Addition tasty treats 4 You!!-“Roommate Freeze 2”


I’m back!!! I hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend and truly remembered why we celebrate this holiday. Remember the fallen…all who have given their lives for our freedom. This is a time I like to spend with my family deep in the mountains in Pennsylvania, along the Clarion River. A long weekend with no cell phones, computers, or any other means of communication with the outside world. We sleep in tents, cook on the open fire, canoe 18 miles that Saturday, and bathe in the river as well. Yes, roughing it. Although..we do have porta-potty’s   and I do bring a double stack aero bed, along with my feather down I do this trip every year.. I love it!! I think we had over 40 family members and friends with us this time around.

Okay, so before I go do my errands I want to leave you with a tasty little treat. For those who have not seen Roommate Freeze pt 2, here are additional photos…







More new later tonight,

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New Release!! Roomate Freeze PT2

Good Evening Everyone!!

What’s this????? Another release??? YES!!!!!

Roommate  Freeze – Pt. 2
Christina Carter and Randy Moore star in Roommate  Freeze Part 2. This is Christina’s first mind control/robot clip release in a very long time. The story goes as follows, Christina and Randy are roommate’s celebrating their 1-year anniversary of living together. Randy gives Christina a bracelet with special powers that freeze Christina in a trance like state when her name is called (Part 1). Randy uses the device to play out a long awaited fantasy of having Christina (Part 2). Randy freezes and unfreezes Christina as the two sexy roommates play girlie games throughout. This clip includes; mind control freeze, freeze poses, stripping, masturbation, fondling, kissing. Part 2 of 2 in 1280×720 HD .mov
Now available on (embedded clip store) !!!
Christina xoxo

Update!! Catwoman vs. Batgirl Parody: The Cat’s-eye Diamond


If you haven’t seen this clip yet, here are more tantalizing photo”s from Cat’s Eye Diamond…this is one you don’t want to miss!!

This clip is now available on (embedded clip store), and !!!

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Here’s what happening now, the movie was sent out for scoring which should take a week. The gentleman scoring our movie also scored “24” and “Power Rangers” to name a few, I’m thrilled to have him working on our movie. When it returns it will be color corrected and screeners will be sent to potential distributors. Vivid, Wicked, Adam & Eve, etc. Once all of that is done, it will be released on DVD and VOD only.

I wish I could give you a solid date, but the date depends on our deal with  distributors. I am really hoping it is out by the end of June. You can be sure that every second it is not out…we’re just making it that much better. Everything must be perfect, I will have no less for you.

Thanks for your support and patience!!

New Release!!! “Roommate Freeze”

Surprise!!!! Here’s a an extra special release!! I’ve gotten ton’s of fan mail about the mind control work I used to want more…well, this is for you my mind control fans!!
“Roommate  Freeze”
Christina Carter and Randy Moore are featured in Roommate Freeze. This is Christina’s first mind control/robot video release in a very long time. The story goes as follows, Christina and Randy are roommate’s celebrating their 1-year anniversary of living together. Randy gives Christina a bracelet with special powers that freeze Christina in a trance like  state when her name is called. Randy uses the device to play out a long awaited fantasy of having Christina. This clip includes; mind control freeze, freeze poses, stripping, masturbation, fondling, kissing. Part 1 of 2
Have a great night!!

Updated Catwoman vs. Batgirl Parody: The Cat’s-eye Diamond Pictures + Review

Hello Lovers!!!

Check out this review…


Cat’s Eye is amazing … At the risk of being crass, you should have seen how hard you made me and 

I’m not sure if I’ve ever cum as hard as I did – it’s looked like a stunt from a porn shoot – It shot up and just
kept erupting … You are really owning this role – Well done … I feel as if I’ve created a sex monster : )…
But I think you were already there ; ) 

If the next one is boy girl I think my mind is going to be completely blown.

You’re doing a terrific job (actually all of the work you’re doing is top notch).  Congrats and best wishes
for continued success.  Excellent, excellent job.   Here’s to you CC – You’re the best!  Thank you!!!

