Taking on the midwest…

Hello Lovers!!!!

It’s been soooooooo long since I’ve done a road trip, this weekend I’ve been in Illinois. I’m shooting with JB Roper.. one of my all time favorites. Would you like to see a few examples of what we are doing? ..These are just photos I took of pictures that were flashing across JB’s computer screen as they were loading, they are not perfect, they look a little weird since i was using my iPhone to take pictures of a picture on the computer…but you get the idea right? I haven’t looked at any of the content we shot today…but I will very soon.




Of course we did a lot of ties, I’ll include a photo or two of that tomorrow. Like I said on twitter… I will be doing a tied struggling vid or two for myself…is there anything you can think of that you would like to see??? Hit me up christinacarter2010@gmail.com asap and I will try to do what I can for you.

I’ll be heading to Ohio Monday…oh boy..lol. Better get my butt in bed so I can get up and create beautiful art/bondage/fantasies for you ; ) !!!!

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Good Night!!!

“Spider Lady’s Revenge” Now on C4S!!!

Hello Lovers!!!

You ready for the C4S Release of Spider Lady’s Revenge??!!!

It’s been a long crazy week..from my excursion in the Desert Hot springs…to the Kings parade and party… I’m tired and have been catching up on sleep. But I really wanted to get this out to my C4S peeps..

I’ll be giving you pictures from my wild weekend tomorrow…need to upload.. xoxoxo

“Spider Lady’s Revenge”




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Have a great night!!



Even More..”Spider Lady’s Revenge”..

Hello Loves!!

Happy Hump Day!!

Yesterdays shoot, if you follow me on Twitter, was unbelievably amazing. This was the first shoot for me ever with Darla Crane. Plus the first time she has ever worked for my production company or with Angela Sommers. I think both of us were a little nervous, but as soon as the first line danced out of her beautiful lips…all of us new it was going to be an amazing day. Every single detail was seamless, an I must say…and I know you are going to find this hard to believe….might have been the most sensual girl/girl scene I have ever done…EVER. Whoa…..still blown away.

Lets get some more preview pics from last weekends release for you…

Me, Randy Moore and Shyla Jennings in…

                                        “Spider Lady’s Revenge”




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Have a great night, more for you tomorrow.. I’m exhausted and heading to bed..


“Spider Lady’s Revenge” continues…

Hey Loves…

Spent the day getting ready for tomorrows shoot..still just a couple little things to do in the early morning….but it’s going to be a great day :). We’ll be shooting with Darla Crane and Angela Sommers, a little fembot action…plus we will be shooting in a new space. This will be the first time EVER Darla and I get to work together…can you believe it?! We’ve know each other for a very long time, I’m amazed no one has ever shot us together before…it took me having my own thing to get it done. I can’t wait!!!! I’ll be posting some pictures from the shoot on twitter..so follow me @christinabound !!

Are you ready for some more pictures from this weekends release? Lets do it!!

                                            “Spider Lady’s Revenge”






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Sexy Super Heroines….”Christina Carter’s, Spider Lady’s Revenge”

Hello Lovers…

I’m currently hanging with two of your other favorite Fetish models… Randy Moore and Akira Lane. Not only are we playing and having fun…. but talking business as well. If only you were a fly on the wall…lol. Funny enough, they were both taking pictures as I am doing this post..lol…you might see that on twitter.  🙂

I had a bit of scare…couldn’t get my laptop to work, omg…that shit isn’t even funny.. I was having a panic attack. I just mentioned to Randy that my computer is over 6 years old…thought I jinx myself!!

Lets look at more Preview pics shall we???!!!






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More….“Christina Carter’s Spider-Lady’s Revenge”

It’s my favorite day of the week…FRIDAY!!!Everyone is just so much fun on Fridays, so excited for what is to come…I know what’s coming for me…and you..hot preview pics from last nights release!! BTW… I was just texting with our girl Randy, she might be hanging with us an entertaining us for a little longer…makes me a HAPPY, HAPPY girl!! I’m sure it makes you happy too.. who would I replace her with? Who would be my next Elecra Woman??? Any ideas??? I think we will keep Shyla as Dyna Girl, she IS that character now.

I’ll  be twittering pics tomorrow from the pool with Randy and Akira as a matter of fact, so keep your eyes peeled!!

I can’t wait to get on the forums and see your comments about this clip..and yes, before anyone else has to chime in.. I was a little plump in this one. I’ve dropped 8 pounds since..but I’ve always went up and down, which lets me keep all my fans happy..lol. Some like me thin, some like me very curvy. The thin body comes with spring and summer always. 🙂

Okay, lets get to the pics!!!!…….

“Christina Carter’s Spider-Lady’s Revenge”






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“Christina Carter’s Spider-Lady’s Revenge”

Hello Lovers,

I’ve been getting Email after email asking about the release of the Spider Lady video…..

Well, your wait is over!! I can’t wait till you see Shyla Jennings performance in this video. She is ridiculously sexy and cute. I can’t help but to want to fuck her little brains out. OOOOoooooo…and Randy Moore…oh my god…do I have to say anything more?? She is always out doing herself. I am begging her for one last performance before she leaves the business, we are very close friends, lets hope I can get it shot before she decides she doesn’t want to..lol. I might be able to get her to keep her word…if not, this will be the last. I hope not, because I love working with her as much as you love seeing her. No one has a body like Randy…mesmerizing.

What did we learn making this clip: It’s much harder than thought to do a G/G triangle…lmao!! But we will try anything for you 🙂

A special thanks to my amazing fan who made the electocoms, we love them. They are perfect!!


“Christina Carter’s Spider-Lady’s Revenge”






Christina Carter’s Spider-Lady’s Revenge is a fetish parody series based on the 1970’s television show Electra-Woman (Randy Moore) and Dyna-Girl (Shyla Jennings). Christina Carter takes on the new CC Productions villainess role of Spider-Lady. Storyline: Electra-Woman and Dyna-Girl are at a superhero costume party. Dyna-Girl is confronted and put under a spell by Spider-Lady’s special perfume called Heroine Seduction. The plan is now to lure Electra-Woman into a trap and suffer the same fate as Dyna-Girl to become Spider-Lady’s sex slaves. Clip Contains: Super heroine cos-play, special effects transformations, EletroCom freeze rays, female fighting (small amount), kissing, collaring, girl-girl sex, female domination, dildo and vibrator play, oral sex and much more.


Available right now ONLY on my embedded clip store and http://www.eclipstore.com/522 !!

Have an amazing night!!