Dirty Love……


Dirty love… have you seen that movie??? Randy Moore and I have been having a girls weekend and happened to watch that…or clips of it last night. I could not stop laughing!!! I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard..lol… you must see it if you haven’t. The shit girls must go through dating..lol

In case you have been you have been having your own crazy weekend, maybe at AVN?? With all my other friends.. lets show you what we have been getting into ..

Jacuzzi time with Randy Moore after our Santa Monica ….

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 10.31.55 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 10.31.47 PM

Moving day with my girl Diana Knight….

What is that a gun?? Nah, a vibrator gun..lol

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 10.31.39 PM

A sweet bath drawn by no other than Randy and our friend Michelle Carey..

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 10.31.32 PM

to where we are now….dinner….dressed in Randy’s outfits of choice for the night…

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 10.29.16 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 10.29.07 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 10.28.58 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 10.28.46 PM

Hey, I know… lets look back at some of the video’s I’ve done with Randy and Diana…

Randy Moore.. In CED3!!!…














Diana Knight in DD3..





HP2: Starring both Diana and Randy….








I just realized I could go on for a very, very long time it’s past midnight and I really need some sleep…

so, with that being said:

If you haven’t seen any or all of these…

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Love you!!!


                                         GO GET IT NOW!!!!!


Blast from our Bat Girl past….

I was thinking today….wow, what a great year we had,how much fun we had shooting…lets look at what we shot with Bat Girl…. shall we???

These are only a few, but a sweet reminder of how wonderful this business is. I miss my Emily Addison so bad..but life must go on…and everyone should absolutely do exactly what they want with their life. I support her.

So…no more Emily on screen. But, I am fortunate to still be very close with her in our vanilla life.

“Bat Girl Dresses”...

staring Emily Addison..

Batgirl Dresses0

Batgirl Dresses3

Batgirl Dresses7

My goodness… Breathe taking.

Then Like a butterfly…we evolve ….

“Bat Girl Episode 1”…Starring Candle Box..

Batgirl Episode 1.2

Batgirl Episode 1.4

Batgirl Episode 1.10

Batgirl Episode 1.16

Then even more…….

“Bat Girl Episode 2”.. Starring Candle Bo..

Warehouse_Episode 2.Still003

Warehouse_Episode 2.Still011

Warehouse_Episode 2.Still016

And It doesn’t stop there….

“Bat Girl Episode 3”… starring Candle Box






Still… so much to post for you…

More tomorrow???? Of course!!!!

If you haven’t seen any or all of these…

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I have loved all and everything we have made come to life for you…and for ourselves… It’s been one hell of a ride. It’s not ending yet… It’s just begun! Hold on lovers…..It’s about to get crazy!!!!!

Have a great night, hope you had  a great holiday…back to work tomorrow for all!!!!





Legit Heroines…

OOOHHHH…it’s time to get to the meaty pics….YUMMMMM… I’ve been dying to put these pics here besides my twitter account, and I know not all of you have time to follow twitter…you’re busy like me :).
Speaking of… I’ve been putting my new home base together and here on the computer with you besides shooting…that’s all. Luckily I felt almost normal today… I had a wresting shoot and had to pile drive a new young hot model…Karissa Kane. This girl is flawless…of course she is.. she’s 18!!! Kinda made me feel a little dirty…lol. Diana Knight and Melissa Jacobs felt the same. Oh… I also got to work with Jessica Ryan tonight, who I have been in a group text with since August. Tell me that’s not strange..lol…we finally just met.

Okay…lets oogle over these pics shall we??? Remember this is legit heroine strength here…almost 2 hours hanging in these suspension cuffs.. with breaks laying on my back for a few minutes every once and a while so I didn’t detach or rip any muscles or joints. This is where I say F U LUPUS… I got this shit. 🙂

If I didn’t say it already, Thank you to my wonderful crew…and my amazing girl Candle Box too!!





Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 9.09.06 PM


More Fan mail..yea!!

Dear Christina,

I’ve been a member for a bit, on and off over the years and I have to say you are awesome.

I have a WW fetish 🙂 and have seen some crap imitators over the years, but you have it down to an art. Even down to the red ear rings. Well done.

You sure know how to package a video and I enjoy them all.

The only “complaint” I have is that WW’s boots come off too much. Apart from that it’s all top shelf.

I will be continuing my membership for the foreseeable future.

All the best.

Warm regards


It has been a WW weekend 🙂



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Okay loves… I’m off to dinner,


Follow me Friday…

Hello lovers!!!

