March Update + Yesterdays Eye Candy..


You made it through Monday!!! Now to tackle the rest of the week, and I know just how to help you do that. How about some juicy new updates on Lets check them out shall we…

First, Wunder Woman “Obssesion”..


“The Repair Man”..

“Self-Bondage Pair”- Pt. 2

And if that’s not enough to get you through the week, you can always check out my clip stores. Speaking of.. is back up and running. I’ve missed them so much these past 2 months, but I do understand the whole process of changing merchant accounts so I can’t hold it against them. 🙂


Not sure if you saw any of my tweets yesterday, if not I will fill you in as to what I was up to. I love to help my friends out and be a behind the scenes crew member every now and then. So when John Wilkes called and asked me to PA on  a Jennifer James Films shoot, of course I said yes. Not knowing at all what I was getting myself into. I arrived at 10 AM and opened up Johns studio for him and let other of the crew and cast members in. Little by little hot females that I knew and some I am now happy to know started trickling through the door. Should I share the star studded cast with you? Hell yes!!

The beautiful show hostess – Tanya Tate

The breath taking Adriana Sephora..

The one and only Candy Manson..

Tempting little Sasha Heart..


Red hot fire ball Erika Jordan..

Devastatingly beautiful Melissa Jacob (my DT Wrestling buddy)..

Super Freaking hot Charmane Star….

Last but definitely not least, Asian cutie Lucky Star..


As you can now see, I wasn’t kidding. These girls are beautiful and all staring in a little thing called “Stripper Diaries”. Yes, that’s right, not only did I get to listen to all there dirty little secrets while they were interviewed, but I also got to watch them work the pole and shake there little butts on the stage. Like I said, It is being brought to you by Jennifer James Films. I will be updating everyone to its release status when I get word. I didn’t get home till 2 AM from the shoot and boy was I tired today, you know me, I just couldn’t wait to share my little adventure with you. 🙂


Off to bed!!

Christina xoxo

Christina Carter in “The Payback Part II”

Happy Friday Everybody!!
As I was watching this video last night to make sure all was good for it’s release I thought..HHmmm, I swear I just told her I wasn’t going to be as nice as she was…lol.. I wasn’t very mean at all. I mean, it is very rare that I have any woman says no when I say I want to touch them. Which reminds me of something that happened last weekend…
Fetmodhubby and I decided to have last minute guests over for drinks and hors d’eourves to celebrate a dear friend of ours just returning after working in Costa Rica with his new company for the last 3 months. I was running around town all day picking up things to start my juice fast so I wasn’t able to hang out and party with all of them earlier on the beach. Keep in mind these are our vanilla friends. So as our guests started to arrive I was working feverishly in my kitchen. Cutting cheese, making hors d’eourves, opening wine bottles and  making drinks. One of our guests came in and said hello ,and then mentioned how he never realized how beautiful my eyes were. Which i appreciated very much. Then his wife came around the corner, pulling a tequila bottle out of her purse which she had been drinking through out the day on the beach. She says to her husband “Are you kidding me?? That’s what you are telling her is nice?? What about these boobs and this ass??!!” She then decided to ravage both areas of my body all the while demanding everyone to look. LMAO!! I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life. Then I thought..why am I embarrassed?? HHmm..maybe because these are my vanilla friends and I keep these two lives quite separate. Yes, they know what I do. But I never flaunt it, talk about it, or act like a crazy porn star. Time for some tequila!! One shot and two red wines later I was still getting sexually…it lasted till our friend a fell asleep right at my I was relieved when I heard the words “lets call it a night, I’ll take everyone home” from fetmodhubby. Ay dios mio!!
Yesterday  I was walking with one of my girlfriends  that was there…. she loved bring that kept saying how funny it was and strange at the same time. Next time I hope its that friend instead of me…lol…then we’ll see how funny it is :).
Okay, Okay..back to the point..the new update is AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW..on CLIPS4SALE
Christina Carter in “The Payback Part II”
Christina Carter and Sarah Liz star in “The PayBack Part II”. Christina escapes Sarah Liz’s ropes and turns the tables on the unsuspecting intruder. Christina ties Sarah to the bed and calls her man to come help ravage the sexy blond. Sarah is now left to only scream into her duct tape as Christina takes her revenge. The clip contains rope bondage, damsel-in-distress, oral girl-girl sex, duct tape and forced orgasm.
In other news.. Day 5 of the juice fast!! I’m feeling great and the extra holiday weight I have been holding onto is melting off extremely fast. Not that this is what the fast was about, but it’s a great side effect. 🙂
Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!
Christina xoxo

WW-XXX and more..


