Coming out of a fog…


I’ve spent days this week sick in bed. I had a really bad sore throat and fever that just wouldn’t quit, not to mention the lack of energy. Thank goodness for my good friends that brought me medicine and food. I don’t think I would have eaten if it wasn’t for them. I even had to cancel my shoot with Kendra James.

It gave me a lot of time to think of the past few months and the way I have been living my life. It’s like I have been living in a fog…trying to find myself…who I am.

Luckily, I woke up today feeling amazing!  It was almost like waking up from a dream. All I wanted to do was clean and put things where they belong…get on the computer and chat with fans…and do what I love doing most..Fetish! I have a great life, I love it, and I need to start living it!!! Seriously.. I was like …what the fuck happened?!?! Get it together Carter!! And I am NOW!!!

Okay, so…another new character: Spider Woman coming soon….. Here is the mask I just got in..

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 3.16.33 PM

I have not picked up the costume yet, seeing as I have been sick..and I won’t get it till after the 8th, I will be in Italy for yet another models wedding. They are dropping like flies over BUUUTTTT…this is what it is going to look like ( I

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 2.33.37 PM

Do you like???? Spider Woman and Gargantua will be our new characters this fall, I’m very excited to bring them your way. In fact I’m dying to get back in the studio and shoot ASAP!!! Maybe I can line something up for as soon as I get back from the wedding! I’m going to try my hardest!

Have a great weekend Everybody!!!



Here comes the weekend!!

Hello Lovers!!!

It’s Friday!! My how the days just fly past…faster and faster! You better be enjoying every little second, cherish it and everyone who you share it with. We never know how long we have left. That’s why I celebrate every single day!!

So yesterday I took the dog for a really long walk around the beach.. I’m at the pier and a homeless guys asks me for some spare change. I say sorry I have nothing on me. He says than how did you get that coffee(Starbucks)?. I explain to him that I went down before I took the dog out and I left everything at the house. He says..well you have coffee. I said “You want my coffee?!?!”
He says yes.
So I gave it to him.
I walked away with that wtf wasn’t like a nice conversation we were having.. It was like a shake down. Seriously?!? Wtf just happened.
Anyway……back to sexy bondage…I still have a few pictures left from last weekends update..
“Too Tied”
Sequence 02.Still008
Sequence 02.Still009
Sequence 02.Still010
Sequence 02.Still011
Available on my embedded clip store !!
Have a great night!!!

Tie up Tuesday!!


It’s tie up Tuesday people!!! So grab a little rope and tie up your favorite person…one that like to be tied up preferably please. 🙂
Hope everyone’s weekend was extremely enjoyable. Mine was definitely fun, I put together and threw a surprise party for one of my very good was a true surprise..and to top it off we hired 5Cent (a black dwarf/little person)..he rapped, sang Happy Birthday, practically “Roasted” my friend (which was so funny), danced and hung out with us all night. It was a magical night…but wore me out. I had to rest all I think it was all the stress of putting something together like that and hoping it goes midnight I looked like I had jumped in the shower with my clothes on and was chugging water like it was my job!!! I’ll post some photo’s on twitter in a second ..@christinabound.. if your not already following me.

So lets get back to bondage… here are more hot photo’s from this past weekends release..

“Too Tied”

Sequence 02.Still005

Sequence 02.Still006

Sequence 02.Still007

Sequence 02.Still008

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Too Tied!!


Another Fabulous update for tonight!!! Surprise!! For all my bondage fans….Samantha and I…struggling our ass off just for you!!

“Too Tied”
Sequence 02.Still001
Sequence 02.Still002
Sequence 02.Still003
Sequence 02.Still004
The clip Too Tied features Christina Carter and Samantha Grace in this 2012 Grace Production. Christina and Samantha are tied, gagged and left to struggle like the true damsel in distress gals they are. The clip includes: rope bondage, tape gags, ball gags, damsel-in-distress.
Now available only on !!!
Again, Have a fabulous night!!

Hello Friday…

Hello Lovers!!!

Friday is finally upon us…..Yes!!!  I’ll be out looking for trouble tonight…as usual….hope you will be too. Who knows…if you are in the LA area we may run into each other. What would you do if you did? Would you approach me?? Would you hit on me? Try to pick me up and take me home?? Would you let me know you know exactly who I am?? I wonder…

I wonder if the guy who gave me my massage yesterday knew who I was…

He gave me the most sensual massage I have ever gotten in my life. Way to close to my pussy…practically doing a drive by every time he was near…and I knew he could see it…he pulled the sheets over way to far. I could feel the breeze on places I normally don’t (which is odd since I don’t wear panties). I never ever..EVER ..have had a full breast massage…especially at a 5 star hotel…He massaged my nipples!!! I was in shock…but enjoying it at the same time. Damn massage ended before my happy ending!! I wonder if we still had time if he would have…and how I would have reacted. I have to admit… I was taken off guard. The whole time thinking…Oh my god..what do I do???? Do I say something?? Is this normal?? Hmmmm… it was definitely relaxing…and left my head full of naughty thought….whoa! That was intense!!!


