Look who else I’ll be shooting in September…

That’s right…Carissa Montgomery is coming to LA, and I’m lucky enough to have booked a day with her.

So get your custom requests in ASAP!!! Hurry, I only have a certain amount of time to shoot her while she’s here..I wouldn’t want you to miss out on your fantasy.

Also coming to LA very soon….

Nyssa Nevers..

I would love to book her, so let me know what you guys want to see!!!

Not to mention…Alyssa Reece is back!!! Those of you who have been waiting for her return pls email me asap!

Get your custom requests in NOW!!!!!!!!!


Have a great day!!!



Happy to be home..

I can not believe it is the last Saturday of August, where did this summer go?? I always say I am going to take it easy and enjoy it, then I end up working my butt off. Fetish Con was a lot of work to get ready ..and a lot of work when I was there. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of it. Wait…except for my swollen feet. I loved seeing all my friends and fans, and loved being a guest of honor. Thank you Fetish Con and all fans who voted me in this year. The Meet and greet, Super Heroine showdown, fan shoot, and fetish ball on Sunday night were some of my favorite events of the weekend. Scheduled events that is, because the UN-scheduled events were pretty damn hot as well….Jim Weathers tying me up and letting Jewel Evans and Randy Moore have their way with me… right on the convention floor, wrestling Ivan Boulder as he tied me..also on the convention floor…lol. And not to mention the sweet tie Reno Binder had me in at my booth Sunday :). I wish I could have made it to the after parties, but seriously my feet just couldn’t take it. I went from the bar to the pool every night…lol…and was still very well entertained :).

As you know, every year I fly back to Ohio after the convention. It is were I grew up, so I like to take a break after and see family and friends. Although, this year was no break.  Everyday I had a schedule to follow…uugghhh…and the food..not so good for me. I’m sure I could have eaten salad the whole time, but where is the fun in that?? I didn’t get much work done while I was there, the internet was painfully slow…so here I am trying to get caught up on emails as far back as August 1st..lol…wish me luck…. there are more pouring in each day.

Where the hell is my assistant?!?! Oh yeah… I don’t have one of those.

Oh Well, all will have to wait..this evening starts the birthday celebration for Jewel Evans. First, sunset paddle boarding…with 17 people..this is going to be a riot!! After, we’ll dive into some heavenly sushi here at the beach. I reserved the back party room, which includes a Karaoke machine..lol…lets see who has the guts to sing tonight.
I’ll be taking it easy on the sake, I have to be at the Trump Wine Festival tomorrow by noon.

Off to grab some party supplies!!!!

Have a great weekend!!!


Mike, The Rev, and Vesta..Take1

Mike, The Rev, Vesta..Take2

Thank you SouthWest for the wonderful ride home, and all the complementary drinks!!



Look who’s coming to LA!

Hello lovers!!
Just a heads up, get your custom scripts in now!! We’ve got some of the best coming our way in September and October.

Jasmine Mendez   Available Sept 1st-8th!!!

Kendra James Available October 4-16 (I’ve booked her for the 9th already)…

Princess Anna Available October 12-18th…

These women book fast..so do not delay, email me asap for you fantasy  brought to life!!!

Have a great night!!!


PS.. Just found another Fetish con pic..

“Jennifer giving Christina the foot massage of a lifetime!!”


Crazy fetish Con pictures..

Happy Friday!!!

I really hope you have a great weekend planned, I do. Tonight I am going out to dinner with a group of my Ohio besties (7 of us!) and then to a drag show at the local gay night club..FUN!!!!! 🙂  Tomorrow, a pool day with my sister and mother. Need my Ohio tan..lol. What’s everyone else up to??

Here are some more Fetish Con fun I found @fetmodhubby ‘s cell phone..


Please excuse the quality..they are all from the phone. :

“Party Rockers Christina and Kobe Lee at the Meet and Greet Fet Con 2012”

“Jewel brings on the tickle torture, before making me have multiple orgasms”

“Randy’s turn to torment Christina”

“Christina and Samantha on the Red Carpet”

“Anastasia, The rev, Christina, Jewel, and Jim on the Red carpet”

“Kendra, Anastasia, The Rev, Christina, Jewel, and Jim..Red carpet”

“Jim Weathers and Jewel Evens, Red Carpet”

“Adorable!!! Jim and Jewel”

“Jean Bardot and Sybil’s show, Fetish Con ball 2012”

“Drag show Fetish Con Ball 2012”


I have to go through my emails to get more that have been sent, which I will do now :).