Happy Tuesday everyone! Time for more behind the scenes from WW-XXX…


Tell me Minerva, Does this work??.. :)..WW using her lasso to get the truth.


A view from the other side- You only see one perspective when you watch the movie, I don’t know about you…but I like seeing behind the scene’s pictures like this…


Minerva..she’s all

Part of the coolest set ever…:)

While I am sitting her posting this.. well, actually I took a running leap into the other room because the editor is tweaking the trailer for the movie. There will be two. One for YouTube and one for every other place I can get away with showing very explicit content ;). The explicit is the one being tweaked right now…it’s amazing if I do say so myself. Like I said before…it still has to go to get it’s CGI.. I can hardly wait till it’s done!!!


I’m still trying to pick the date for the WW-vs-WW shoot with Diana Knight. It’s a little hard to concentrate right now, I’m in the first faze of my juice fast. It’s not much fun, but it’s great for my insides.The first few days suck to be quite honest. I’m not hungry, but I feel like I’m high that I’m not even into people having simple conversations with me..I can’t focus. You should have seen me at the gym..I’m surprised I could handle 30 minutes on the elliptical..kept waiting to find myself on the floor after passing out. luckily that didn’t happen. I went to the farmers market, where I normally get a veggie delight(Mediterranean) …oddly the smell of it didn’t even bother me. That was a relief. The only thing that messes me up is when fetmodhubby asks me if we are having steak for dinner, or going to “open Sesame” for lunch.. UUUGGGHHH. I guess is more a mental thing for me…I’m a little sad with out regular food :(… I miss it like it was my

Bear with me if this week you don’t get a return email….and think of me while you are eating that delicious sandwich, or steak :).. I’ll have a fresh juice in hand.

Christina xoxox


“My New Partner pt.2”..starring Adriana Sephora


I love Fridays! why you ask..because I loving giving you fresh, hot clips that will leave you aching for more. Oh yes, there will be more. I had the great pleasure of filming an hour long video with Adriana. They are all quite steamy clips, but this one is one of my favorites. I’m sure it would be yours too if you got to dive deep in that tight sweet pussy.

I mean …really ..look at her…breathtaking….

Now time for the new clip…. available now on clips4sale !!

Christina Carter in My New Partner Pt. 2

Christina Carter and new comer, Brazilian hottie, Adriana Sephora are smoking hot in My New Partner Pt. 2 The on-screen chemistry between these two beauties is sizzlingly evident in this 4 part video. Christina, a veteran cop welcomes her new partner and resent graduate from the police academy to the force with a little after work celebration. Adriana is an eager young rookie looking to learn from the best. Christina’s second lesson for her rookie partner is instruction on how to handle if she’s taken prisoner. She blindfolds, handcuffs and strip searches Adriana preforming a very hot body cavity search.
Have a great weekend!!

What’s coming next in the Super Heroine Scene..


Here’s a little heads up as to what I am cooking up for future shoots..

CatWoman and BatGirl..

You remember me as CatWoman right??


Now imagine Emily Addison…

as BatGirl..In this costume that I just ordered…

That’s right!!! Tasty… isn’t it? The costume won’t be done for a couple of if you also would like a custom video with Emily and I in these costumes..or me in the WW costume and Emily in either of these, just let me know.We aim to please 🙂

As for all of you who sent in WW scripts, I am going through all of them once again. I will pick the winner next week. It’s going to take me that long…there are many, many scripts. Thank you all so much for taking the time to send them in to me. I really appreciate it. For the record, I asked for them after reading the threads on the super heroine forum saying fans wanted more costumes on and less sex..more story. I must say, I got a bunch of scripts that are all sex. Are you confused? I know I am. LMAO!!

Have a good night everyone!!


Review of “New Partner”..

Hello Everyone!!


I wanted to to take a moment to share this custom review with you….


Hey Christina,

On to the review!  We’ll take it scene by scene.

