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You could imagine my surprise…getting a text about Axel’s Open letter to David Kelly. LMAO…you already know I’m lying right? If you haven’t already seen it, this is what is making it’s way around the internet….

“WONDER WOMAN XXX Looks… Well, Kinda Awesome as Live-Action Wonder Women Go

March 26th, 2013
Author Graeme McMillan


We live in a world where the porn version of Wonder Woman exists before any “official” live-action version of the character (Well, outside of the 1970s Lynda Carter version, of course), as well as a world where, let’s be honest: This actually looks more “Wonder Woman”-y than David E. Kelley’s NBC pilot from a couple years ago.

In the email accompanying this pic of Kimberly Kane that went to Ain’t It Cool News, Wonder Woman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody director Braun reportedly wrote “David E Kelley can Kiss My Ass ;) ” Maybe the CW should ask Braun to help out on their in-development Wonder Woman pilot…  ”


Let me start by saying Kimberly Kane looks amazing as Wonder Woman and the updated super-heroine costume pays homage to the original very nicely. I will admit I am biased by who I think Wonder Woman is having played her often but the character’s original comic book origins as well as the 1976 television show take solid aim at the fetish and bondage genre. Wonder Woman exemplifies super sexy, super heroine peril. Bondage, sexual domination, humiliation is frowned upon by the networks and the online merchant accounts like Visa and Mastercard but that’s a whole other topic for another time. A true Wonder Woman knows what this character is about. They are not looking for some new fangled costume or scene after scene of a big cock being jammed in her. LOL …or maybe you are?


As for the television return of a new Wonder Woman show my personal opinion is it will never work. The female super heroine movies never seem to make a big dent in the industry. Why?? You think maybe a female super heroine is seen more as jack off material than any other kind of entertainment? I do! I think a huge percentage of the men want to be in control of a woman and see a woman be controlled. But what do I know…I’m just a bondage model. I have received thousands of emails about this very subject. Fans want to see very naughty things being done to Wundy but they also want a solid storyline as foreplay.

So in the end Axel Braun, the true Wonder Woman fans will judge. I for one look forward to the film.


Lets be real, if you are looking for Super Heroines and straight sex..you go to Axel Braun.

If you are looking for Super Heroines and Fetish..you go to Christina Carter!

Wunder Woman








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“Interview with Wonder Woman” Con’d pt 2.

It’s been a crazy day, I’ve been at my desk  booking shoots and writing up estimates for customs….and I’m still not done. But I must get these last few preview pics out to you before the night is over. I’m headed straight to the gym at 6AM one again, so lets get to it so I can get my but to bed!!






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“Interview with Wonder Woman”- con’d


Did everyone have a great weekend? The fun is not over yet…I still have juicy preview pics from my latest release for you. I love action shots.. like the second shot here, we have so much fun with the fight scene and it’s nice to see them frozen in time like this. What’s your favorite action shot? The fighting? The licking? Kissing? MMMMMmmm..not sure I can really decide which is my favorite… I love it all!






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“Interview with Wonder Woman”..Great review!!!

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Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! If your waiting to hear reviews on my last release until you buy than your wait is over:

“Hi Christina,

I just had to write to let you know how happy I was with your new video “Interview with a Wonder Woman”! I really like how you’re creating series of clips that really focus on the sensuality and eroticism with the characters. I couldn’t believe how smoldering Diana could be – she’s been relegated to playing the baddie for so long, it was great to see her as a woman with her own desires. There were so many little hot moments, I won’t enumerate them – just know that they are what make your videos so tantalizing – please keep going the extra mile for your fans, there’s no one else who makes videos as good as you. 🙂

At the end you say “This isn’t over.” I hope so! You have a guaranteed customer for each of these.
You rock!!!
Thanks G!!!
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“Interview with Wonder Woman”


The weekend is almost here… and what better to celebrate with besides a hot wonder woman clip!! I must apologize for not being around on the forums and twitter this past week, I just moved and have been unpacking and putting things back together. Never a quick task.  I’m quite exhausted and have still been making it to the gym every morning at 6 AM. Why this new obsession with the gym? Well, lets just say I was very festive during the holidays…lol..yeah, yeah…we all do this I know..but I didn’t like the results. Therefore, I’m doing something about it. :).. I think you will all be pleased with the results. Just give me another month and you are sure to see a huge difference.

We have some great video’s coming your way this month, and many more in the works to be filmed. I’ll be adding two more beautiful faces to the mix as well..but I’m going to keep that a secret till the shoot date :).

Who do you want to see in a super heroine/villain costume??

Also, Thank you to everyone giving me idea’s for the next Bat Girl episode. I’ve gotten some kick ass ideas.

Now for the release…..

“Interview with Wonder Woman”








Interview with a Wonder Woman is a fan written custom produced by CC Productions that feature two fetish icons Christina Carter as Wonder Woman and Diana Knight as the Baroness. What makes this video an instant super-heroine fan classic is the chemistry and phenomenal spot on performances of both actresses. Storyline: Wonder Woman has agreed to be interviewed by a magazine reporter. She has an instant attraction to the woman and quickly succumbs to the sapphist advances of the sexy reporter. Have fallen for common lust Wonder Woman easily falls victim to The Baroness trap. The Baroness moves quickly to capture Wonder Woman. The exhausting battle goes back and forth until, as the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat or in this case the Baroness’s plan to destroy Wonder Woman. This clip contains: Super heroine cosplay, girl-girl kissing, groping and fondling, vibrator masturbation, female domination, cat-fighting, low blows, face sitting, disabling blows, stripping, pantyhose fetish, foot worship, nipple and breast play.

Available on http://www.eclipstore.com/522 !!Also available directly through CC Productions via PayPal (christinacarter2010@gmail)!! Please be sure to email me with the correct address you would like your download to be sent to.

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