More later,




More of “The Recruitment Drive”



First let me apologize for the confusion on where this clip was released Friday, It was only released on my clips4sale store. Because of the molasses like internet here in Ohio… it was not uploaded before I went into the mountains and off the grid for the weekend. It is uploading to my embedded clip store and my eclipstore as we speak. This seriously will take all night. At this point I really appreciate my Verizon Fios in California. 🙂

Like I promised, more pictures from Cat’s Eye Diamond-The Recruitment Drive”…


Now if that’s not enough to get your heart pumping in the right direction, I don’t know what will.

I’m pretty exhausted from the adult camping trip, so I will be back on the computer tomorrow answering emails, commenting on forums, and anything else I can get myself into :)..

Good Night!!







Cat’s-Eye Diamond 2: The Recruitment Drive

Finally the weekend is here!!! And to make up for skipping last weeks update (Due to Fetish Con)… I’m giving you a very special one this weekend. I think you will remember me posting a few of pictures of this shoot while it was happening and as it was being edited. All the girls did such a great job, I’m so honored I get to work with these three. I remember the day we shot this, Emily was showing off her pussy eating skills and making Jayden go freaking crazy..lol…awwww, such sweet memories..lol.
FYI, I am in Ohio until the 22nd so you may notice I am on the forums a lot less than usual. This is due to the horrifyingly slow internet connection. If I stay on waiting for pictures and pages to upload I will drive myself crazy. Or.. throw the computer across the room. Neither of these are the result I’m going for :). I’ll try to get on as much as possible… (sigh)..I’m missing my office and computer soooooooo bad. But don’t worry about me… I’ll be keeping myself busy with my crazy family and this unbelievably bad food they eat here (I can feel my arteries clogging as I type)..lol.
Here’s a funny one for you….
My cousins and I were sitting talking to my 84 year old grandmother, she starts talking religion and how one of her sister-in-laws tried to talk her and my grandfather into being Jehovah Witnesses. She Said that they never die. The conversation went on for a while…then my grandmother says to us…”let me tell you kids something- When you die, your dead.”  It was quiet for a second and then we all started laughing.
I love when my Grandma clears those kind of things up for me…lol…just in case I wasn’t sure..lol.
Seriously though..I could talk to my Grandma for hours and hours..she rocks!
Okay, back to the update…
Cat’s-Eye Diamond 2: The Recruitment Drive
Cat’s-Eye Diamond 2: The Recruitment Drive features four stunning beauties with Christina Carter as Catwoman, Emily Addison as Batgirl, Jayden Cole as Phoenix and Randy Moore as Firestar in a sizzling hot 40-minute super-heroine porn parody. Storyline: Catwoman continues her evil plan using the mind controling powers of the Cat’s-Eye Diamond to seduce and capture Super-Heroines. Catwoman using the powerful gem converts good to evil and one by one Batgirl, Phoenix and Firestar fall to the dark sexual exploits of the feline villainess. Contents: Super-heroine costumes, mind-control, dancing, stripping, girl-girl, kissing, fondling, oral sex, 4-girl sex orgy, double ended dildo play strap-on sex, masturbation and tribadism.
So I can’t release all the photo’s today, there are way too many of them :)..so I’ll try to hope back on tomorrow. Just so you know..this does end with a pretty crazy  4 way…screaming hot!!
Available right now www.christinabound.com (embedded clip store) and www.eclipstore.com/28 !!
Have a naughty weekend!!

A pictures worth a thousand words…


Thank you to everyone who made the trip to Tampa for Fetish Con, but most of all..Thank you to Fetish Con for having me. It was so much fun to meet fans that I have been writing back and forth to through email and forums, and a blast hanging out with all my usual suspects 🙂

Here are just a few of the photo’s that I have been sent over the last few days..

My latex blowout..lol!! NICE 🙂

I’m hoping that a picture is worth a thousand words…

Since the horrifying news of the passing of our dear friend  Natali Demore this past weekend I’ve been a little  less than excited to get back on the horse if you know what I mean. I hope she has found the peace she was searching for, and my condolences to her family and loved ones.

Okay, with that said..lets get back to what Natali would want us to. That being….Have the fun she always had. I’ll be back soon with photo’s from my next update and more shenanigans from Fetish Con 2012.