Goodbye November..

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Can you believe it??

Thanksgiving is over and it is the very last day of November. This year has gone so very fast…on to the very last month of 2014 we go!! I’m going to try to do as much as I can possibly do this month. Work, gym, Christmas parties…it won’t be hard to fill up my time.

I know what will be taking up a big chunk of my time….getting everything set for the CED6 shoot in January..oh boy is it going to be a big one…and I am ready to get it done!! It will be me, Angela Sommers, Gigi Allens, and… a red head… I had Elle…but we ran into some technical difficulties, which may make her unable to shoot at the time we are scheduled…so I am on the search for a hot redhead to take her place. I also got some names from my customer who I film these hot super heroine videos are some of his picks:

Marie Mccray, Karlie Montana, Victoria Lynn, Dani Jensen
or Faye Reagan

I need your help on this… I only know Karlie Montana out of all of these girls, I love her..what do you think??? Should we go with Karlie??

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 12.07.57 PM

Oh wait… I have two more pics from the last super heroine release… I would never forget to get those to you :)…

“BatGirl vs. Gretel; The Visit”


Scene 5,6,7.00_01_44_20.Still008

Scene 5,6,7.00_10_27_11.Still007

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That last picture makes me giggle a little every time I see it…lol..oh the water works!!! HA!

Time to get my but back to the gym and on my healthy diet…no more mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy…oh…and the potatoes I make that are known as “crack potatoes” I do however have to make a batch to send back home with family…and I am sure I will make it again for Christmas dinner, but I’m done touching that kind of food for a while.

Okay… I have to get my gym clothes… 🙂




Giving Thanks…


Now is the time to think about what you are thankful for..Is it friends and family? Having a job? or being able to put food on the table? Your health?

I’m thankful for the wonderful family and friends that I have, not to mention all the fans. Life has never been perfect…but that’s perfectly fine. It has only made me stronger…and my bonds stronger with the ones around me. So as I collect all the wonderful things to cook for my friends and family, even though I know it’s going to be days of slaving in the kitchen, and boy I’m  going to be exhausted…it is so worth it!! I’m hosting 2 Thanksgivings… one for all of my Orphan friends on Thanksgiving and are not going home to where ever they are originally from. Another huge one on Saturday for my son who will be in town and ALL of our friends. I’m going to be toast on Sunday.

So… I’m still on the health wagon as well..haven’t have an alcoholic beverage in about a 5 days and plan on keeping it that way for a while. Just because it feels good 🙂 Been in the gym everyday except Saturday. I feel fabulous!!

I was thinking the other day…that there is a little something missing in my life. Damsel in Distress. I want to incorporate it into my super heroine videos …we need to be have some attacks and wrestling..some over the shoulder carries..and ties on camera. You know like the crazy videos I used to to…. I miss them! I’m sure you do to 🙂

On that note… Let’s look at a few more pics from the latest super heroine release..


Scene 4.00_15_44_01.Still004

Scene 5,6,7.00_01_01_11.Still009

“BatGirl vs. Gretel; The Visit”

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Have a great night!!

Love ya,



Rub one out…

Hello Loves!

I’m sure we are all getting ready for one of my favorite holidays.. Thanksgiving of course. Lots of family, friends, and food!! Sweet! So.. if your a little stressed with all the preparation..well…it’s always a great time to hide away with Me and Candle. You know what I’m getting at…lets rub one out!! That’s what I feel like doing. Especially since I have spent the weekend all healthy and alcohol free. I feel great, but need a release now!! Oh Mr. Hitachi…I hope you’re plugged in and ready for me. (evil grin) lol

Hmmmmm…what can we look at to get in the mood…

How about more of this..

Scene 4.00_00_41_18.Still001

Scene 4.00_03_25_11.Still003

Scene 4.00_03_33_20.Still002

Scene 4.00_11_30_09.Still005

“BatGirl vs. Gretel; The Visit”

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Oh…BTW… I spent the evening with Diana Knight, not only did she make me an amazing poached salmon dinner, but we spoke of whats next to come in our shooting plans. What would I like?? Dark Dimensions 4. Now, why do I feel like someone has sent me a script for this already?? If it’s you.. please remind me so I can pull it up out of the crazy depths of email heaven where it may be awaiting me.

Good night lovers!!!



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Friday festivities..

Happy Friday!!

I was going to post this last night, but with the crazy work out I did all day … I went from laying on the bed with my computer ready to post…to…oh just 5 minutes, I’ll just close my eyes for 5 minutes. HAHA…right…who was I kidding?? I fell fast asleep of course. Woke up and hit the gym once again. I am on a mission to look like I did years ago…tight and tone…here I fucking come!!! I want to feel like a million bucks once again.

Now I know this normally doesn’t happen when the holidays are literally right around the corner, but there is NO time like the present right? RIGHT! Now, with that being said…anyone want to do it with me for some friendly competition?? :)…It will be fun I promise, maybe I’ll throw in some sweet CC clips for playing along with me and being my partner in crime…or health.