It’s Friday, Friday..hey…you remember that horrible song?? LOL Hopefully it was just accidentally released in the states and never released to torture the rest of you living elsewhere. I’m happy to say that I can still move today…I realized the more I keep moving …the better I feel. If I sit for more than an hour it takes me a second to loosen up the leg and abdominal muscles again. I wanted to share a few more things with you tonight..first these next few pictures from the custom we shot on Wednesday… the title is actually going to be “Secret Identity Theft”…




You know I loved our latest release “Cheetah vs Wonder Woman, Smell the Roses”… it has all the things I was missing doing lately…especially all that fighting! So don’t to grab that one before I put so much more on your plate 🙂

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I also wanted to share some amazing emails I have been getting the last couple days, they are incredible…they make my job even better than it already is. It’s great to be appreciated.

Hello  Miss Carter,   I just ordered the   Wonder Woman vs  Cheetah Part 1 download the other night and just like the other videos of yours that I have ordered over time,   it was fantastic.    Your ” Wonder Woman ” videos that I download just never let me down.   I can not even begin to tell you how striking you look in your  Wonder Woman costume.    Out of all of the ladies that have made  WW videos,  and the list is quite numerous,   I have to say that you definitely bear the closest resemblance to   Lynda Carter in her  WW days.    Anyway,  I just wanted to tell you to keep up the great work and again,  you are  a  very, very sexy lady.

Yours truly,
A big   Wonder  Christina  fan !


And this one from the amazing man that got me to make this custom suspended..

I just wanted to share a thought or two with you. I apologize if this goes on a bit too long! In reading your latest blog post and a few of your tweets, I had a rather surprising reaction. I found myself unexpectedly moved. I am honored and overwhelmed that you so gamely threw yourself into a story that came out of my crazy cracked skull! I’m still amazed that you bravely sacrificed your (incredible!) body to bring one of my ultimate fantasies to life. In reading about the toll the shoot took on you, I am almost moved to tears! I of course knew it would difficult but it’s probably a good thing we both didn’t know how difficult it was going to be until you did it. If we did know, I wouldn’t have written it and you wouldn’t have tried it! When we see the finished product, I know we’ll both be glad you’re the ballsiest hard ass in the business! You are going to have a video that will be unmatched by any actress or producer in this genre. Hell, it’ll be unmatched by anyone on the Internet! This clip is going to be a monster hit! It’s not just my fantasy, it’s the fantasy of thousands (millions?) of fans out there!


I hope it’s a monster hit…because I’m putting a ton of blood, sweat and tears into it!! So is my crew..they are definitely working their tails off on this one.

Have an amazing night everyone!!




Literally suspended in air..

I can’t even begin to tell you how sore I am today, but it was and is going to be worth it. For you and me :). We took on a custom that was ridiculously physically hard….for me. I spent a good amount of time suspended from leather ankle straps. Doing crunches to save our poor little Bat Girl from certain torture herself. I must really love that Bat! Yes, I do love my Candle Box Bat :). After, the shoot she looked at me and said..”Geez, I got off easy!” LOL… I would never make her go through what I went through yesterday..never. Now that I think about it…I’m pretty damn nice…I’ve had multiple producers put me through some crazy shit. They either know I am a hard ass, or don’t particularly like me…lol. Yeah… I’m a hard ass.

I still have more of this clip to get shot before it can be edited and sent to the customer…

Cat Woman is also in this one. Yep.. I’m playing two Characters in one video.





I don’t want to give you all the details, and you can’t see from these photo’s…but Bat girl and I are attached to the same spreader bar over head…if one of us were to fall in this scene we would have really choked each other out…we were standing…not kneeling. This custom was one of the more dangerous ones we have done in a very long time.

More photos to follow.. I decided I can’t give it all to you now..lol…someone used to tell me…it’s good to want. So I hope you’re wanting them ; ) !!

Have a great night… I’m going to go ice myself again..and then maybe jump into the Jacuzzi.



Packing, Packing, Packing..

I can’t believe it’s Sunday already… The weekend has flown past. I’m still packing up my house. Didn’t realize I had so much stuff! Should just be a couple more boxes to pack.. and then throw them all in storage until I find a place that I want to live. It’s nice to have great friends  to let you stay in there place until you find what you want. Takes a lot of the stress that the resent drama has brought away…jeez… I need a break from all that!

Before I start packing again…lets get you some more preview pics.

“Cheetah vs. Wonder Woman, Smell the Roses”





Get it now at my my embedded clip store , http://www.christinacaptured.com/eclips.html or  htpp://www.eclipstore.com/522 !!

                                         GO GET IT NOW!!!!!

This is soon to be released on my clips4sale.com/60717 store as well, so for all you die hard C4S customers…the wait is nearly over!!

Okay Lovers, enjoy the clips..and I’ll take a few packing selfies on twitter for you in a bit…maybe a shower one first..lol



Finally Fucking Friday!!!!!

