Hot New Pics- “Demise of Wonder Woman, A Fem-bot Tale”

Hello Loves!!

It’s Friday night and it’s getting a little hot over here at CC Productions. A little girl/girl action always does that to me, and when it’s with Angela Sommers…it makes me even hotter. Luckily you’ll be seeing many more clips with Angela, I’ve been getting email after email asking for custom videos featuring her along with the 2 and 3 other beautiful fetish models. This makes me very happy, we love working with her.

But until we get there, please enjoy this little number……

“Demise of Wonder Woman, A Fem-bot Tale”





Remember, I’m always ready to film your fetish fantasy. Email me direct to get your estimate!! …..I’m ready when you are!! feel free to bring your favorite model to my attention, I love hiring new girls, I’ll get who your craving.

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Have a great night!!


“Demise of Wonder Woman, A Fem-bot Tale”…

Hello Lovers!!

Here comes the weekend!!  And we are ready with our new release, featuring one of the sexiest fetish models around…Angela Sommers. Like I have said before, she’s one of my favorites and I am hoping to make many, many more clips with her. She makes me love my job and makes it fun to play a Fem-bot as well. Who wouldn’t want Angela fondling, kissing and caressing your body? As you stand there and can do absolutely nothing?!? HOT!!!  I definitely wanted it!! She can make me her fem-bot sex slave anytime!

I know most of the world is freezing there buts off right now…but I’m begging  you to keep warm and safe. Stay in and entertain yourself with some of your favorite fetish models playing out your favorite fetishes. Get in that warm bed and cuddle with us!!!

Ready for more preview pics??????

“Demise of Wonder Woman, A Fem-bot Tale”…





We are very excited to announce the release of this clip on all our Super Heroine clip stores!!!

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Sweet Fetish Dreams!!


Exciting new shots from.. “Demise of Wonder Woman, A fem-bot Tale”

I know you are patiently awaiting new pics, but just a few other things in the works that I wanted to let you in on..

New locations: Diana Knight and I have been scouting new locations to host our spectacular Super Heroine clips, and today we found a pretty sweet one. It’s always a plus when there is plenty of room to shoot, fun bondage furniture, and implements galore. Oh Boy…I see ridiculously fun times ahead!!

Upcoming shoots: This Thursday CC productions will be filming another stellar episode of “Dark Dimension”, featuring yours truly as Wonder Woman and the beautiful Diana Knight as Dark Wonder Woman.

Okay, Okay…here you go…..


                              “Demise of Wonder Woman, A Fem-bot Tale”

Demise of Wonder Woman, A Fem-bot Tale stars Christina Carter as Wonder Woman and Angela Sommers as Chameleon……..




This clip now available only on my embedded clip store and!!!!!!!!
Stop by tomorrow for even more preview pictures!!

New Release..”Demise of Wonder Woman, A Fem-bot Tale”

What day is it??????? Well, it isn’t Wednesday…it’s Monday. We all know that Monday usually sucks balls right? Let me change that for you. You want to watch a hot new Super Heroine video with me and Angela Sommers? One with some mind control going on…maybe some hot girl-girl action? Of course you do!!! Well lets do it…right now!!!
                      “Demise of Wonder Woman, A Fem-bot Tale”
Demise of Wonder Woman, A Fem-bot Tale stars Christina Carter as Wonder Woman and Angela Sommers as Chameleon. This production was a fan custom that combines the super heroine genre with the Fem-bot fetish and makes for a great storyline. Chameleon has hacked into the IADC computers and has got her evil little hands on the Wonder Woman file. The file claims Wonder Woman is a Fem-bot built by the IADC to fight crime. Chameleon hatches a plan to capture the Fem-bot and reprogram it to do her bidding. The clip contains super-heroine cos-play, stripping, breast and nipple sucking, girl-girl oral, and plenty of fem-bot manipulation and exploitation.
This clip now available only on my embedded clip store and!!!!!!!!
Angela are waiting patiently for all your thoughts and comments on this piece, and what you want to see us do together next :)!!

Coming soon: “CED Origins” featuring Kendra James and Christina Carter!!

Hello Lovers!!

