The last of “Cat’s Eye Diamond, Origins”..

Happy Hump Day!!

It’s been another amazing day shooting, this time with Candle Boxxx…we’ll talk more later of such irresistible things, for now, what you have been waiting for….

The last or “Cat’s Eye Diamond, origins” Preview pics right now, right here… saved the best for last.. XOXO..








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Sweet Lusty Dreams!!!


The Sexy Film Festival – Canada!!!

Hello Loves!!!

Last night was a very special night for CC Productions, “Batgirl, Butt Catwoman” featuring yours truly and the stunning Candle Box……


….was screened at the “Painted Lips and Lolly Licks: The Sexy Film Festival” in Canada. I’m so very flattered by the video they sent…awwww, I’m blushing over here!!! Feels good to be loved…especially on Valentines weekend!! THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!

Check it out…

Mayfair 01

Mayfair 02

Mayfair 03

Mayfair 04

Thank you Lee Demarbre and everyone who attended and had a hand in the film festival, I hope you enjoyed “Batgirl, Butt Catwoman” as much as we enjoyed making it!

Love you all!!!!

Okay, Okay… I have to focus and give you more of what you want….

“Cat’s Eye Diamond, Origins”








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I’m going to go continue doing my little happy dance..:) !!!




Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

I hope you’re having a great time with your loved one…or loved… I don’t judge. I figured I would say a quick hello and put up some preview pics from our latest release before I go visit my girlfriends who are having a “Man Hating”  Dinner/get together. This is hard for me to attend anyway, I love men. Where would I be with out them? Not here with you, and that would make me sad.

We shot another installment of dark Dimensions last night…  Mistress Cyan was amazing, as she always is, but this time she shut the place down early so we were the only ones there and had no issues with noise or being interrupted. Would love to shoot like that from now on. Plus Diana looked amazing in the Dark WW costume.

I’m excited to get on the forums and read the questions and comments…so let me post this and get to it!

                                          “Cat’s Eye Diamond, Origins”







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Coming up next week: Shoot with Candle Box!! We will be shooting a Bat Girl video, any special requests??


“Cat’s Eye Diamond, Origins” Review….

Hello Loves..

Wanted to share a review from a great fan and amazing custom customer. He wrote all five of the Cat’s-Eye Diamond videos that CC Productions created. He’s an amazing story writer and I love bringing his words to life in our videos. So you ask, why is he reviewing “Cat’s-Eye Diamond, Origins”? Well you see he didn’t write CED-O it was conceived and written by one of my staff, but since he has been such a great supporter of what we are trying to do here at CC Productions, that is raise the bar on the quality of production and storylines in fetish video, that I sent him a download of CED-O as a thank you gift. Here is what he had to say about “Cat’s-Eye Diamond, Origins”.

“What an Amazing surprise! CED Origins was great! Awesome production value, the work your team did on the special effects was top notch; you’ve come a long way. Can’t wait till you do “Revenge of Spiderlady” and “CED6”! Can you use that mirror in “CED6” for scene 2!I’ve always loved Kendra, but she and you seem to have this Chemistry and the dialogue flowed great. I love her evilness and that scene where she is tonguing and f@%king that cock with the mirror. I thought you shot that scene incredibly well (given the difficulties with angles). In fact, I really like how you ran this scene and Kendra was amazing. I also loved the dialogue and how turned on Kendra was. And of course CC, you look incredible as Cat woman! (need to have more of you as Catwoman as you seem so natural being that Evil Feline!) I also love how you use that whip …you seem to have some expertise using it!.  I need to write Catwoman back in to CED but you look so good as other heroines too! The only wishes I had were 1) more scenes with Cat Woman and the mirror and 2) there are a lot of real close ups (which I love), but I would like some more balance with views that pan out a bit more.”

As always I’d love to hear your comments or questions here on the forum or you can email me directly. As I stated previously, I love this video it was conceived from the fans perspective and I think I have been doing this long enough to know what you like. I invite you to please check it out. 




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Temper, Temper Miss Carter!!!


It’s 10 PM and I already feel like it’s 1AM…geez. I spent the early afternoon terrorizing sites that have stolen content on them….and I am not done. Makes you want to find these people and punch then in the throat..yes, I just said that.

This evening I spent wrestling JC and Prinzzess, as we had buckets of water poured over us. Sure it was hot while we were doing it…but not so hot when we were leaving the shoot.. I kind of resembled Alice a sexy way of course..haha!!

Before I get on to more preview pics of this weekends release, I feel the need to tell you of the other terror I have been bringing….

I’m really a very sweet girl, But I recently lost my Fitbit (Dec 26th) and searched everywhere for it. Figuring I lost it at the airport, I cut my losses and ordered another. Then weeks later while in the grocery store my phone alerts me that I had reached my daily step goal. Which blew me away…since you have to be in a certain range for it to pick up Bluetooth. Then I thought that maybe, just maybe it was stick in one of my jackets…so I looked….nothing. Then, an email saying I needed to charge my battery…it was connecting to the Bluetooth on my computer now!! Where the hell is this thing??? Yet no step tracking, just calories burned…what??? Odd. (Still awaiting my new one to be shipped, they were out of stock.) Then two days ago, my new FitBit finally arrives…but again, my phone goes’ve went over all of your goals today it says..WTF??? So I check my computer to see what was tracked…. Yep..someone has it. They obviously got a new charger and are now using it. Even tracking their sleep!! And then I is someone who is passing my window every few days obviously, what can I do about this? I can’t stop everyone and ask.

