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I’ve been running around getting all props/wardrobe/craft services ready for tomorrows big Super Heroine shoot. Spider Lady (Christina Carter), Electra Woman (Randy Moore), and Dyna Girl (Shyla Jennings) !! It’s going to be another mind blowing episode…and I’m so excited to play yet another deliciously evil villain. It’s been a while since I have read this script, it’s big and has very different character situations in it. Thank goodness I have a great crew that I can count on…..because I found myself going…” OH…how are we going to shoot that?!” LOL…It just takes focus…I have no doubt that we’ll blow it out of the park.

BUT….wish me luck anyway…tomorrows going to be a long! I’ll twitter some pictures through out the day.

Lets take a look at some more DD3 Previews!!! …..






Now available only on my embedded clip store ,

http:www.eclipstore.com/522 !!!

Now…time to get back to making sure everything is done for tomorrow :)..

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“Dreamscape”..Preview pics

It’s Sunday Funday!!!!

I took a little time last night to meet up with my long lost friend….PARIS KENNEDY!!! I haven’t gotten to really hang out with her in a long time, I mean sure I saw her at Anastassia’s birthday party, but there were so many people there we didn’t get to really talk and hang out. So imagine my surprise when she text me and said she was going to be down the street at my favorite sushi restaurant!!! Woo hoo!! I ran right over!!! But not before picking up another girlfriend from the airport who was just returning from Amsterdam. Boy did she have great stories….red light district..live sex shows..lol..sweet… I have to make it there someday! Like…soon.

Anyway, I’ve been getting great reviews for this video and great constructive criticism. I always appreciate both..

There’s so much mediocre content online that’s passed as “Superheroine Fetish”, and right when I get to thinking “why bother?” to keep up with the latest release, Christina puts out another slam dunk! 🙂
I love to see you experiment with each release, pushing yourself creatively and making each video better than the last. The dream aspect allows for so many possibilities – not having to be limited by the “reality” of any particular story line – I can’t wait to see what you do next.
  • Silver WW Costume: Different and feels like it’s from another era of WW, a great choice, much better than going with a black costume.
  • Cutting to the bedroom shots (and the effective color treatment), really heightened the intensity of the situation
  • Video and audio quality are great, so much better than other videos that just have a mic in the camera and that’s it.
  • Loved the use of the soundtrack – brought home that this was a dream world and not a waking adventure
Constructive Critique:
  • More kissing! (I love it)
  • Loved the slow motion idea, but it could be better used to dramatize the action. In this release, 1 shot was slowed down, so in a sequence where WW is being whipped, there are long periods between action. It would be more effective to cut from Evil WW to WW in action and reaction shots, so we’re not waiting for the next action to happen, and we don’t lose the focus
  • Also with the slowed down video, I think there’s a way to keep the pitch normal even if it’s slowed. The slowed voices sounded too deep and took me out of it. Or you could just dub over with a drawn out moan or scream to make it effective.
Thoughts for future dream releases:
  • Since it’s a dream, you can have multiple sequences of her being debelted/debooted over and over again in a video, as each time she gets knocked out WW “reimagines” herself in her complete costume again (it’s part of her self image)
  • There could be future videos that explore WW subconscious, so all the desires she can’t bring herself to admit in day-to-day life could come out in the dream
  • In the dream world, there can be a hallway with different doors, each one that WW steps into is a different episode that has a different peril and ending (victory/loss) for the heroine
And so on. Thanks for reading.
We all love you! Now get back to work! 🙂
Your fan,
Thanks G!!!! And with that…lets get you some more preview pics!!
 Christina Carter’s Dark Dimension 3 “Dreamscape”
                            Now available only on my embedded clip store                                                                and                                           http:www.eclipstore.com/522 !!!


More to come…..



DD3- “Dreamscape”..

Hello Loves!!

I had an interesting day today….starting out with a drive into downtown LA to see a pretty cool shooting space. It’s a beautiful penthouse with a great rooftop…but who knows what I could shoot there. Super Heroines??? Maybe. I tend to like dungeons for those. Well, there are hundreds of fetishes, we’ll find something I am sure.

This weekend is going to be full of work for me as well… We will be shooting another big Super Heroine video on Tuesday, the first addition of the Spider Lady series.I’m very excited!!

But before I go off on other subjects lets give you what you want to see…..

Christina Carter’s Dark Dimension 3 “Dreamscape”






I have to say… I took a severe ass beating in this one..lol. Yet..this video is artsy and beautiful. How does that happen?!?! You’ll have to watch and find out…..

  Now available only on my embedded clip store                                                                and

                                           http:www.eclipstore.com/522 !!!

Have a great night!!!



Christina Carter’s Dark Dimension 3 “Dreamscape”

Hello Lovers!!!
Like promised..a phenomenal new Wonder Woman release. One that blew my freaking mind as I proofed the editing this morning, It’s spectacular.  It takes a lot to floor me….this one…it fucking floored me. The pictures do not do it justice… you need to see it for yourself! Thank you to Diana Knight, Nick Sterling (the man behind this crazy film,  CC Productions- Producer/Director/Partner), and Brian Tom ( my fabulous PA)… None of this would have worked with out all of you! THANK  YOU ALL!! This might be one of my all time favorite films/clips I have ever made. INTENSE!  I’m doing the happy dance over here!!!!!
I can not wait to see what all of my fans think of this….please..please..email me after you see it. Let me know your thoughts.
Now available only on my embedded clip store and http:www.eclipstore.com/522 !!!
Christina Carter’s Dark Dimension 3 “Dreamscape”
Dark Dimension 3 “Dreamscape” pits Wonder Woman (Christina Carter) against Wonder Woman (Diana Knight). Diana Prince comfortably settled in bed drifts off to slẹep. In a dream the Dark Wonder Woman confronts Diana. She baits her into transforming into Wonder Woman. Diana’s nightmare sets the stage for Wonder Woman vs Wonder Woman extraordinaire. This clip contains: super-heroine cos play, female domination, humiliation, bondage, de-empowerment, de-booting, struggle in chains sequence, flogging, stripping, ball gag, pantyhose destruction and so much more.
I’ll be posting more photos tomorrow of course….
Have a great night!!!!

Customs and such….

Hello Lovers!!!

I have had email after email asking me who are some of the options of actresses in customs, here are just a few:

Angela Sommers
Kendra James
Randy Moore
Aaliyah Love
Akira Lane
Shyla Jennings
Lola Fox
Adriana Sephora
Diana Knight
Samantha Grace
Tanya Tate
Serene Isley
Nyssa Nevers
Candle Boxxx
Ashley Renee
Christie Stevens
Annie Cruz
Tinslee Reagan
Princess Anna
Anastasia Pierce

Remember, I can usually get any girl you have in mind if I don’t already know them. Feel free to ask for a girl even if she isn’t on the list. Also, I do not have to be in every custom…I would love to have the chance just to produce one 🙂

Is it me or has March been a suck ass month?!?! I and everyone else I know have been sick…for weeks, not just a few days. It’s like the virus that just won’t go away!! UGGHHHH. I just got off a ZPac, feeling better..but there is still a cough lingering.

Bring on April!!!!! My birthday month!!!!! Yep! April 5th!!! We have a lot of great things happening in April, great releases and great shoots!! In fact, there should be a big release for this weekend, yes, a Wonder Woman release!!!

Keep the great emails and customs coming…