“PleasureBot 3000 Upgrade” Staring Akira Lane and Christina Carter!!

Happy Friday my Fetish lovers!!!
I’ve got something very special for you this weekend!!! For the first time ever Akira Lane appears in a CC Productions Fetish film favorite…. the fetish of Fembots. As you know I do many, many fetish genre’s, many times being asked by others what it is about this fetish that people like. Many that have an interest in lady robots, aka “fembots” are either sci-fi enthusiasts or dominant in nature. This fetish is fairly rare, but I have been emailed inquiring about customs several times and do have some fans that are true robot enthusiasts, wanting me to be “programmed what to say”. ( I have a few friends that would love to do this to me as well…lol)
Fembot lovers have a very clear idea of what they want, and are very particular about what they are seeking from a custom.
The fembot will have no opinions, no emotions, do nothing they are not programmed to do. It is “their” dream woman. One that doesn’t place any demands on them and is only their to please, their way and when they want. They require little care and attention and will be there to do something for as long or as short as they like. You would think this would be a bigger fetish after reading that right? 🙂 95% of the men I know think like this anyway.
I think you will be very pleased with Akira and my performances in this release, I love her, she as always…is phenomenal.  It doesn’t hurt that we also had no rules as how far we could go with each other(always customer preference)…so we went wild. It’s very natural for us.
Without further au du….
“PleasureBot 3000 Upgrade”
Christina Carter and Akira Lane are featured in “PleasureBot 3000 Upgrade.” The PleasureBot 3000 sexbot named Christina has been sent back to PleasureDome Corporation with software glitches. Lab Tech, Akira Lane is tasked with completing the upgrades and performance testing for the robotic sex doll. Akira tries to remain professional while doing her job but the sexy Christina gets the better of her. Akira decides that putting the robot through all of its program options will ultimately be the best test to ensure quality control but the process is not without problems. Clip includes; freeze poses, strip tease, masturbation, fondling, kissing, girl-girl, dildo play and oral sex. The clip is 30-minutes long and is being offered in a universal Mp4 codec.
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As always, more photo’s in the following days.
But that is not all I have for you… still more preview pictures to share with you from “Wonder Woman Fetish Slave”…Staring Diana Knight and Christina Carter!!
Wonder Woman can’t stop cumming……
 It’s just too much..she just can’t stop cumming..
Humiliated ……
And enslaved…
What will become of our Heroine???
You can find out right now… http://www.eclipstore.com/522!!!!
Have a great weekend!!!!

Even More…”Wonder Woman Fetish Slave”

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! Although exhausted from all the family and friend visiting I have been doing over this past week… I’m here on a Saturday night…okay Sunday morning at 1:50 AM to bring you even more preview pics.  Also, for those who have waited for the release on C4S…it is now available!!!

“Wonder Woman Fetish Slave”

The best is yet to come…..


Hold on for dear life….


Fighting the urge to give into to her inner desires…


I CAN’T TAKE IT….Wonder Woman starts to break..


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Additional “Wonder Woman Fetish Slave” Preview pictures!!

Hello My Fetish lovers!!

It’s another beautiful HOT day in Ohio, Its pretty hot everywhere right now…hope you are staying cool! You should just stay inside and watch some fetish porn…sounds like a great idea to me!!! There is no one that could take better care of you than me and Diana Knight!!

How about the latest one if you have not already saw it…

“Wonder Woman Fetish Slave”

Wundy taken down….


Out for the count….




Force predicament…


Breaking the Amazon…


Available right now only on my embedded clip store and http://www.eclopstore.com/522 !

I’ll be back again later this evening..must go do my duty and visit my friends and family :)..

Have a great night!


“WW Fetish Slave” with Daina Knight and Chrisitna Carter! Plus “AW&NP, PT4”!


Yes!!! More Hot Wonder Woman preview pics!! I really would love to know your thoughts on this video. You know me, I love the feedback…good or bad. Plus, What you would like to see me and Diana Knight get into next. I would love to torture her!! OOOOOOHHHH….and as I just typed that, I thought… I really need to do a video of BatGirl torturing CatWoman. What kind of torture shall we do?? Something really dirty I hope. Thoughts?!

“Wonder Woman Fetish Slave”

Oh No!!…not the lasso of truth!!..


