Moist Canyon…Yes Please!!

It’s Sunday Funday!!!

I may not be drinking, but I’m still having fun.(I’m down 8lbs btw, in one week). It’s amazing what happens when you take out all the bad food, get exercise, and good sleep.

Melissa Jacobs and I spent the day hiking in Eaton Canyon. but of course we decided to take the Moist Canyon trail, a trail the has a very steady incline and no waterfall at the They must have named it that due to all the moisture you will have from sweating your ass off. What a great work out!!

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 5.18.16 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 5.18.28 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 5.18.39 PM

Wonder what we can get into next?!?

Speaking of next, lets see what I have for you next..

“Christina Carter’s Catwoman, Mesmerizer”

Starring Christina Carter as Catwoman and Candle Box as Batgirl..





NOW AVAILABLE ONLY ON my embedded eclipstore 

and !!


I’ve received a few really good script ideas for the next Batgirl episode, I may morph them into one. If you are interested in me not chopping yours to pieces, just let me know and I will give you an estimate as a custom.

What’s your thoughts on this….sweater fetish minions?

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 6.18.01 PM

Of course I would be sent this idea as we are headed into the summer season…lol

Have a great night!




Saturday’s Sizzlin’ Hot…


Here’s to hoping your weekend is as sizzling hot as mine has been!! If it hasn’t been…lets see what Candles Box can do for you,lol, always gets my heart pumping!!

So, you may have seen the request on the forum to do a little anal strap on with Candle next time. This is do-able… but what is the story line? Who’s got this one? I wrote this one, so it’s your turn. That’s everybody’s homework this week.

I will be doing a little fighting this evening, but will be back home later and on the forums and in my emails messing around :)…. I’ll meet you there after 10? Till then…..

“Christina Carter’s Catwoman, Mesmerizer”

Starring Christina Carter as Catwoman and Candle Box as Batgirl..





NOW AVAILABLE ONLY ON my embedded eclipstore 

and !!


Lots of love!


Show me the goods Batgirl..

Hello my lover dovers!!

You know what’s next, a little freaky deaky Batgirl showing me her goods. I love when people do what I tell them to. what a good little Bat she is, seducing her mistress like she is told..Mmmmmmmeow…I’m getting all hot and bothered just thinking about it!

Okay, lets get to it… I don’t want to wait any longer….I’m an impatient little minx.

“Christina Carter’s Catwoman, Mesmerizer”

Starring Christina Carter as Catwoman and Candle Box as Batgirl..





NOW AVAILABLE ONLY ON my embedded eclipstore 

and !!

If you have yet to see it…get your hands on it. Well, no…get one hand on your keyboard and the other on that meaty thick cock of yours.



Sneaking away..

Hey there!!

I’m sneaking away from family to post a little for you…lol… I’m sure they know what I am doing, but I’m pretty sure these aren’t the kind of pics they are dying to see. Candles little ass…lol…well I know you want to see it…and we are almost to those pictures!!

Oh,and a little update on the front lawn… Not sure it is gonna happen. I’ve been leaving the front alone…and only a few nubs. It’s like a 14 year old trying to grow a beard. That damn laser hair removal works better than I thought possible. I’m going to give it a little more time….lol…we shall see what happens.

My new Catwoman costume is ready!! Just have to make my way up to get it. I hate driving to Hollywood. I’m hoping one of my other new costumes is done soon…they are only miles apart from each other and I would love to do it in one day.

Let’s take a look at our next couple of pics…


“Christina Carter’s Catwoman, Mesmerizer”

Starring Christina Carter as Catwoman and Candle Box as Batgirl..





NOW AVAILABLE ONLY ON my embedded eclipstore 

and !!

Have a great night!!!! I need to get back to entertaining…wait…  I guess that’s my life 🙂



Happy Hump Day…get your Buttgirl… I mean Batgirl fix!

Geez…this Wednesday has gone way too fast!! It’s almost 4:30PM and I still have so much to do!!   A day off.. is never really a day off. I have so many errands that need to be run for work during my days off from shooting… oh man, I just want to take a break and watch some… Yes, because I am always on the hunt for new talented ladies and where else would I find them???

Oh yeah, and them maybe some Shameless…and good god I can’t wait for Amazon to put Transparent back on. I guess people love to binge watch so much that they have decided to film the whole season and then release it all at once. And so….. I will wait.

But you don’t have to wait for this!!!!!

“Christina Carter’s Catwoman, Mesmerizer”

Starring Christina Carter as Catwoman and Candle Box as Batgirl..

These next couple shots are of a deeply mesmerized Batgirl doing everything I tell her….that little slut!!!! MMMMMmmmmmmeeeooooow…she’s such a tasty little treat.





NOW AVAILABLE ONLY ON my embedded eclipstore 

and !!



