“All Work & No Play, Pt1” Con’d…


Hoping everyone had a great weekend, I did. My sister flew in Saturday, so my weekend was full of touristy fun stuff with her and my girlfriends. We’re flying out tomorrow for a wedding in Maui!! Yes, that’s what I said…MAUI!! I’m so excited!! I haven’t been there in years. A friend is getting hitched Friday..it’s going to be epic. I’ll post pics on twitter and here for all to see…maybe not of the wedding…but of all the other crazy stuff I’ll be doing.Thinking about visiting the nude beach ; )…oh..there will be pics.. HA!

While you are waiting.. check out more form my latest update:





And that’s just the first hot episode!!!

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Have a great night!!!




“All Work & No Play, Pt.1”

Happy Saturday!!
New release as of yesterday…
Adriana and I had so much fun making this one..the crew was getting a little irritated with all the giggling, laughing and messing around that was happening..lol.. what can I say..we love or jobs.
All Work & No Play, Pt.1
All Work & No Play, Pt.1 continues where hottie Adriana Sephora and Christina Carter left off in the My New Partner series. Adriana has just graduated and her partner on the police fọrce plans a special surprise party for her. This clip contains graduation gown disrobing, foot fetish, stockings, garters and heels, foot worship, panty changing, exhibitionism, kissing, blind fold, uniform, light handcuff bondage, lipstick lesbian play.
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Have a great night!!

It’s working!!

My Word Press is finally working that is..lol. I went to post a few days ago and nothing was working. Looks like they solved the issue. This week has been full of adventures..wrestled for DT on Monday..shot for Randy Moore on Tuesday (played Lilith)..taught someone quick books on Wednesday…went and had two more super heroine costumes ordered to be made yesterday. I would like to tell you which two…but I’m afraid that has to be kept a secret until I shoot …plus..it’s two new girls I have yet to shoot. I can’t wait!! That shoot is booked for June 4th.

Geez..it’s been busy!! Speaking of Super Heroine costumes…check this out

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 4.11.57 PM

It’s the new Electracoms for Electra Woman and Dyna Girl!! Thank you so much Tamonicus!! I can’t wait to use them in a video.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


I’m back!!


Okay, Okay..so I fell off the wagon for my birthday…lol..  It’s okay right? Doesn’t everybody do that? Maybe not for as long as I did, but I got it back together now..back to kicking ass and taking names!! But first..some personal pics..

Me and my girls, the night of my birthday…You may recognize some faces..




There wasn’t too many shots taken..considering we got a little wound up and wild.

But I have a couple to share from yesterdays shoot with Candle boxxx as well…

Remember these are just shots from an iphone of me getting Candle ready to get “in the box” and tortured.




This video contains lots of squirting. I knew what I was doing…. bondage + Hitachi + vibrating anal plug + Candle boxxx = a mass explosion!!! Geez that girl can get off.. I’ve never seen that much fluid come out of one person…it was incredibly HOT! Wait till I get screen grabs of that…oh my god..you’ll love them.

I also didn’t post any of the other pictures from the last update..so I owe you some of those:

“Pay Back”

available @ http://www.eclipstore.com/28 !!




Sorry this is such a quick post, but I need to mail out DVD’s, quote more customs and get on the forums and see whats going on with everyone.

Love ya!


“The Payback”

Hello Everyone!!!!

This weekend is going to be intense!! Yes, my birthday is Friday and I plan on making it unforgettable…maybe…..”LEGEN”…wait for it ..”DARY” !!! Yes, I’m a nerd and I love that show (How I met your mother). Hopefully there will pictures that I can share with you..I’m sure there will be. 😉

I’m not sure if anyone remembers when I mentioned that there was yet another EVP in a video we shot…well, that would be this weeks release. When Aaliyah is on the couch adjusting her pantyhose..there was a male voice saying “Lisa”..which is one of the characters in this script that she plays(twins). I’m not sure if my editor left it in or not, I’ll check and let you know if you should be listening for it…that is..if your into that kind of stuff.

Okay, I have to get my but up and running… I’m shooting Adriana Sephora today!!!

This weeks release…..

“Christina Carter’s The Pantyhose Encased Payback”
thePayback- 2
The Pantyhose Encased Payback stars Christina Carter and Aaliyah Love BACKSTORY: Twin sisters Laura & Lisa run a human trafficking ring where all their female victims are sold off as sex slaves to the underworld. To date, they have always escaped the clutches of the law as there was never enough evidence against them and they made sure that any of their victims who resisted them will be silenced immediately. Unfortunately, their devious business operations have been closely tracked and monitored by an unknown vigilante, Christina. Christina operates outside the law and targets criminals who slip through the justice system. The clip contains: full pantyhose encasement, female domination, girl-girl strap-on sex, female fighting, mouth packing and hand over mouth.
Available now on http://www.eclipstore.com/28 !!
Have a great day!!!