– EEEEEEEEEEEEE look how hot y’all are!
– It’s no wonder you two beat up all those gangbangers.  High heels may seem impractical for today’s policewoman, but they’re actually two additional weapons she can use to thwart a thug.
– I don’t know if Adriana has any acting experience like you do, but I wouldn’t think this is your first time working together from the way you two play off each other in the opening dialog.  Doesn’t seem forced or awkward at all.
– I’m a believer in the small things making a big difference.  One small thing I loved throughout the video was Adriana’s “thank you” to all the compliments you were giving her, the “yes ma’am” responses to orders, the “good girls”, etc.  It may seem like insignificant to some, but I thought it was very sweet and kept the light-hearted, happy tone I wanted the video to have.
– I really enjoy feeding your foot fetish in all the videos you’ve been in for me.  You’re one of the best, if not the best, worshipers there is.  The champagne off of Adriana’s feet was an unexpected and nice personal touch.  I never fully realized how cute her feet are and they were adorable in the stockings.  The camera angle with you worshiping in the foreground while able to see her reactions to it in the background was outstanding.  Even capping it off with that sweet little kiss on her toes before putting her shoe back on was the perfect end to that segment.
– You did a great job of turning her on while she couldn’t see.  Extremely sexy.
– It’s a good thing you shot this in January instead of back in early November as was originally planned.  Adriana only would’ve been 20 then and you couldn’t have used the champagne.  😉

–  The give-and-take in this scene was excellent.  Just the right amount of bossiness from you as you searched her and ordered her around.  Her ad-libbing (since I don’t think I gave her many written lines after the first scene) was sexy.  The “double double-check” line as she leans forward and plays with her cute butt kills me every time.
– The striptease was a thing of beauty and thanks for directing her as you did, getting all the angles and helping her get nekkid.  I’ve probably said this before, but you have an amazingly sexy and sultry voice, so that made your directing all the hotter.
–  Adriana in only heels, stockings, cop hat, and blindfold is a sight to end all sights.  Which I guess is ironic since she can’t see.
–  Goodness, her lips are amazing.  Both the ones on her mouth and the other ones down below.  Really notice it when she’s sucking on your fingers.  And it’s so cute to watch her try to grind her hips on your fingers while you fingered her.
–  Looks like you’re playing her like an instrument with your foot rubbing her pussy while you tweak her nipples. 🙂

–  That opening masturbation segment… my goodness.
–  Finally get to see your body in this scene.  You’ve done a heckuva job beating up the gym and it’s moments like this where it’s obviously paid off.  Yay for The Butt Bible!
–  Man, you’re good with rope.  She went from masturbating to totally helpless, like, 3 minutes.  Lots and lots of practice, right?
–  Awww, she looks like a captured princess cop lingerie model girl type person.  Something.  What I’m trying to say is, she’s beautiful tied up.  I specifically picked a ballgag for this scene because I thought her lips would look great around it.  Lo and behold, I was right.
–  Did you help her at all with the rope or was she able to get her wrists loose all by herself?
–  Dual masturbation OMG.  Yet again, the dialog is SO hot.  The dirty talk back and forth is the best.
–  “Can I taste your fingers?”  My, she’s kinky.

–  I don’t even know what exactly to say about this scene.  Adjectives fail me.
–  This custom could’ve been both of you making out blindfolded for an hour.  That’s how sexy that is.
–  You totally devoured her in this one.  In fact, I think my biggest regret in the script is not putting a strap-on in this scene because you would’ve pounded her through the bed with one of those.
–  Those Hitachi wands didn’t stand a chance.
–  Gotta say, y’all did really well for not being able to see.  No heads hitting the headboard, no one fell off the bed, nobody got stabbed with a heel… or maybe it DID happen and got left on the cutting room floor. 😉
–  The chemistry you two had really shined through in this one.  Especially at the end when the blindfolds came off, just to see how happy you both were thrilled me to death.

So, that was tons of fun but I got some collateral damage.  An invoice is on its way to you for for the new pair of pants I had to buy and my hospital bill from a sprained you-know-what after watching that a time or two or twelve. 😉  After the initial unpleasant situation a few months ago, I feel really fortunate things worked out the way they did.  It’s cliche, but maybe things really did happen for a reason.  I got an incomparable custom video out of it and you got a new model and friend.  Everybody wins!  It truly is gratifying to see and read how much y’all enjoyed each other.  Not only does that shine through in the video but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing I kinda had a hand in blossoming a friendship.  I hope that shoot was the first of many together.

