To my girl Diana…

Happy Sunday Funday Everyone!!

I wanted to take a second to say thank you to a very good friend of mine, Diana Knight. I have been in this business since …wait for it…2001 believe it or not. But in 2003 I had the honor of meeting Miss Diana Knight…and boy did that change my life. I went from a young girl all confident…to…oh my want me to act opposite of her?? But she’s a professional?? I was so intimidated. Yes, that’s what I said….intimidated. My work was cut out for me…she alone made me step up my game. I had to be able to hold my own when on camera with her. I knew if I didn’t, it would be the end of “Christina Carter”. So I hung on with all my might and entered the acting class of “Diana Knight” AKA The filming of I followed her every lead, I mean for god sake she’s a trained actress. As for me, I used to  say my ex-boyfriends taught me to

Through the years we have became great friends, I love her dearly.

The other day I was looking through all my best and biggest selling clips, and you know what I noticed? Diana is in about 95% of them. She’s the peanut butter to my No matter what character I have her play, or what I have her doing…she brings it. She makes each and every character come alive…she throws everything she has into it. I’m not sure how we got so lucky to have her working with us in this industry..but we did and I am so grateful.

As for our Wundy work, there is no jealousy between us. I only wish I had her metal WW We are there for each other even when it comes to WW. We know that has shocked a few fans, but it’s true..she even helped me on my upcoming WW-XXX movie project.

From the bottom of my heart, Thank you so much Diana for being a brilliant actress and a wonderful friend!!

You are irreplaceable.





The count down is going fast to Fetish Con 2012…only 3Days till the big event!! Hope to see everyone there!!

Like promised……More “Super Heroine Peril” Photo’s..


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Now please excuse me while I go pack all my Super Heroine and latex gear…lol…Have a great day!!

As always, Thank you for all your love and support!!!


More “Super Hreoine Peril” …



Its a fabulous Saturday here at the beach, I hope its beautiful were you are too. I spent my morning paddle boarding for the first time EVER, in Marina Del Ray. It was a beautiful way to start the day and catch up with some of my vanilla friends.

Now to catch up with all of you…my kinky friends ;)……like I promised, more Super Heroine Peril photo’s!

Not to worry, there are more to come. I’ve only made it to the middle of the clip with these pictures.

Have a great day/night!!



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“Super-Heroine Peril”!!!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better.. I’m going to do it again.  Another mind blowing Super heroine clip.

While you are being super entertained, I’ll continue working my tail off getting ready for Fetish Con. Only 5 more days to go. I’ll be selling Wunder Woman and Cat Woman/Bat Girl video’s this year at rock bottom prices. What you would pay $80 for on Clip stores, you will be able to buy from person, autographed if you like..for $25 on DVD. Interested? Come visit me at my booth!!
Are you ready for this???….

I’m not going to give away the ending, but I will tell you that something happens to WW in the end that all my fans have been begging  for…and I  finally did it…for you!


More photo’s to come!! Stay tuned.

Super-Heroine Peril

Super-Heroines have been disappearing from earth at an alarming rate and Wunder Woman (Christina Carter) is on the case. She has piloted her invisible jet to the Baroness Morgana’s (Diana Knight) spacecraft orbiting earth. Once on board Wunder Woman searches for the missing super-heroines knowing that she will eventually encounter the evil Baroness along the way. Morgana and her minion Selestra (Randy Moore) bring the fight to Wunder Woman. The fight is long and packed with low blows. Wunder Woman is at a loss to understand Morgana and Selestra’s superior strength. She fights the good fight but is soundly defeated and left to here her fate and Morgana’s plans as her prisoner. Wunder Woman is stripped of her powers and her pride. Morgana’s plan is to do with Wunder Woman what she’s done with the rest of the captured super-heroines, sell them as sex slaves throughout the universe. First, Wunder Woman will have to endure the training. This clip contains: an extended female fighting scene, super-heroine peril, female domination, rope bondage, bondage furniture, ball-gag, humiliation, stripping, forced orgasm, strap-on penetration and oral servitude. Run-time: 32 minute
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Have a great weekend!!

Con’d “Breaking BatGirl”..


It’s Sunday Funday, although I came home early (6PM) yesterday after hanging with some of my girls at the Jose Cuervo Volleyball tourney, I will be laying  low I have to get some work done. Fetish con is …Holy Crap!!…I’m officially panicking..I will be in Tampa for Fetish con in a week and a half!! I have 10 days to do what I need to do.. that’s it. I bought my own replicating machine, so I will be bring lots of Wonder Woman compilation DVD’s to sell. I was hoping to do a pre-release sale of  WW-XXX at Fetish Con, but we are waiting on the color correction to be finished. Problem color correction guy had to go help someone out who has hurt his back. So again…we are delayed. We are so close I can taste it. It’s driving me absolutely CRAZY! Well, live and learn I guess. The next movie will have a release date of at least 10 months after it’s shot. There is just too much that goes into a project like this. It must be perfect before it is released. Oh well, guess i can have that big viewing party here in LA after all.

As for Fetish Con, I hope to see some of you there. It’s going to be a blast as usual, What I call a ..all work and play, no sleep kind of weekend. time to get all my fetish clothes ready and packed!!!