Then it hit me…I have a 6 AM alarm set from M-F…they can’t change it because they don’t have my account info…but I can change EVERYTHING right from my computer. So I did, Now who ever has it is getting an alarm every hour on the hour from 1AM to 9AM EVERY SINGLE DAY…plus I shut off all tracking on the band except their steps(Only because you can’t shut that off). Have fun with that asshole!! LMAO!!  I know they probably have no idea it’s mine…but it just pisses me off. I park in the same places all the time, and everyone knows each other around here…not hard to ask if I lost it.

Fuck it… I have my new one, I’ll be more careful. 🙂

Now…on to bigger and better things….

                                              “Cat’s Eye Diamond, Origins”






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Have a great night!!
PS.. I only terrorize those who deserve it 🙂


New Release-“Christina Carter’s Cat’s-Eye Diamond, Origins”

I’m so excited to bring you this weeks update!!!! I can hardly keep my ass in my seat :). I knew when we were filming this that it was going to be good…but I didn’t know just how good. Kendra was as sexy as ever and on her “A” game, even with the noise of the submissives getting their ass’ beat in the room next door and the college class coming through to tour the space and to learn about our crazy lifestyles….she was as calm as ever. It took us way longer than expected to shoot this beauty…and it was worth every second. Thank you again Kendra for being such a good friend and handling it with such grace.
I’m not going to make you wait any longer, here it is!!!!!!!…………………………….
“Christina Carter’s Cat’s-Eye Diamond, Origins
Cat’s-Eye Diamond, Origins stars Christina Carter as Catwoman and Kendra James as Poison Ivy. This super-heroine fetish parody series is the prequel to the Cat’s-Eye Diamond series 1 through 5. The Cat’s-Eye Diamond in on display at the Gotham Museum of Antiquities. Poison Ivy and her henchman Bane have plans to steal the magic gem but Catwoman has a plan of her own. The clip contains super-heroine cosplay, cat fighting, mind control, girl-girl, kissing, fondling, oral sex, dildo fucking, fọrcd orgasm, bondage, masturbation and Hitachi vibrator. Don’t miss Cat’s-Eye Diamond parts 1 to 5. I apologize fans for the $19.99 price for this clip and hope no one is upset. The added cost is to off set additional post-production work I did on the film with color grading and special effects. I think it turned out amazing and I hope you will enjoy it too. As always, would love your feedback.
                                       Available right now ONLY on my embedded Clip store
I hope you love it as much as I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now excuse me while I go police the internet and send more notices out….lol !!!
Remember, if you see anything from my site or clip stores please let me know, I don’t like working for free…and I’m sure you don’t like paying for it and then having others get it free. It’s just not fair.

The Best is yet to come..

Hello Lovers!!

Let me start by apologizing to all Bronco fans, that was very sad..I bet it was hard to watch. I only peeked from my computer once an hour. I was getting my quickbooks done…for 6 hours straight!!! I will never let that fall behind again…geez!!Of course congratulations to all Seahawk fans!!! And not to mention the half time show….here’s to never seeing The Red Hot Chili Peppers with their nipples out again…lol…JK..well..Kind of.

Today I’ve been working on booking shoots, there will be 3 this month alone…the same or more the following month. It’s going to be a VERY busy spring…the best of CC Productions is yet to stay tuned!!!

Hhhhmmm… speaking of..what are your thoughts on my upcoming shoot with Candle Box?? I would love to put a bigger of a fight scene in for you, I have been asked many times. I’ll see what I can do!!

If you are on the fence about purchasing our latest release, check out this review that was posted on the Ultimate Super Heroine Forum:

“Hey Christina…. just wanted to say this video with Angela Sommers ROCKS!!! After checking out some of her other SH fetish videos (most notably – Perils of Batgirl) with Randy Moore…I was very anxious to see when you and her would perform together in an SH fetish video….To be able to produce these SH fetish videos with a Penthouse model is CRAZY HOT!!! Talk about bringing fantasies to life….It must ‘REALLY SUCK’ to have your life….LOL!!!! :laugh:

About this video…the sexual roleplay/Girl-Girl action with Angela in your WW costume was THROUGH THE ROOF – HOT, SEXY, ORGASMIC….YOU NAILED IT!!! Also, I really enjoyed how you mixed in the use of your lasso for sexual playfulness (as a fembot) as well as to turn the tables on Chameleon to subdue and bind her. That scene was the ‘icing on the cake’!!!….. PERFECTLY SCRIPTED!!!!

Really hope you and Angela continue making more SH fetish videos together…. I think seeing her in another video with you as WW and her as a sexy villain (possibly Catwoman) would be PURRFECT!!…. (wink)…

I imagine it wont be long before we get to see all three of you (i.e., you, Angela and Randy) together …in another hot SH fetish parody…. :hmmm:

As always…another excellent production….your videos are always top notch….and this one has got to be a TOP 5 all time!!!”

And with that…more preview pics for you….:)

“Demise of Wonder Woman, A Fem-bot Tale




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Even More “D of WW, A Fem-bot tale…

Happy Saturday!!!

I haven’t done much this weekend besides work, and enjoyed it very much! Yesterday I struggled with a hell of a headache, due to the wonderful weather we are having here. While most of you are freezing, we here on the west coast have had dry warm weather. So much that my allergies are freaking out and fires popping up here and there are a norm.  I’m not complaining could be much worse..I could be stuck in bed like I was for the first two and a half weeks of this month. That sucked!! I’m so glad I’m healthy again :)!!!!!!

Back to Hot Super Heroines….lets start this off right shall we…..




Whoa…These pictures take me how good her sweet little heroine pussy tastes!!

Remember..if you are looking to get a custom made… I’m your girl.

If it’s fetish I don’t do, I’m sure I have a friend or two that does that I can send you to :)

Now, go enjoy this clip if you haven’t already..

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Bondage hugs and Super Heroine kisses!!!