fetish if we don’t stop this right now!!!



Congress has a plan to change the Internet forever. A bill they’re debating right now would give the government power to shut down whole websites, and even let corporations say which websites should be shut down.

That means a huge corporation could have any website even suspected of violating a copyright shut down — no questions asked. The government could then completely block all access to sites as big as Facebook or YouTube if one person posts one thing on those websites that corporations don’t want online.

Most major entertainment companies have come out in support of the bill, but despite swirling rumors, the huge video-gaming company Electronic Arts (EA) has yet to take an official stance. However, EA is part of the Entertainment Software Association, one of the big corporate lobbyists for the bill to censor the Internet — meaning that if EA came out against the bill, that would be a serious blow to the people trying to get it passed.

Shashank Kasturirangan is a student at NYU who’s a huge fan of gaming — including EA’s games — but he can’t believe that EA would want to mess with the Internet. Shashank started a petition on calling on Electronic Arts to stop lobbying for Congress’s plan to censor the Internet and come out against the bill. Click here to add your name to his petition.

The Internet censorship bill is particularly dangerous, according to advocates, because it would enable the government to set up the same type of tools to block online content that are used in repressive regimes around the world, like China, Iran, and Syria. For the first time, corporations and the government would be able to say what’s acceptable to put on the Internet.

While some companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have come out against the bill, big movie studios, record companies, and their corporate lobbyists like the Entertainment Software Association are pushing Congress hard to pass Internet censorship.

Electronic Arts has millions of customers around the world playing video games like Madden 2012The Sims, and Scrabble, and they care deeply about what the public thinks about their company. If enough people call on EA to oppose the plan to censor the Internet, they will be forced to come out against the bill. And if EA backs off, other companies that haven’t yet taken a position will certainly think twice before supporting Congress’s plan to censor the Internet.

Sign Shashank’s petition to Electronic Arts to stop lobbying for Internet censorship and oppose the bill in Congress. Click here to sign.

Thanks for being a change-maker,

– Jess and the team




I signed!!! If you like what you see on my site, and need to sign this petition as well. If not, we’ll all be in trouble.

Thanks for your support!!