2 Beautiful Models heading my way….

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

Just a heads up… I have two extremely hot models coming my way…

Andrea Rosu.. Coming end of May…

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 5.35.50 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 5.37.31 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 5.38.04 PM


Nikki Lee Young…..coming in June…

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 5.40.09 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 5.40.28 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 5.41.46 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 5.42.43 PM


If you are thinking it’s time to have a custom made…it’s time!! These two are too hot to pass up!!! Get those scripts to me asap!!!

PLUS….. watch for the BatGirl vs Gretel this weekend!!!!



BatGirl vs. Gretel trailer….

Hello Lovers!!!

Happy Hump day!! …What a hump of a week..I’m sure all of you are feeling a little bit more at ease with the passing of  the TAX DEADLINE.. I know I am. Plus we had that crazy moon..blood moon. I normally don’t believe in these things, but all the women around me…including me…were losing there freaking minds. Touchy, emotional wrecks…all of us. Gravitational pull or just plain crazy women????? That is the question. LOL

I’m very excited to share CC Productions new addition to our already amazing character roster ….“Gretel”….Known enemy of BatGirl. I did study Courtney love to get myself in the right mind frame to play this character. Watched video after video…all the interviews I could get my hands on. The chick is crazy brilliant and full of different personality’s. Sexy, smart, crazy…what a combo.



Lisly Bonner was an up and coming journalist working on infiltrating the Whitaker family mob. When she was caught, the mob family tried to execute, shooting her twice in the belly and once in the head. Lisly survived the shooting but found that she could no longer feel & had the power of hypnotic suggestion over men using the trigger phrase 338, representing the 3 bullets of a .38 caliber handgun the Whitaker family used to shoot her.

Powers and Abilities

Pain Resistance

Gretel is unable to feel physical pain

Mind Control

Gretel is capable of controlling the minds of others.

You ready?…….

BatGirl vs. Gretel trailer….




But don’t forget our other spectacular clips and video’s available right now…….

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It’s a throwback weekend….

What do I have for you…. a refresher in the brilliant video’s we have released…

Batgirl, Episode 1 “Butt Catwoman” – Full Movie



Batgirl: A Super-Heroine Fetish Parody Series, Episode 1 introduces the amazing Candlebox as CC Productions NEW Batgirl! The always-sexy Christina Carter reprises her role as the menacing feline villainess Catwoman in a production that is CC Productions best work to date. STORYLINE: Barbara Gordon aka, Batgirl is preparing for a night out when a call from Commissioner Gordon alerts her that Catwoman is up to no good. Batgirl confronts the feline villain and a knockdown drag-out ally fight ensues. Catwoman gets the better of Batgirl and takes her prisọner. Bound with her hands in the air Catwoman plays with Batgirl in full costume giving her an orgasm with her super charged black Hitachi vibrator. Batgirl squirms and twists to free herself but Catwoman persists and strips away parts of the Batgirl’s costume. The caped crusaders unmasking leaves Batgirl’s identity known to all while Catwoman sets to work giving her captive a second earth shattering orgasm. There is a great hogtie struggle scene that sets up Batgirl’s pending dome. CLIP CONTAINS: stripping, super-heroine costume being put on, masturbation, butt-plug insertion, cat fighting, knck0ut punches and low blows, rope bondage, bondage, hogtie suspension with anal hook, struggle scene, Hitachi vibrator orgasms, super-heroine unmasking and costume being stripped away, butt-plug insertion and anal play.


Christina Carter’s Cat’s-Eye Diamond V



Christina Carter’s Cat’s-Eye Diamond V may be the hottest video yet in the series. This smoking hot super-heroine fetish parody stars Christina Carter as Black Cat, Aaliyah Love as Dagger, Shyla Jennings as White Tiger, Randy Moore as Hell Cat. In Cat’s-Eye Diamond V, Cat Woman’s mystical gem continues to captivate super-heroines and turn them into obedient sex slaves. This clip contains: parody cos-play smoking with a long cigarette holder, foot/boot worship, dancing, strip tease, kissing, girl-girl, double-ended dildo, Hitachi vibrator, oral sex and group sex.

Both amazing video’s video’s available on http://www.eclipstore.com/522 !!!!

And as always…Have a great weekend!!




Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!! I love Birthdays!!

Especially when I get to shoot with all my favorite people….Angela Sommers, Candle Box, Jim Weathers, Anastasia Pierce, Lorenzo Sperlonga, Leo, and..A-Man!! We are shooting Quicksand scenes all day again, did the same yesterday :)..with Darling and Alexis Grace. I love my life and all the great people in it.

So before I get dunked again let me give you the last two pictures from the latest update…

Christina Carter’s Dark Dimension 3 “Dreamscape”



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Go splurge and buy one to celebrate my birthday :)!!!!

Love you all!!!!!!



Even More DD3…..

Hello Loves,

Its throw back Thursday…

Emily Addison and Christina Carter in the first Bat Girl/Cat Woman episodes…

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Batgirl Dresses3



and our newest release….available on all of my Super Heroine clip stores..

Christina Carter’s Dark Dimension 3 “Dreamscape”



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DD3 “Dreamscape” Now available on C4S!!!

Happy Hump Day!!

I’ve been recovering from our long shoot day and unpacking all the props. Wow…it was an amazing shoot!! Randy and Shyla killed it…they were so brilliantly beautiful and sexy!! I am sure you saw all the twitter pics we posted yesterday… If not…please check them out (@chrisitnabound). Super Heroines, strap-ons, three ways..oh…it was so hot!!!

We also brought in a new CC productions character,Spider Lady,to play with our girls Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. 🙂

But lets not get ahead of ourselves, we have a spectacular release that I still have yet to finish releasing previews.

Soooooo lets get back to the release shall we……

Christina Carter’s Dark Dimension 3 “Dreamscape”







Now available only on my embedded clip store ,


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Have a lovely Hump night!