Oh how sweet it is…it’s finally Friday!!

I’ve been waiting for this all week..lol.. I’m not sure why, It just always makes me feel better. I’ve made some big decisions this last week to make my life a little easier at the moment and less stressful…. I need to remove myself from all the negativity. I need to be able to be here for you, and run my business the way I used to run it. No more drama from crazy people. So don’t you go going crazy on me…got it???? LOL

So… Let’s fucking do this, shall we?!?

How about some phenomenal wrestling moves from me and Diana??  ……………Check this out…..

“Cheetah vs. Wonder Woman, Smell the Roses”





Get it now at my my embedded clip store , http://www.christinacaptured.com/eclips.html or  htpp://www.eclipstore.com/522 !!

                                         GO GET IT NOW!!!!!

Have a wonderful night my loves!!!



You want more?

Who doesn’t want more?? Of Diana Knight and I that is.. 🙂

OOOoooo….and another little treat for you, a few preview pictures from the shoot Angela and I did this past Monday. More Fembot tales…yes, and man is it an unbelievably beautiful clip… very classy, more like art than porn…..

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 8.17.23 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 8.17.49 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 8.17.59 PM

Lets get back to whats new and available now…..

“Cheetah vs. Wonder Woman, Smell the Roses”





Get it now at my my embedded clip store , http://www.christinacaptured.com/eclips.html or  htpp://www.eclipstore.com/522 !!

                                         GO GET IT NOW!!!!!

Not really sure who does and does not get to spend any time on twitter, if you haven’t…you have no idea that we could not shoot yesterday. Poor Karlie Montana got stuck in Paris, France first…just when we would think she was going to make it…she sets stuck in Detroit….with out her luggage.

So…once again, we have to reschedule this shoot. It happens, s lot in the winter actually…the weather really messes with everyone’s lives. No worries, it shall be done :).

This coming Wednesday will be a Wonder Woman/ Bat Girl shoot….I’m very excited about that, always a great time when Candle is in the house!!

Okay Lovers, it’s late and I’m exhausted…time to get some sleep 🙂



Here it comes baby…look at this action

WTH…is it Friday yet???? I need Friday soooooo bad…nope, it’s Tuesday.

I really can’t complain, I had an amazing shoot with Angela Sommers yesterday evening. I have determined that the safest and most comforting place I could be these days…is in Angela’s vagina..lol …ahhhh…it’s like calgon…it takes me away :).

That was my Monday…so why am I wanting to get to the end of the week so fast….just to relax I guess. So much going on this week, I have another shoot Tomorrow…this ones a big one, another CED installment. This time it will be me, Angela, and Karlie. This is the one I mentioned to you about having to do with spiders….I’m super excited!!

But lets get back to what is happening now…Me and Diana…we are happening now..lol.

And these action shots…they are definitely happening…one of the very best fighting scenes we’ve done.

“Cheetah vs. Wonder Woman, Smell the Roses”






Get it now at my my embedded clip store , http://www.christinacaptured.com/eclips.html or  htpp://www.eclipstore.com/522 !!

                                         GO GET IT NOW!!!!!

Now…you watch that, and I’ll go pick up costumes to shoot another mind blowing video for you manana!!



Feast your eyes…

By now you are getting the idea of my latest release….

How much I freaking love it, what a great job my crew did…especially on filming and editing. There are some amazing angles, and beautiful added touches that you just don’t see anywhere else. Major props to Nick Sterling….you knocked this one out of park.

If you haven’t seen it…go see it now!!!

“Cheetah vs. Wonder Woman, Smell the Roses”





Get it now at my my embedded clip store , http://www.christinacaptured.com/eclips.html or  htpp://www.eclipstore.com/522 !!

Many more photo’s to follow…but why wait ..GO GET IT NOW!!!!!

So, I’ve told you all how many emails I get a day…it’s crazy how many people take time out of there busy life to write to me, and I really do love it. I just wanted to share one with you from last week that made me smile and say…..”Yep I am a fun person!…lol… I haven’t found very many people who have said they don’t like to hang out with me. I’m a mid west girl, they raise us right over there. Wait…most of us..lol…I know some crazy people that are from there as well.”

Hi Christina

My name is ########, I stumbled across your pictures on Model Mayhem, then ended up on your website.

Of course, there are millions of girls on the web, but something about you makes me keep looking at your stuff longer than I normally do…………I usually don’t look at anyone for more than a few seconds.

Believe it or not, your frequent use of “LOL” made me imagine you as a fun person.  As I said, I can’t stop looking at your stuff and enjoying it……………….I’m from the Midwest as well (Detroit area), so I feel a connection as there too.

Thank you so much for the email…you know who you are, you made my day :).

Have an amazing weekend!!