Just Released!! Catwoman vs. Batgirl Parody: Idenity Crisis

The wait is over!!! I have pre-released our first Bat Girl vs Cat Woman video on my embedded clip store and www.eclipstore.com/28 .
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Catwoman vs. Batgirl Parody: Idenity Crisis
The bar for superheroine story driven clip downloads has been raised. Catwoman vs. Batgirl Parody Identity Crisis stars Christina Carter as Catwoman and Emily Addison as Batgirl is arguably the hottest girl-girl combination in the fetish-bondage genre. This parody video is 30-minutes of sizzling hot superheroine action from Christina Carter Productions. And you can only get it here on eClipstore,com. Storyline: Batgirls confronts Catwoman in her secret lair but the feisty feline is not going down without a knockdown drag out catfight. With both superheroine’s identities compromised, at the hand of the other, a deal has to be brokered that is too smoking hot for words. You’ll have to see it to believe it! Please look for additional Batgirl (Emily Addison) and Catwoman (Christina Carter) releases in the coming weeks.
http://www.christinacaptured.com (embedded clip store)

Exciting new release pt. 2!!!


I hope  everyone is having a great day!! Like I promised, I’m her to give you another little peak at whats to come. But first I wanted to share some of my most embarrassing moments of the week with you..lol…

“Panty Shopper”

The other day was just like any other day…work , work , work..oh and a break for shopping. Must have some food in the house :). Off to Trader Joe’s I went..with my re-usable bags in hand. Shopping, like always in Trader was a complete pain in the ass. Why too small of a store. But I did my best to push through and get what I needed. Once finding myself at the check out I had small talk with the guy bagging my groceries. He was telling me about his Las Vegas trip, and I thought nothing of it of course. He did seem a bit off though. Anyway, off I went to my car …forward 20 minutes and I’m home putting groceries away. I put one thing after another away..then reached in the bag and felt something soft..WTF??? It was my dirty panties from my shoot with Jewell Marceau!!! OMG!! I am so embarrassed!! I can never go to that Trader Joe’s again…lmao. I could only imagine what he said to the other cashiers when I left. I will say this….That is the last time I use those bags to take my stuff to shoot!! lol!
Then there was yesterdays shoot…

Emily and I where hard at work, another Bat Girl and Cat Woman custom. We turned a garage into Bat Girls lair and where in mid dildo fucking and both were but naked. I was about to cum. Until….the garage door started to open!! Emily and I ran for cover…grabbing what ever we could to cover up our naked bodies. The post man was standing right outside the door with a huge smile on his face..lol…I’m sure he had heard me…I was about to cum for gods sake..lol. We were going nuts trying to figure out how the garage door went up…turns out fetmodhubby had the door opener in his pocket..and when he bent down the button was pressed ..lol. oops!!!! Back to work we went, and after we were finished I had to rap a robe around me to get to the door to the house…..and there he was right in front of me again, the mail man. He was going up the neighbors stairs…of course he stopped to smile and wave..lmao

I’ll be hiding from the mail man from now on too..lol

Now for those photos!



More tomorrow!!!

Christina xoxox


Exciting release this weekend!!!!!

Hello Lovers!!!!

I’m very excited to announce that I will be releasing a Bat Girl vs Cat woman Clip this weekend!!! Wooo Hooo!! I know it has been a while since I released a clip of this genre, the wait is over. Mind you, the only reason for the wait…. http://www.wonderwomanxxx.com …I have been working on the last few little details of the movie.

Here’s a few teaser pics for all you comic boys ;)…



more tomorrow….

Good Night!



My loving member…


This message is for one of my sweet members who has been waiting his free clip.

Dearest Roger,

I have been trying to get your free clip to you…but your email address keeps bouncing the mail back. PLS help, give me another email address :)..  email me asap Roger!!




I know you all are wondering why I had to post that in my journal. Well, how else is he going to get the message?? :).

Have a great Monday everybody!!!!



Heads up to other Super Heroine models..

Hello Everyone!!

Last week I received a very interesting email, one I was even excited about. Here is that email:

Hello Christina,
My name is Craig Langston and I am one of the casting supervisors of the brand new film studio, Trifecta Pictures. We are currently in pre-production to produce our first feature length film and we are interested in having you audition for the lead. It’s the first superheroine peril film to ever be adapted as a motion picture and after looking at some possible actresses we stumbled upon your work online concerning the superheroine genre and we were truly astonished by your acting ability. The directors as well as screenplay writers took an immediate interest in you and asked me personally to contact you for an audition. If you are interested, please either email me back or contact the Casting Director, Mary, at our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003166847140 and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information!Thank you for your time!