WOW!!! I’m so excited!! We put all lot of heart and soul into it as always…so if you have not yet..go check it out!!!
filling BatGirl..
Delicious cat treat…
Like I mentioned in my last post..this is video is available right now on my embedded clip store – and my eclipstore !!
Have a wonderful night!

Catwoman vs. Batgirl Parody: The Cat’s-eye Diamond


Alright’s time for another delicious CatWoman/BatGirl Episode!!

I shall make you wait no longer!!!!

Catwoman vs. Batgirl Parody: The Cat’s-eye Diamond
“CATWOMAN vs. BATGIRL PARODY: CATSEYE DIAMOND” is the second installment of the series from CC Productions. The 25-minute episode stars Christina Carter as Catwoman and Emily Addison as Batgirl. Storyline: Batgirls is determined to take in the villainess cat burglar Catwoman for stealing the mysterious Cat’s-eye Diamond, which is rumored to poses mind control powers. Unbeknownst to our caped crime fighter the diamond has already put Catwoman under its control and Batgirl makes the fatal error of looking into the beautiful gem and she to is put into a trance. Our sexy super-heroines become entwined in a smoking hot passion play. These two smoking hot pros are arguably the hottest girl-girl combination in the fetish-bondage genre and besides you already know what Christina Carter brings to the party when wearing a super-heroine costume. FYI, Catwoman is parodied as the 1966, Lee Meriwether version of the character from the television show Batman. Contents: Super-heroine costumes, dancing, stripping, girl-girl kissing fondling, oral sex, masturbation, mind-control and pussy grinding.
CatWoman and the Diamond..
Look into the diamond Bat tramp….
Seducing BatGirl..
That’s it BatGirl..let it take you over..
Bat eats Cat….
Hope you enjoy these photos… more to cum tomorrow!
You can have this video right now…only on!!!
Have a great night!!
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Fetish Con suspension release and News on WW-XXX release!!

Hello Everyone!!
Hope you are having a great weekend and remembered all the Mothers day cards, gifts, and flowers!!!
I’m excited to say we made it to #1 on the clips store this past week in the super heroine category with our CatWoman vs BatGirl clips. I have  more HOT super heroine clips on the way… but first let me tantalize you with an amazing suspension Professor Oni and I did on the  Fetish convention floor last year. More SH fun coming up next week!!
Christina Carter FetCon11 Suspension Bondage
Leave it to the Queen of Bondage, Christina Carter to turn suspension expert Professor Oni’s rope demo into an entertaining acrobatics session with about 60 or so fans gathered to watch the fun on the Fetish Con 2011 trade-show floor. Christina is dressed as Lee Meriwether Catwoman character from the 1966 television show Batman. We film a lot at Fetish Con but this rope suspension demo was a blast. And FYI this demo became the model for the rope suspension scene in CC Production’s Wonder Woman XXX movie which releases summer 2012. Professor Oni makes the complexity of rigging with rope, which is truly an art form, look easy. Enjoy the demo and please do not try this at home!
Lets talk WW-XXX..
The beginning of this week will be the finishing touches before the movie sent for scoring. Scoring should only take a week and then it is ready to be made into a DVD. Will we make the May release?? I want to say yes, but there are a few BIG companies looking into buying this project…they also want extra’s …like different versions.  I’m talking about a Cinamax version. Which means it will be back to the studio for whole the crew. But not before the original is released of course!! I hope you don’t mind waiting a little longer for “my baby” is well worth it.
I am very excited that there is so much interest from the big adult companies, but that means I have to make you wait just a little longer till they decide what they need and want.
Interestingly enough, the clip release for this week is also the reason for the suspension in the WW-XXX movie. The mind control collar in the movie was also a gift that was given to me from Professor Oni that day. He’s so sweet!!
Here’s what went on this week…Kendra and I got together to shoot a pantyhose encasement. Yes, she makes me take that strap on..lmao.. I’ll take her cock anytime!! We also did a Fembot custom.. I can’t wait to see that as a robot..priceless!!
Here’s a candid photo from my Iphone 🙂
Have a great night!!!!
Christina XOXO