OK, the new Cat’s-Eye Diamond Origins shot last week and is currently in post-production is CC Productions first super heroine production of 2014. I think we started it off with a bang! It was great to be back on set with my production team making fun super heroine parody videos for you. There where a couple of inspirations for this project and both came in the form of fan emails. The email asked “where did the powerful and mysterious Cat’s-Eye Diamond come from?” Great question… so took a step back and did the prequel to the 5 part CED series. And the second fan email was a request to have CC Production add Poison Ivy to its host of super heroines and who better to play her then the sexy Kendra James and the beautiful red hair. She’s the perfect Poison Ivy.

Check it out for yourself……






“Cats Eye Diamond – Origins”                                                                                  Featuring Kendra James & Christina Carter                      

                               COMING SOON TO CLIP STORES!!!!

Don’t venture far from your computer this evening…….there will be a release you are not going to want to miss!!!! Stay tuned!!!!

Bondage Hugs & Super Heroine Kisses!!




Feeling so much better..

Hello Loves!!

It’s been a strange beginning to this new year, I’ve spent about 95% of it in bed (not in the way I would have liked). It all started after my flight to Ohio right after Christmas. Not even 12 hours into the trip I began feeling run down and my lower back was killing me.. I’m talking screaming pain if I were to move wrong. I really thought it was because I slept with my head tilted back on the flight..the pain was only getting worse throughout the days and I couldn’t wait to get home.

When I returned home on New Years Eve I didn’t even have enough energy to go out… I went to bed instead. Days went by, I thought I had the flu..and maybe I did..but it was on top of all the other things going on in my body. Luckily I had an appointment to get blood drawn for a study I am in…while I was there I told my doctor what was going on..and to my surprise he told me I had Pluerisy, due to barometric pressure from the plane ride in combination with the cold weather in Ohio. UUUGGGHHH. But, he didn’t seem worried and asked me if I wanted something for it or if I wanted to tough it out. Well…you know me, I wanted to tough it out.

Bad move. I went around like nothing was wrong..still going to the gym and moving boxes and furniture around my house. The pain became unbearable..kidney area, lower back, calves, feet…I couldn’t take it. I called my Doctor and got on Prednisone. It worked wonders the first two days…but going into day 3 I took a turn for the worse, not even being able to get up or walk on my own. The pain was more than I could handle so I emailed my doctor once again. This time he told me I needed to get to a cardiologist and I most likely have pericarditis as well as pluerisy. Soooooo…. in bed I was …for days. Tomorrow morning is my appointment. I do feel like a human being again, it might be due to the fact that I have not been screwing with my body and have been letting it We’ll see what the cardiologist says tomorrow.

I wish my other doctor would have told me to take it easy and not to do the normal shit I usually do…it would have saved me a lot of pain..and time damn it!You wouldn’t even know I am sick to see me… I still look the same..I just need a little more rest at the moment. Like I always say..”Don’t worry..I got this.”

On to happier subjects…

Next week is going to be BIG, Kendra James and I will she shooting!! I can’t wait!! I plan on her being Poison Ivy for this one. I’ll be Cat Woman of course. If there is anyone who is looking for a custom video with Kendra and me, please get your email and script in ASAP so I can get you a quote and the ball rolling.

Speaking of Super Heroines …Who’s going to see The Lego Movie?? I am, just because I want to see Wonder Woman and Cat Woman :). Oh my goodness..there are so many movies I want to go see, looks like it is going to be a great weekend for that.

Well, I should get my butt to bed..early morning coming my way!!

Stay healthy my loves!!!



Best of 2013!! GO VOTE!!!!

I just found this on ….

I’m so excited that I have been nominated for all three categories!!!!! Please go vote for me right now!!!!!





Hey all!

We decided to try something different here at the Superheroine Forum, the Best Of 2013! Our first stab at doing an “awards” type of contest.

This year, we decided to keep it simple. We have 3 categories.

Best Video Of The Year

Best Producer Of The Year

Best Model/Actress Of The Year

Here’s how it will work.

This is a fan driven poll and voting process. All precautions will be taken to make this as fair and honest as possible. Vote with your heart! No repeat voting necessary. Fans, Producers and Models can submit themselves either in this thread, or through PM.

Here is the breakdown of the categories and how the submitting/voting will work.