Craig Langston
Casting – Trifecta
IDcL #2437a

After a few more emails, one including a script as big as a 30 minute custom video… I was a little confused as this all the sudden seamed like a guy that wanted me to do a custom for free and act as if it was an audition tape…not knowing that a know a lot about main steam auditions.
When I asked for a contact # this is the reply I received:
Hey Christina,
Unfortunately, at this time we haven’t opened our offices yet because like I said we are a fresh faced studio. We won’t be have our office or office number ready until Monday, May 17 so we have been communicating through emails with all the other actresses because of it. I would give you my private number, but to be totally and completely honest, I really wouldn’t feel comfortable with it. I’ve given my number to a few other actresses in the past and they’ve tended to capitalize on that. It got so bad at one point that I had to change my number a month ago, so I don’t really think its a good idea right now. But I would surely be comfortable with providing you with my number if you make it to the tier 2 auditions because we would have already met by then. Hopefully this communication problem doesn’t pose as a problem with you auditioning because we are very interested to see what you have to offer! Go ahead and give my email address (trifectasendin@gmail.com) to your manager and if that isn’t good enough that’s the best I’ll be able to do at this time.
Sorry about that,
So I had my “manager” write him with valid questions…….never heard from “Craig” again.
Fast forward to last Friday, I am shooting with Akira Lane and ask her if she received an email from this company. She said yes, and that they were name dropping  and said I had already come in for an audition.
This my friends, is a LIE. I do not know who they are, I feel that there is no way they are legit, and I will NOT audition for them. Not in video form or in person. So, I said what I needed to say..proceed at your own risk girls. Who knows, maybe they will prove me wrong. I’m not holding my breath.
In other news, I’ll be releasing a Super Heroine video at the end of this week. A Cat Woman/Bat Girl to be exact. Excited??? I know I am!! I have another of that genre to shoot this week. Again, Including Emily Addison as Bat Girl.
Tomorrow morning I will be wresting Tori Sinclair..which is always a great time, I love her!
It’s off to bed for me, 7AM comes early 🙂
Love and kitten kisses ; ),

Fetish Con 2012, plus this weeks shoots..

Hello Everybody!!!

I think you would agree by my twitters, or lack there of  …. I have been super busy. My crew and I have  finished a huge project for a  mainstream company and now are free to get back to ours :)…Who wouldn’t be happy to get back to it when your job calls for you to spend hours doing naughty things with Emily Addison?? In case you missed some of my posting on twitter the last two days, I will gladly share them again.

Please remember, these are all pictures I have taken of the editing bay screen with my Iphone. The video’s themselves are all HD high quality.

‘Cat Woman vs Bat Girl”

Emily Addison "Hottest Bat Girl EVER"


Choke hold of love

Another custom  shot that day, also a Cat Woman/Bat Girl combo… “Cat’s Eye Diamond”.. Here’s a cool preview –

"Cat's Eye"

Both will be release in the next month, not too long to wait :)!! I had originally planned 3 different scripts for that day, we got through 2 so I  reschedule Emily for the 24th. Oh well…more time with Emi!! I’ll be shooting again this Thursday and hopefully one of those will be a Wondy vid including Anastasia Pierce as a mad crazed doctor. That’s going to be a lot whole lot of fun, I love playing with Anastasia!!

That day will also include pantyhose and lots of chloro for me and another tasty little model, Adriana. AAHHHH… I love my life!!


Speaking of loving my life, I would like to say thank you to all who voted for me as Guest of Honor Fetish Con 2012. I received my official invite and gladly accepted. I can’t wait for the show!! It’s time to go all out, I’ll be bringing lots of DVDs to sell and lots of hugs and kisses for everyone too :). I feel like really decorating the booth this year, I need color..lol.. I need it to feel like home..lol…I’ll be there all day long.. everyday, so it better feel like home.  One of my biggest decisions will be who I want to play for the super heroine showdown. I think It will have to be Wonder Woman this year. With the movie coming out, I really think it’s a given.

Wonder Woman XXX

Time for me to get my beauty sleep….

Love and Kitten Kisses,