Hot Labor Day Weekend!!


Labor Day weekend is closing in fast..and I hear it’s going to be a hot one!! Almost as hot as all the clips the girls and I are…no… nothing is that hot!

I know it has been a week and a half since I have posted, I was in a big beautiful wedding last weekend and returned a little sick. The wedding was all the way on the other side of the states…and so worth the early morning flight and lack of sleep. I returned with Laryngitis and have been struggling the last few days to get much of anything done. Would you like to see some pics from the night before/rehearsal dinner..and the wedding?





What an amazing weekend, Kobe Lee made the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen!! I’m so very happy for her!!!

I love that you can’t tell at all that I was under the weather. By the reception I had barely a voice at all…happens I guess :). Like I said, well worth it.

I also skipped Fetish Con this year, which hasn’t happened since my discovery of it in 2001…New York. It was called Bond Con back then. I heard it was amazing again this year, and so much fun. No worries…I will return next year!!!

Okay everybody… I know this is going to be a wild weekend for you…please be safe. And when you find yourself back in the house… I’ll be waiting for you!!!!!

Waiting right  HERE!  

and HERE!

Love you!!



Great action shot from WWXXX…I kinda look like a blow up doll!!

HOT “CEDV” Preview Pics!!!


I hope all my friends, fans and fellow producers and models are all having a blast at Fetish Con… I’m sure they’s always a blast. If you have never been there it is something you need to do at least once…although, most who go love it so much that they always go back. It’s the place you can be who you want to be and let your fetish freak flag fly….lol…that’s what I do anyway :).  Any fetish yo can think of…it’s there. I do love being there, however, it just didn’t seem like the smart thing to do. Too many other events I have to be at…I’m only one person. Unless we clone me..we need to do…fembot maybe???

All right, are we ready for the last batch of hot stills from Cat’s Eye Diamond V???

There’s nothing hotter than four women, two Hitachi’s and two double sided dildos…now that’s what I call a Super Heroine party!!







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and now..

also available on

Have a great weekend!!!!


“CEDV”….still going strong..


It’s about to get even hotter in here!! Oh my god I remember watching Aaliyah Love deep throat that dildo…it was so freaking hot!! I thought…I want to learn how to deep throat like a champ….just like Aaliyah. It’s hot! MMMMMMmmmmm…now who to practice on???

Anyway, while I am thinking that through, and returning all the texts and emails from all my fans and friends at Fetish Con (Yes, I bowed out at the last minute)… you can feast your eyes on these!!!







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Sizzling….. “Cat’s Eye Diamond V”..

Happy Hump Day!!

Now the hotness starts…I know you have been waiting ever so patently for pictures like this. Okay, Okay…I’ll stop being a teasing you now. I’ve received several email and tweets about “CEDV”, but very little from the forums. I know it is August…summer vacation and getting in your last hoorah before the fall and all…but I do appreciate your feed back and comments. Please let me know what’s on your mind!!







If you haven’t already..get it now on my embedded clipstore… !!



“Cat’s Eye Daimond V”…continues

Hey Everybody!!

It may be Monday…but we are going to make the best of it!! I still have so many pictures from our newest release, “Cat’s Eye Diamond V”,that it’s going to take me till next weekend to get them all out to you. So just sit back and enjoying the ride….

“Cat’s Eye Diamond V”

Staring…. Christina carter as Black Cat,  Aaliyah Love as Evil Dagger, Randy Moore as Hell Cat, and Shyla Jennings as White Tiger.






Now available only on !!



Even More “Cat’s Eye Diamond V”..


Happy Saturday!!!!

I’m hoping all of you are out enjoying this beautiful Sunday funday. I can hear the concert on the beach from my house.This is my favorite time of year…summer. I hate to think that it is almost over….not in California really. Our summer last until mid October.

But enough of the small talk…

“Cat’s Eye Diamond v”






And yes in response to the boot licking comments…I’m an excellent boot licker…and pussy licker for that

Now available only on!!!