This was wonderful.  Thanks so much for it.  To you, Adriana, the camera guy, editor, everyone involved in making it happen.

Much love,



So, If you have ever thought…..”HHHmmmmm, should I get a custom from Christina Carter??” Maybe this journal will help you answer that question.




“My New Partner”..

Happy Friday!!!
Yes, I know I just twittered how tired I am, but a model/producers work is never done :). Nap time will have to wait.
It’s time for a hot new release!!
Christina Carter in My New Partner Pt.1
Christina Carter and new comer, Brazilian hottie, Adriana Sephora are smoking hot in My New Partner. The on-screen chemistry between these two beauties is sizzlingly evident in this 4 part video. Christina, a veteran cop welcomes her new partner and resent graduate from the police academy to the force with a little after work celebration. Adriana is an eager young rookie looking to learn from the best. Christina’s first lesson for Adriana is building partner trust. She blindfolds Adriana and proceeds to message, suck and lick her new partner’s tired, aching pantyhose clad feet. Stay tuned because it only gets hotter and hotter in each subsequent video!
No, your not going crazy..”Adriana Sephora” is also know as “KELLY COLLINS” in the fetish and bondage world.

Extreme behind the scenes..

Its been a few days since I’ve given you a little WW love. I get to see it almost everyday as I watch our master piece in editing…It is seriously blowing my mind!! I knew it was going to be good…but it even surpasses my expectations. I mean, it’s only in it’s first steps of editing and still needs music and special effects…but even with out it’s stellar.

These photo’s are all taken on a little camera that was in my PA’s pocket…so don’t judge the quality or try to compare it to what the movie will look like. They are two different animals if you know what I mean. 🙂

The part you usually never see, me and Tasha working together on a script..


I look at this one and think.. OMG I was in that rig for 3 hours!!!

Tasha chillin like a villain..(Most of the pics I have of her she has that phone in her hands, even on

Last but not least…..Minerva abusing the PA as he tried to get her “cock” ready for a sex scene…lmao….one of my favorites!!

I really hope you enjoy the behind the scenes pictures as much as I enjoy sharing them with you :).



Danielle Trixie!!!

Hello Everyone!!!

Happy Tuesday!! I received a wonderful tweet today…Danielle Trixie will be here in April to shoot!!









PENTHOUSE PET!!! Twisty’s Honey! PLAYBOY Cyber girl of the week starting 9-19-11!!!!! Bondage and Fetish also! 🙂

Get your custom requests in before we are booked up!!!!


Have a great day, I’m off to answer more emails and peek in at the WW-XXX editing. Earlier I saw a fight scene being edited, WW vs Minerva ;). I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!



“The Payback”

Hello Everyone!!!
It’s time for another fabulous update and your going to love this one ;). So while I’m out gallivanting around town with Delila B and soaking in the hot tub at her hotel, you can also enjoy me…lol.
Here’s a funny story.. Delila and I were in the hot tub the other night, which closes at 9, but of course we weren’t making any noise so we thought we were ok to stay for a little while longer…..nope. Little guy that works at the front desk comes back with a huge smile on his face and says..Oh tub is closed you must get out. I say “Oh I’m so sorry, wasn’t watching the clock” I start getting out…he’s standing there staring..with a huge smile..I say..”we’re getting out”..he says.”‘uuuuhhh hhuuuhhh”(still staring with a huge smile) He continued staring with this huge grin until we were out of his site…lol…like a cartoon character with his tongue hanging out..lmao. CREEPER!!!! AAAHHHHH…being a woman is so……ENTERTAINING!!!
Christina Carter in “The Payback” available  NOW at my clips4sale store.
Christina Carter and Sarah Liz star in “The PayBack”. Sarah Liz upset by Christina Carter who has been cheating with her man breaks into Christina’s house. She catches Christina fresh out of the shower and still in a bath towel. Sarah gets the jump on Christina who quickly ends up naked and tied to her own bed. Sarah decides to see what it is about Christina that her man likes and decides to sample the goods. Helpless, naked, scared and very turned on Christina’s is ravaged by the sexy blond intruder and can only scream into her duct tape gag as she is forced to cum over and over again.