In case you have not yet seen it, shame on you if you haven’ is now the  #1 clip in the super heroine category…more pics from “Breaking BatGirl”…

A special thank you to my girl Emily Addison…she does a great job. I love you girl!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!


Breaking Batgirl..

Hola Amigos y Amigas,
Time for a glorious update!!

But first..lets talk books. While on my trip I finally  picked up and started reading “Fifty shades of Grey”. Yes, the first three chapters were a bit daunting to get through… although once I got through them nothing could get me to put it down. I’m reading the second book now..”Fifty Shades Darker”. I recall models posting photo’s of this book in there trash, one of them being my good friend Mistake!! I admit I bought them months ago, read the first few pages, and wondered why I bought all three. Holy mother am I glad I picked these back up!! Obviously the author has had a BDSM relationship, all rings very, very true. I myself have had a relationship like room of pain and all. Although I just called it his dungeon. Even though I was already in the business I thought..”Holy fuck this crazy man has a dungeon in his house!!” LMAO. Unfortunately, the one thing that was missing in my real life Christian Grey was the love. A year after our break up he found his Anastasia Steele..and I am very happy for them.
If you have not read these books yet I highly recommend you do. Especially if your woman has, in fact it’s a must if she has. If not…she’ll be dreaming of Christian Grey while you are giving her what you think she needs. Make sure your not way it!
I’ll be writing more about my adventures in Mexico later this weekend but for now…please enjoy my newest release.


“Breaking Batgirl”

With Dark Knight Rising releasing this weekend CC Productions thought it fitting to release a smoking hot super-heroine bondage parody clip staring two of the Fetish industries finest heroines the sexy Christina Carter as Catwoman and seductive Emily Addison as Batgirl. Storyline: Batgirl has tracked Catwoman to her secret lair but instead of waiting for Batman she decides to take on the cunning Catwoman alone. Catwoman proves more than the beautiful Batgirl can handle. She is defeated and left for days to be harassed, humiliated and toyed with by her feline capture. This parody clip contains: super-heroine pearl, rope bondage, ball gag, strap-on penetration, strap-on oral, Fem-Dom, humiliation, girl-girl, lesbian, and female fighting.
Available right now!!!!! embedded clip sore  and
Enjoy your weekend!!

Adios!! But first….

Hola Lovers!!

As of early tomorrow morning I will be on a plane headed for Riviera Maya, Mexico. We have been working very hard and this is a well deserved break. Plus, I need a tan for Fetish Con!! I know all of you are wondering how I could still be pale with all this heat. It hasn’t been hot here on the California coast. We are lucky to see 70 degrees most days. plus we have what is called “June gloom”, which carried over into July. But before I go I want to share a few photo’s from the next update…

“CPA pt2”

And how about a little sneak at whats coming in my Super Heroine life…

Christina Carter as “Wonder Woman”

Diana Knight as “Baroness”

Randy Moore as “Spectra”

I can’t give you all the details…but WW finally get what she deserves!!!

If you follow me on twitter you already know that I have put in an order for 2 new super heroine costumes. They will be done in late August. I’m so excited!! To more Hot Heroines!!!

I’ll take some naughty photo’s for you in Mexico and post them when I get back.



“CPA”..Christina and Emily


It’s Sunday, and all I want to do is lay around the house. Lol.. I wonder why?! After last nights debauchery who wouldn’t? Diana (Knight) and I went out last night for a few drinks. A few might have been one too much. I must say there was a lot of eye candy at the bar last night..and geez were they … can I put this…DICKS. I got my ass grabbed out of no where over and over again. Is this how people say hi these days?!? There was a guy with this opening line…”you wanna fuck?” “I have a big dick”. It blew me away that men are just throwing themselves at women these days. Does this work for them? Do they really get laid acting like this? What happened to acting interested in a woman?? I must say I was very entertained that Diana and I were the “fine wine” of the group… yet were getting hit on more the the twenty somethings Yes, I think we both enjoyed that.

Okay, now to get to what I promised you….


More “CPA” photo’s…








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Christina Carter and Emily Addison in “CPA”

Happy Friday!!!!
I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th of July. I myself had a great one. It started out as a gloomy day on the beach, but an hour later the sun arrived. So did the booze, sliders and tons of other goodies. We played volley ball and corn hole all day….followed by a sushi dinner downtown and a wine and cheese night cap at a friends. Believe me, all that fun led to a recovery day. :P…hope you had as much fun as I did.
Time for another tasty update!! Emily might be tied to her Twisty’s contract, and I more than anyone will miss shooting with her for the next year…but I still have delicious new video’s of her just for you!!! YEA!!!!!!
Christina Carter in “CPA”
Christina Carter and Emily Addison star in CPA (Christina’s Personnel Assistant) Christina’s got the hots for her sexy assistant Emily Addison but she is frustrated on how to make the first move. Emily on the other hand has her own plan adding a little something to Christina’s cup of tea and gets the party started. It is now Christina on the receiving end of her personnel assistant bondage and fetish desires. This clip contains handcuff play, hand over mouth, stripping, fondling, struggling, girl-girl, lesbian and kissing.
More photo’s to follow..
Have a great night!!