Best Video Of The Year:
This phase is the submission process, NOT the voting process.
Submissions will be closed as of January 1st, 2014.

  • Producers are allowed to submit 2 of their own titles for nomination.
  • Fans are allowed to submit 2 titles as their favorite.
  • Duplicate entries will be merged.

After Jan 1st, voting will begin. From that list, the top 5 will emerge and a final vote will be decided by the fans.

Best Producer Of The Year
Nominate up to 2 favorite producers. Producers are encouraged to nominate themselves.
After Jan 1st, voting will begin. From that list, the top 5 will emerge and a final vote will be decided by the fans.

Best Model/Actress Of The Year
Nominate up to 2 favorite models/actresses of 2013. She should have appeared in a 2013 production. Models are encouraged to nominate themselves.

As the entries come in, they will be added to the top post of this thread.


Attention Producers! We will have a special page designed for this contest where you can submit a Title Card, Synopsis, Trailer link and up to 20 stills from your production. Send me a PM and I will give supply you with a means to upload your content so it can be displayed on our Best Of 2013 page.

Any questions or concerns or improvements? Post them here!

Good Luck!


Best Video:

American Avenger – Power Siphon – Primal’s Darkside Superheroine
Batwoman Rises
The Duchess Of Deception – Superheroine Adventures By Dawnstar
Fly Trap – Superheroine Adventures By Dawnstar
Life Or Death S2E10 – Next Global Crisis
Perils Of Batgirl (Bondage Cafe – Jim Weathers)
Skyfire 3
Solara, Humbled Heroine – Heroine Peril
Staria 3, Rise of Aloris – Heroine Peril
Superheroine’s Revenge Punisment Fits the Crime – Primal’s Darkside Superheroine
SuperiorGirl: Doomsday – Rye
Supernova: Alien Incursion – Bluestone Video Productions
Wonderous Girl vs The Zandor – Rye
Wonder Girl Ensnared By Her Own Lasso – Fighting Heroines in Porn Peril
Wonder Woman XXX – CC Productions
Wondra 4: Turning to the Dark Side – Bluestone Video Productions
Randy Star, Bounty Hunter II – Superheroine World

Best Producer:

Bluestone Video Productions
Camvoy Productions
CC Productions (Christina Carter Prod.)
D! Productions (Diana Knight)
Dawnstar Productions – Shakeshift
Fighting Heroines In Porn Peril
Heroine Peril
Hypnotics World
Next Global Crisis
Primal’s Darkside Superheroine
Secret Identity Films
Rye & Richard Vincent (Punished Heroines)
Jim Weathers (Bondage Cafe)
Superheroine World (Alex & Paris)

Best Model/Actress:

Callie Calypso
Christina Carter
CJ The Model
Claire V
Tiffany Chase
Jayden Cole
Emma G.
Hannah Perez
Sarah Jain
Kendra James
Tracy Jordan (BatTracy)
Paris Kennedy
Diana Knight
Cali Logan
Randi Moore
Vivian Ireene Pierce
Angela Sommers
Rachel Steele
Danica Thrall
Hollie Winnard
Nikki Lee Young


Feeling alive again!!!


WOW…after days in bed with the flu, I’m finally up and walking around. I knew there was something seriously wrong when I had no strength to even show up at a NYE party :).  Just wasn’t going to happen. It makes a lot of sense as well as to why I was so tired while visiting home, I probably already had it in my system. I also had ridiculous lower back pain since the first day I was in Ohio, and now…as long as I keep moving I feel okay. Although, as soon as I slow down I lock up again. 🙁   …..Yeah… I’ll just keep moving…lol.

As many of you have realized, I replied tons of emails and estimates today.Now it’s your turn to get back to me :).

I’m still looking for the perfect girl to replace a model who flaked twice on the next Electra Woman and Dyna Girl clip. I’m actually giving Randy Moore the pick this time, she has had to deal with two’s the least I can do…let her pick who will be her side kick in the next clip…here are the names in the running:

Capri Cavanni, Shyla Jennings, Dani Daniels, Remi Lacroix, Nicole Oring, Mischa Brooks, Veronica Rodriguez, Riley Reid, Allie Haze, Charmaine Starr

What are your thought?

That is…just in case Randy has a problem deciding herself..would love to know you opinion.