Have a great night!!


More “Cat’s Eye Diamond V”!!!

Happy Saturday!!

It’s a beautiful day here in California…think I’ll go to the BBQ down the street..but before I do… I want to give you more preview pictures from my new release. I also would love to know what everyone who has gotten the clip thinks about our new characters and new heroine Shyla Jennings.

“Cat’s Eye Diamond V”






Have a great night!!!!!




New Release!! “Cat’s Eye Diamonds V”!!

It’s Friday!!! And like I said yesterday…it’s time for a BIG release!!
CC Productions is proud to Introduce Shya Jennings, as one of our newest Super heroines…. White Tiger!! This sultry little kitten takes no prisoners, I’m so happy to have this sexy little minx in our best CED production to date. She had no problem jumping right into the mix, I’m going to have to go on a limb here and say…. she’s into Aaliyah, Randy and I were definitely into her!
Check out part of the customer review:
OMG!!!! Thank you. Will you do another CED6?

That was so amazing!!!!! The costumes were great, the acting was phenomenal and the girls really looked like they enjoyed it. I know it was hard work, but you made my story come to life. You always take such great care to make quality work while ensuring it’s what your customer wanted!……………………………………………………………………………


And of course the finally…..I love the shot from above when you see all 4 sprawled out and that scene where Shyla and Aaliyah are ass to ass! I loved the looks on their face when they peeked out towards the camera in total lust. And of course you’ve mastered the 4 way kiss……
Thank you Thank you Thank you. You keep topping yourself each time. Christina Carter Productions is top notch!
You are very welcome!!!
Now to share it with the world and see what they think of your masterpiece…..
“Christina Carter’s Cat’s-Eye Diamond V”
Christina Carter’s Cat’s-Eye Diamond V may be the hottest video yet in the series. This smoking hot super-heroine fetish parody stars Christina Carter as Black Cat, Aaliyah Love as Dagger, Shyla Jennings as White Tiger, Randy Moore as Hell Cat. In Cat’s-Eye Diamond V, Cat Woman’s mystical gem continues to captivate super-heroines and turn them into obedient sex slaves. This clip contains: parody cos-play smoking with a long cigarette holder, foot/boot worship, dancing, strip tease, kissing, girl-girl, double-ended dildo, Hitachi vibrator, oral sex and group sex.
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Cumming very, very soon..”Cat’s Eye Daimond 5″!!!

It’s almost time for the release!!!

How about some more promo pics?


Shyla Jennings as “White Tiger”  and Randy Moore as “Hell Cat”

and as always..

Aaliyah Love as “Evil Dagger”  and  Christina Carter as “Black Cat”

In “Cat’s Eye Diamond 5!!”….




Only a few hours left…… It’s cumming!!!

Have a great night!!



PS.. I’m sure you have noticed a few changes going on and pictures missing on the journal and forums, I will be working on getting them all linked back together in the next week. It’s a huge job!

Additional Photo’s “Wonder Woman Fetish Slave”


Just stopping by to post some additional photo’s from  CC Productions latest super heroine release….”Wonder Woman Fetish Slave”. I have so many promotion pics from this release..It almost slipped my mind, all of the sexy foot worshiping that was going on in this clip. If you didn’t already know, I’m into that. But only women’s feet. 🙂 They have to be very sexy and well kept. Diana definitely fits into those categories. I could suck on her feet all day (I did)…and night for that matter (if she would have stayed) LOL.

In fact foot worshiping happens at the most random times in my life…

A few years ago I went to see Cirque du Soleil in Santa Monica with a few friends, after the show we went back to the house….somehow I ended up in a little foot worshiping fest with Gina Rae Michaels. Don’t ask me how this shit happens…lol…it just does. My life doesn’t suck.

Okay…back to those pictures…

“Wonder Woman Fetish Slave”





Available right now !

Thanks for all the love and support!!!