I’ll let you sleep on it, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks…Hhhmmmmm…. I should be better to my body, I should do more to take care of myself. If not, just sit back and watch what I transform myself into over the next couple of months…you are going to love the results…and there is no way I can hide anything from you…you see me naked…a lot…lol.

Your about to see a lot of me naked in the video we shot with Candle if you haven’t already seen it. Use it as the beginning of my journey if you will :)…Lets do this. Don’t take this as me saying I don’t love my body….because I do…. I just want a little less to love, in a healthy way.

Lets look at some more pictures from this last release….

“BatGirl vs. Gretel; The Visit”

Featuring Christina Carter as Gretel, and Candle Box as BatGirl…






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Super Heroine kisses,


Now…on to some Friday festivities and holiday fun tonight!! Stay warm and safe my fabulous friends!!!

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HOT BG vs Gretel preview pics..

Happy Hump Day!!!!

Lovers, Lovers lovers…look at the intensity in these next few photos. This is what I was referring to in my last post. The chemistry that happens with Candle and I is undeniable, I only wish is was only for me that her little heart beat…hahahaha…just kidding. I share.

Let me know what you think about the fighting scene, I’m thinking about making a super heroine video with mostly fighting. Thoughts? We’ll have dialog of course…but not us much as usual. I was thinking about doing this with Ashley Renee. Me as WW and her as CW. I really would love your thoughts on this.

“BatGirl vs. Gretel; The Visit”




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Lots of love,


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“Batgirl vs. Gretel; The Visit”

Hello loves!!

Here it is!!! The hot Super Heroine release Candle and I shot last week..lots of lust and emotion in this episode. I for one love the chemistry between Candle and I ..even through the fight scenes there is such an attraction and intense connection. The looks we shoot to each other are beautiful if I do say so myself. Plus Candle is always a joy to shoot with… I cherish every second I share with here..even if she is squirting on my face…lol

Here are some preview pictures from the beginning of the clip, which is the fighting scenes:

“Batgirl vs. Gretel; The Visit”

Scenes 123.00_01_23_16.Still001

Scenes 123.00_01_04_08.Still002

Scenes 123.00_01_08_22.Still003


CC Productions presents the second installment of the Batgirl vs. Gretel super heroine parody series, Batgirl vs. Gretel; The Visit staring Christina Carter as Gretel and Candlebox as Batgirl. Storyline: Lisly Bonner a.k.a., Gretel is serving a life sentence in Stonegate High Security Prison outside of Gotham City. The prison is designed to house incarcerated super villains. Secure in her cell specially designed to stop Gretel’s ability to control other peoples minds she is left with a mind game of her own. Gretel battles her nemesis’s Batgirl in her nightmares. Clip contains; cos-play, female fighting, punching, bondage, ball gag, female domination, stripping, struggling, damsel-in-distress, fondling, flogging, dildo play, device bondage, oral sex, girl/girl, orgasm, squirting.

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Have a great night.. I’ll be around playing on the forums tonight…hope to see you there!!



Nooooooooovember say what??


I’m still in utter shock that it is November. What happened to this year?? It flew past right before our eyes. i feel like I was always playing catchup and always running to do the next think…uugghhh. This next year, I want to slow down.. I want to really enjoy every little moment. How about you??

I’ve been at my desk all day, and still have so many things I want to do. I always say I am going to keep myself on a schedule…and you know what? It’s time again..time to get on a schedule!! I’m going to start back at the gym at 6AM..and start working straight from that!

Lets get you some hot photos to masturbate to shall we??

“Christina Carter’s Cat Burglar, A Bondage Tale”






What can I say… I give good face…lol!!

GET IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Available  on my embedded clip store    –  and now.. !!!


Still working on getting in meeting with my two loveys( Star and Diana) for trade…hoping to come to an agreement soon.

Until then…keep sending me your ideas and any customs you may want to get done asap!!

Love you all!!


Aye oh…How YOU doing?

Hello Lovers!!

Here we go into what should be an amazingly beautiful weekend!! For a second there I got all down in the dumps… WTF?!  Then quickly realized that I was exhausted and that I’m a woman…and that is it..that’s why I was feeling so crazy. I’ve decided that instead of PMS, It should be called PES… Psychotic Episode Syndrome. Yep…definitely. Men are so lucky they don’t have to deal with such ciaos in there lives, although the men around me do have to deal with me. I think that is bad enough..CTFU!!!

So I shot a hot little number the other day…actually got my ass kicked by Candle Box. Oh yeah, she got me good with the flogger more than once. Accidentally punched me in the head…lol..which was funny as hell since I thought I hit my head on the floor…yet it was her Last but not least…she squirted on my head…3xs…ooooooooohhhhhhh man!

Can’t wait to get that in your horny little hands!! Ooooo… I forgot, I’ve got more preview pics from last weeks release..

“Christina Carter’s Cat Burglar, A Bondage Tale”





GET IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Available  on my embedded clip store    –  and now.. !!!

While your watching this hot little number….please start thinking about what Star 9 and I should be shooting together next week…and hopefully Dian Knight in there as well…if I could get a hold of her!!

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 11.18.25 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 3.53.11 PM

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!