Okay, Okay…for the last Pictures from the  “Wonder Woman’s Downfall” update….




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Hope your night is as good as my massage!!!



“Wonder Woman’s Downfall” continues…

Hello my loving kinksters!

We’re over the hump and almost to the weekend!!!! Speaking of humps…look at those mounds Randy has a handful of!! I never realize they are that big until someone actually has their hands on them and has a hard time cupping them,,they runnith over. Is this how men with big cocks feel? Probably not. I think most men think they have a big cock, even if its average. They should have some kind of device that gives your cock a number and a a bra size…only a penis size…lol. Women then should be able to ask a man their size. Are you a 3A? 3D? 7C? LMAO….I would like a 7D The number is inches and the letter is the girth of Okay, that’s the end of that rant. HA!

Now…back to the photo’s…

“Wonder Woman’s Downfall”





Now available on my embedded clip store !!



More from New Wonder Woman Release..


Is it hump day yet?? It is in my I’m feeling a little amorous..I’m least that’s what I’ve been told. This week is going to be a crazy one…three friends having birthdays…three days in a row. But I’ll be sure to get my butt on this computer and keep pumping out the pictures for you. Check out these hot pics from my latest amazes me how perfect Randy’s face looks underneath that nylon mask. Very sexy…and she’s so good at being a bad girl!

“Wonder Woman’s Downfall”





Now available only on my embedded clip store!!

BTW, I was in Vegas at the Shadow Lane spanking Party/Convention last weekend…it was a blast. Have any of you ever been? Met some wonderful lifestylers and great new friends. Do you know who Sarah Gregory is? You should check her out. I would let her spank me in a clip…lol..Wonder Woman gets whats coming to her!!! HA!



“Wonder Woman’s Downfall” continued…

Happy Sunday Funday!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!! I just got finished making a whole lot of meatloaf and homemade mashed potatoes for a few friends…geez…that was a big job! Now here I am at my desk listening to a few different kinds of music. I’m not the one playing A couple neighbors, on different sides of me,  are having cookouts..all with different tastes in music. Mexican and today’s hits makes for quite an interesting combo. I’ll be going to the gym in a second, but wanted to check in really quick and see what is going on with everyone and post a few more preview pics of this weekends release.

Why keep you waiting…..

“Wonder Woman’s Downfall”





Now available on my embedded clip store!!

Always such a pleasure working with Randy, but as you can see..pleasuring was going on :)…and it only gets better.

Planning on filming a new Wonder Woman clip with Diana Knight this coming week…would love to hear thoughts and requests.




New realease- “Wonder Woman’s Downfall”

Hello my kinksters!!

It’s the weekend…woooooo hooooo… and how better to celebrate than with a hot new Super Heroine release?! Even better, One that involves me and the unforgettable Randy Moore…. you want it? Good…it’s all yours!! Randy always I have a blast shooting together, but this day was even more fun than the others. I’m not sure if it was  the fact that if was just the two of us horny, crazy bitches together and we got to focus on each other….or something was in the air…but it was ridiculously fun. Especially the fighting  and worshiping scenes…mmmmmm…YES! Are you ready???

“Wonder Woman’s Downfall” A Super Heroine Fetish Parody….






Wonder Woman’s Downfall staring Christina Carter as Wonder Woman and Randy Moore as the Nylon Viper. Back story; 10-years ago, Nylon Viper was hired by the KGB to infiltrate the Pentagon and retrieve vital US military information. Wonder Woman intervened and thwart Viper’s plan. The Nylon Viper was subsequently interrogated, prosecuted and placed behind bars in the US. As a result, the Nylon Viper lost everything close to her and her life crumbled.Consumed with a deep hatred for Wonder Woman, Nylon Viper has been working closely with criminals over the last 2-years to end the super heroine’s reign. A fortnight back, the Viper initiated the plan and sets off a crime wave in the city. Whilst Wonder Woman’s been busy battling with the criminals, Nylon Viper’s escaped from prison and lays in wait for the final showdown…Wonder Woman’s Downfall is that showdown. Clip contains: Female fighting, hand over mouth, costume play, foot fetish, foot worship, pantyhose fetish, nylon encasement, girl-girl sex, strap-on dildo and much more.

Now available only on my embedded clip store!!

Have a Wonderful night!!!