Blowing out August with a bang!!!

Hello from Hong Kong!!!

It’s the very last day of August and I’m actually a day ahead of most of you….all the way over here in Hong Kong. It a whole different world, I’m so grateful I was included on this trip. I am so comfortable in this country it is almost strange to me….like I have been here before…but I’ve never been. The food, road side meat markets and veggie  markets galore!! With that crazy fishy smell in the streets…took some time to get used :)…but I can handle it.  I saw a few little statues I want for my house, little Buddha’s and some Chinese masks being sold my a little Asian lady who works her ass off. I saw her hours later today dragging a huge load of boxes down the street all by herself. Yep, that’s definitely who I am going to buy souvenirs from ..she deserves my money.

I almost forgot it was labor day weekend, because there is no celebrating that here of course…and it is almost like I skipped a few days with the time difference and the jet lag I battled.

Lets celebrate with a few of the last preview photos from my latest release……


“Night in the Lingerie Shop” 

Featuring.. Christina carter, Angela Sommers, and Darla Crane



Now available only on and my embedded clip store- !


Please, please stay safe and have a great time this weekend… I love you all!!!!



Hotter than Hell……

What the…why is it so hot at the beach?? I’m melting here in my bedroom as I work and pack for a last minute trip. I’ll still have internet…so no worries.. I’ll have lots of contact with you. It’s a work trip for someone else that I got invited to join in Hong Kong!! I’ve never even thought about visiting there…the opportunity is here…so I’m jumping on it! Any suggestions of things to do and see???

But before I head to LAX, I need to make sure I get you more preview pics from our latest release..

“Night in the Lingerie Shop” 

Featuring.. Christina carter, Angela Sommers, and Darla Crane


Now available only on and my embedded clip store- !

Again, Angela and Darla did an amazing job. This fetish is not an easy on at all. Being still for so long in the same pose is like being in yoga class for 7 hours to be exact. But…if this isn’t your cup of tea… there is sure to be something else in my many clips stores or on my site. Go check it out…we’ll be waiting for you!!

Stay safe this Labor Day weekend!!!!

All my love,


Fetish Con 2014 debauchery …

Happy Hump day!!!

Lets take a peek at some more Fetish Con2014 photo!!! Lets start off with Friday morning…on to Friday nights party..

pool side brunch.. because I’ve worked so hard at at so many other past conventions it was time to relax and take it all in :)..I slept in and made it down for brunch by 11AM with my good friend Princess Anna where we ate salad, drank champagne and soaked up the sun!!

Friday morning pool


Friday night after party at the UnderGround…was yet another amazing one. I spent much of my time at the downstairs dungeon bar with my good friends Kristen and Nyxon. …and the Devil of course…as you see below. I would have loved to take more photos..but it is so hard to get them to come out well with the lights flashing all around…plus, wearing latex and having lovely amounts of lube everywhere doesn’t work so night party Friday Party Kristen, Chrisitna, Nyxon On way to friday night party after convention

Saturday….I’ll try to find some photos of the super heroine challenge which i was a part of. I was a guest on stage with my dear friend George Perez. As well as helping out hold the bad guys and then in turn getting my ass kicked my some huge woman names Saharrah Huntley. At least I think that was her name. She picked me up…swung me around like a rag doll and proceeded to pummel me on the floor. It was fun…yet extremely scary!!

C4S booth Saturday after super heroine showdown

Latex Fashion show ready…Yes…we are!! Saturday was the big Latex fashion show and Jean Bardots live show. I was one of the girls in the fashion show, I do have a copy of the video in my hands and will release it on the site.Prepping before Fashion show @Akiras Angela, Chriistina, Kendra before Fashion show After Fashion show

The  Jean Bardot show!!Jeans show saturday night


Don’t forget to check out my latest release!!!

“Night in the Lingerie Shop” 

Featuring.. Christina carter, Angela Sommers, and Darla Crane


Now available only on and my embedded clip store- !

Going to get some dinner…I’ll be back with more later!!



Calm after the storm…

Hello My Loves!!

Geez, it was a busy, busy weekend, Trump Wine and Beer Festival followed by an evening with friends on a yacht. Oddly enough, I willingly jumped off the very top of this yacht into the ocean. I’ve become quite the thrill seeker these days. However, I did not make it unscathed. I somehow managed to hurt both of my thighs. The right one is just very tender..and the left has a gnarly bruise and was bleeding. I didn’t hit anything besides the water..weird. I’m just a delicate flower…CTFU!!

…..And my Monday was a Jim Weathers you didn’t get that much as in tweets, journals, nor emails from me.

Here is a hot preview of yesterday for you…

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 4.32.07 PM

We had a great time shooting…it wasn’t easy..that’s for sure!! Still some of the hardest bondage I have ever done. But some of my favorite as well. Thanks Jim!!


I should really get some more of these preview pics to you, lets see what we have…..

“Night in the Lingerie Shop” 

Featuring.. Christina carter, Angela Sommers, and Darla Crane



Now available only on and my embedded clip store- !

Hopefully I will have an extra minute tonight to post some more fetish Con pictures for you… I’ll try my best!!




Thursday night @ Fetish Con 2014..