Gagging the Princess…..


Your all mine Wundy….


Do what I want and save yourself the pain Wonder Woman….


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“All Work & No Play, Pt.4”…..

More tantalizing teasers of the beautiful Adriana Sephora and I getting hot and heavy in the last episode of “All work and No Play”..





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As promised… a few random photo’s from Saturdays book signing..

Getting ready for the book signing…

signing-before signing

Hey… I think I know this girl…

signing-Me and my poster

The playing cards…Notice who you see 🙂

signing playing cards

Random Chic’s that I noticed standing my my poster… I thought it was cute!

signing-random chics w:poster

Okay everyone..it’s time for me to turn in…as I am just adjusting to flying across country. What a long flight, and then they lost my luggage…didn’t get that till late this afternoon. Oh the joy of traveling!! LOL.

Love you!!




More New WW release photos!!

And so the saga continues….“Wonder Woman Fetish Slave”

Diana Prince struggles for her freedom….


Transformation spin..Wonder Woman can save the day!!…


Prepare to be taken down Baroness!…


The Ultimatum….


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‘All Work & No Play, Pt.4′…..

Nothings sweeter than silence…


Adriana brings a surprise of her own…


As sweet as honey…


Adriana takes what she wants…and more


Available right now only on http://www.clips4sale.com/38975!!

Enjoy!!! I’m off to the book signing and release party right now. What book you ask??

“Kinky Bondage Obsession” Jim Weathers- Best of The Bondage Cafe ..OF COURSE!!




New Wonder Woman release from CC Productions starring Diana Knight

Hello My fetish Lovers!
I know I’ve been MIA this week, I’ve been shooting lots of hot new clips. I’m sure you will forgive me when you see them. One with Angela Sommers and the other with Randy Moore.
Here are some candid photo’s from the shoots this week
Also…One unedited photo from the shoot I did Monday for Bondage Cafe… I took a picture of the computer screen as Jim was uploading what we had just shot..
Now that I feel we caught up…lol…
This weeks release is hot double feature. First, Diana Knight and I bring it to the table with another decadent Wonder Woman clip. I always love filming these clips…but I know its going to be great when I have Diana playing the Villain. Cum and see!!!~
The other release, part 4 of “All Work and No Play”…the final episode of this movie. We just may have to run in and do another real soon, Adriana Sephora and I really get to enjoy each other in this video. But Then again, who wouldn’t enjoy boning Adriana with a strap- on? She told me I was fucking her like a man would…lol..I’ll take that as a compliment. She loved every minute of it.
“Wonder Woman Fetish Slave”
Wonder Woman Fetish Slave is a 38-minute story that continues the parody that sexualizes the hottest super-heroine character ever, Wonder Woman! Christina Carter embodies every aspect of the Amazonian Princess. When you team her with a Wonder Woman in her own right, Diana Knight the duo makes for an all-star performance. Storyline: Diana Prince is being held as bait to lure Wonder Woman to the Baroness dungeon. While captive she is subjected to repeated electrical shocks. When the Baroness steps out Diana Prince seizes her opportunity to escape and turn the tables on the Baroness. She transforms into Wonder Woman but is defeated without a blow being thrown. The heroine’s transformation was all caught on camera and Wonder Woman’s true identity is now the Baroness’s to use as blackmail. Wonder Woman is fọrcd to be the Baroness’s fetish slave and explore her own secret fetish desires. Clip Contains: damsel-in-distress, rope bondage, cleave gags, electric shock collar, device bondage, super-heroine transformation, lasso of truth, humiliation, foot fetish, de-booting all set in a great story!
Available right now only on my embedded clip store and  http://www.eclopstore.com/522!!
‘All Work & No Play, Pt.4’
All Work & No Play, Pt.4 continues where hottie Adriana Sephora and Christina Carter left off in the My New Partner series. Adriana has just graduated and her partner on the police force plans a special surprise party for her. This clip contains blind folds, handcuffs, spanking, foot fetish, stockings, garters and heels, foot worship, panty fetish, strap-on sex, exhibitionism, kissing, girl-girl oral sex, uniform, lipstick lesbian play. Look for parts 1, 2 and 3 they are equally as hot and very sexy?
Available right now only on http://www.clips4sale.com/38975!!
Check back for more photos this afternoon!!