Even More “Unexpected House Guest”..

WHAT DAY IS IT????? That’s right…it HUMP DAY!!!!

Here’s to hoping today is better than yesterday..

I had a super heroine custom to shoot with Angela Sommers.. we had a great new location and everyone showed except the camera guy. No joke. I had to give everyone a kill fee and still pay for the location. I’m not kidding. Now you know…it’s not always fun and games in this business. There are lots of issues and personalities to deal with. Luckily my crew was not upset with me, I also took them to dinner.

I was impressed with my ability to keep my cool, I guess as time goes on..you learn to deal with these types of situation. I just felt bad that Angela drove from San Diego for the shoot.

Anyway…on to the positive..

“Unexpected House Guest”





I told you it gets even hotter!!

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Have a lovely day everyone!!





Give me more..more… more..

Good Evening!!

It’s Monday… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t gong to be fabulous!! What do I mean by that you ask? Well, more of Angela Sommers and myself of course :)..you won’t have to wait much longer for another one of us either, as we are shooting tomorrow..super heroine shoot at that!! Wonder Woman and Chameleon. whoa….I’m getting all worked up just thinking about it!!! I’ll be posting twitter pics all evening..promise.

Here’s what you have been waiting for….MORE!

“Unexpected House Guest”





UUUhhhhhh…yeah. Tell me that’s not hotter than a mother fucker..

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More “Unexpected House Guest”!!


Are you having a great weekend??? I hope so! I sent most of yesterday working and then went to see a great acoustic group play at a local hotel. It was very relaxing and chill. I sat on a comfy couch drinking some wine and listening to great tunes…followed by time chilling on my friends couch..listening to more relaxing music and talking the night away. It’s nice to have calm nights like that everyone in a while. 🙂 I should have gotten a massage while at it yesterday. I’m incredibly sore from working out so much this week and working with Jim (Bondage Cafe) on Thursday. Which reminds me…we had a great shoot, but Jim played the how many times can I change a tie in one set game…lol…it was fun!!

Okay, Okay…more Pic’s from my latest release…

“Unexpected House Guest” Starring Angela Sommers and Christina Carter







It’s getting juicier…wait till tomorrow Photo’s are released!! You won’t want to miss it, better yet..go get it now!!


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New Release!! “Unexpected House Guest”

Happy Friday!!!

It’s been a while since I have released a clip, and this one is smoking hot!! How can it not be with Angela Sommers starring along side of me??!! I have to admit I was a little nervous about shooting with her. She is so beautiful, and flawless..and I got to play with her all day long..lol…mine all mine. The day we shot this was a little different from the rest of my shoots.. I was using a new crew because my other was not available and shooting new talent…not to mention in a new location!! So much NEW going on!! Anyway, I had only heard great things about Angela, and let me tell you …it’s all true!! She’s my sultry little dream girl.. I’m in love!! I’ll be shooting her again Tuesday in a super heroine clip,I can’t wait!!!!

So here it is…..

“Christina Carter’s Unexpected House guest”
“Unexpected House Guest” stars Christina Carter and introducing the seductive little minx, Angela Sommers. A new comer to CC Productions. Angela has been hired to star in one of Christina’s custom video’s, But Christina has a little more than a custom on her mind. Angela will soon know how it feels to be Christina’s little sex toy. But not for long, as Angela has her own little game in mind. This clip contains: Handcuffs, rope bondage, kissing, stap-on sex, Panel gag, penis gag, domination and much more. Runtime: 28 minutes
You want it now lovers??
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More photos tomorrow…so check back in!!

Beautiful Italy…


Just flew in to London From Italy last night, what a trip it has been!!  A day and a half left before I arrive back to Los Angeles. It has been loads of fun and laughs, and some happy tears. I watched yet another friend get married, that’s 3 in 6 months!!  Maui, Atlanta, Florence…I’m still surprised and so happy that I made all three. Would you like to see some pictures from the destination wedding of the beautiful Princess Anna??

Lets have a look, shall we..

Beautiful statues in Florence…site seeing while searching for confetti for the wedding…



Rehearsal dinner…Princess Anna and Christina…


Me, chilling out having some wine outside rehearsal dinner..you know, my normal pose..lol…


Christina and the unbelievably talented and beautiful Nyssa Nevers..


Nyssa coming down the aisle…


Princess Anna, what a beautiful bride!!


Christina and Anna…


Christina, Anna, and Jeff..


The first dance…. lol


Photo booth madness..

Christina and Sir Max…


Do you like my beard???….


How about a mustache instead??


My version of Picasso ….


I’ll post more a little later, I need to go through all the pictures and pull out some funny ones for you.

The Bride and Groom did an amazing job putting everything together, I wish them a lifetime of happiness and thank them from the bottom of my heart for inviting me to be there with them for there special day/weekend.

Jumping in the bath, I’ll be back with more photo’s a little later this evening.