Wait… I’ve got more convention pics for you!!!! This is Thursday night at the meet and great, red Carpet, and a few random shots in rooms and bathroom!!

If you didn’t come this year, be sure you are there for 2015…the convention just keeps getting bigger and better every year!!


Red Carpet Sarah, ?, Christina, and Jewel Red Carpet Chrisitna, Delilah..? Red Carpet Opening of meet and greet Christina, Cory, Sarah Christina Chrisitna selfie Chrisitna and George Perez Chrisitna and Tracey Chrisitna and Dizzy Christina and Jeffrey





Ready for the weekend!!

Hello Loves!!!

Lets continue celebrating with Angela sommers this weekend…Is she not the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen??? Believe me, she’s a beautiful person inside as well..and we are all so very lucky to have her in our lives..your the best Angela!!

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 3.46.59 PM

It was not planned that I would have as release with her when she won an award…it just oddly enough happened like that. Which doesn’t suck for you…lol…you’ll have even more Angela to feed your need.

I’m interested to see the comments on the fembot forum..and questions and comments are always welcome and wanted.

Would love to know your thoughts on Darla…she’s one of my favorites from way back.. I am so fortunate and honored to work with women of this stature!! So here you are…more previews…l

“Night in the Lingerie Shop” 

Featuring.. Christina carter, Angela Sommers, and Darla Crane


Now available only on and my embedded clip store- !

Have a great Friday!!!!



“Night in the Lingerie Shop”

Hello lovers!!!

Happy Hump day!!! We’ve got a great release for you today!!!

But first, give a big congratulations to our girl Angela Sommers..she won 2014 Entertainer of the year award!!!

Congrats Angela, we love you!!!

Angela Sommers wear the crowns at the EXOTIC DANCER Invitational West….

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 4.15.14 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 4.15.03 PM Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 4.14.26 PM


Oddly enough, she’s featured in my release…along with yours truly and the one and only legend, Darla Crane!! I was so very honored and excited to finally get to shoot with Darla.What a magnificent woman…and so very hot! The three of us had a great time on set together..the perfect 3some …blonde, brunette, and the of course the redhead!! Lets do this shall we??

“Night in the Lingerie Shop” 

Featuring.. Christina carter, Angela Sommers, and Darla Crane



Night in the Lingerie Shop
Christina Carter’s Night in the Lingerie Shop is an amazingly sexy custom video production. This mannequin come to life fantasy stars Christina Carter and Angela Summers as lingerie shop window mannequins and the legendary Darla Crane as the shop’s window curator. Story Line: Darla is working very late readying the store window display for tomorrow’s opening. She’s intrigued by the mannequin’s beauty and fantasizes about them coming to life. Clip Contains: lingerie modeling, fembot/mannequin manipulation, still form posing, fondling, kissing, fingering, breast sucking, oral sex, vibrator play and just a whole lot of sexual chemistry between these models. If you are a fan of the genre this video is a must have for your collection.



Now available only on and my embedded clip store- !

Fetish Kisses!!




Lots of fun from Fetish Con 2014!!!

Hello Lovers!!

I must say, getting back into the groove of things after Fetish Con took a bit…I had a lot of catching up to do. I finally got a minute to take all the pictures off my here are a few..

Kymberly Jane and I arriving in style, thanks to one of my great Tampa friends…Mo. Thank you so much again!!

Arriving to Fetish Con with Kymberly Jane and Mo

We started it off right, with a game of “Cards against Humanity”…

Cards against Fetish Con 0 Cards against Fteish Con 1 Cards against Fetish Con 2


I love this answer…..Cards against fetish Con


The “Cards against Humanity” crewTuesday night pre, pre Fet con

Me and my dear friend Delilah B…I love these kinds of reunions!

Delilah and Chrisitna

Clips4sale dinner and drinks…was amazing..just like Reverend B Dangerous in this first

C4S dinner..with creepy

C4S dinner to the meet N Greet..and Red Carpet

Red Carpet..Christina and Kobe Lee

Red Carpet Chrisitna and Sarah

More tomorrow..this girl needs to sleep!

XO!! Good night!!



Here I come Fetish Con!!!

Hello Lovers!!!

Only a few more days until Fetish Con is upon us once again, I missed last year…and swore that would never happen again :). I love seeing all my east coast and mid west fetish family and friends. Now just to figure out all the costumes I’ll be bringing along..and what I want to have Nyssa Nevers play in a short script…super heroine wrestling maybe..HHmmmmmm..that sounds like so much fun!!

How about something like this……

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 8.00.17 PM

I think Nyssa Nevers will look amazing in this type of costume. Guess I’ll be looking for a purple face mask tomorrow after wrestling JC in the morning ;).

Crazy enough this post was supposed to be up last night…but I was so tired I took a second to lay down…the next thing I knew it was 6:45 AM… So here it is for you now.

Just in Case you are not on my twitter feed..Here are preview pictures for our next release:

Super girl vs Nightmare: Starring Christie Stevens and Alison Tyler …






This is my first CC Productions where I was solely behind the scenes…and not on camera. I’ll still be performing of course, but I did love being on the other side. So, like I have said before…if you are looking for that very special custom…and know who you want to preform in it..just let me know. I can make it happen.

Find this (Coming soon) and so much more at my embedded clip store or and also !!

Later loves!