This is one hot little number, not sure why you are still sitting there reading this…go get it now!!!

Love Ya!!!


It’s MILF Monday!!


You want some more previews from yesterdays release?? Of course you do!!

“Christina Carter’s Catwoman, Mesmerizer”

Starring Christina Carter as Catwoman and Candle Box as Batgirl..





I’m excited to have gotten so many preview Pics from this title, so not to worry, you will have lots to oogle for days and days to come. You can always save them to your computer and use them as a screen saver as well.. :)..

What are you waiting for??? Go get this hot clip right now!!!!

NOW AVAILABLE ONLY ON my embedded eclipstore 

and !!



I wanted to mention a few things that have been on my mind…

One… Happy MILF Monday!! Since I am truly a MILF I can say that. Shouldn’t we make up another name for girls that just look like they could be a MILF? If so, what would it be??? Hmm…that’s a hard one. WB MILF? That would be- wanna be MILF.

Which takes me to my next subject…wanna be’s…wanna be fetish/bdsm/bondage models. I was having a conversation with Darling the other day when we were shooting for J.M., it involved the topic of models who are in the industry just for the money. They have no other reason they came in to our business. They are unlike the models of the past. I, and many who came in before me and during, are here because we love it. We like to get tied, we like to get dominated or dominate others, or some have a thing for latex, hose, or 6 inch heels. What ever it is that made us who we are today…the new girls do not have. It’s really hard to find new beautiful talent that just wants to be tied…and the check at the end is a plus. Where are the girls who want to have fun??

Looks like I am going to have to search fetlife and see if there are any new ones out there..

Lets have a little contest shall we??? Who is going to be the next Sadie Belle? Amber Michaels? Jewel Marceau? Christina Carter? Emily Addison? Randy Moore? Emily Marilyn? Darling? Diana Knight?

Throw some names my way… I would love to check them out.



“Mesmerizer” releases right NOW…..

Hello loves!!

After what seemed like forever, we have a phenomenal new Super Heroine release for you!! Now, I might be bias because I wrote this script…but I think it’s pretty damn cute, if I do say so myself.  What do you do when you know you are shooting Candle Box, and you know what really turns her on?! You do what turns her on of course :). If we must fuck your pretty little ass, and make you squirt…well who am I to stand in the way of that. But I will add in some of my favorite fetishes as well….

Super Heroines and Villains, fembots -aka- being mesmerized, and bondage…I just can’t contain myself!! It’s been so long since I’ve made Bat Girl squirt, squirm and struggle…Mmmmm…


Christina Carter’s Catwoman, Mesmerizer
Catwoman (Christian Carter) is up to her old tricks again trying to lure the female caped crusader, Batgirl (Candlebox) into a trap. Catwoman uses an ancient Egyptian relic with mystical powers to capture and control Batgirl. Clip contains: Super heroine cosplay, fetish parody, female domination, bondage, dancing, stripping, damsel-in-distress, ball gag, rope bondage, anal dildo and vibrator play, squirting, orgasm, masturbation and a whole fuck load of sexy!
Now lets get to it shall we???!!! No need to wait any longer!!
NOW AVAILABLE ONLY ON my embedded eclipstore and !!
Have a great night lovers I’ll see you manana with more great preview pics!
PS.. This is the one I was originally calling Hush Money on twitter.

Say what???!!

Geez…what is going on around here??

Lets start with this ridiculous article that I was sent two days ago via a fan…CC LA TIMESAlright, someone forgot to tell me I no longer am with us..and I haven’t been since august 2014!  What kind of friends and fans are you?? You just keep on letting me As you all know, I am alive and well. I’m not ghost writing.

Here’s another WTF?! from today… did you see the new Wonder Woman and Super Man Costumes they have come up with?? Let me share them with you…

New WW

new SM

What do you think about this???

My thoughts….. Wonder Woman has WAY too many clothes on…and Super Man is WAY to casual.

I really think they need to stop fucking with the costumes. I mean really???? Why do they keep trying to change what we love?

Speaking of Super Heroines.. I shot with Candle Box yesterday. This one is at the moment called “Hush Money” featuring Cat Woman and Bat Girl..

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.32.01 PM

I know you are probably frothing at the mouth waiting for another Super Heroine release…it’s coming… I have my editor working over time. I’m hoping to get one out for you mid-week…cross your fingers :).

OOOhhhh…one more WTF?! before I let you go.. and no one is allowed to get offended over one is allowed to get all winy pussy like on me.. I’ve dealt with people with this issue..

OUD.. Opiate usage disorder. They had a commercial about this on the radio when I was stuck in traffic on La Ceinega today.
Are you kidding me?!?!
Is this a new polite way of saying drug addict???
If you have this “disorder” your in luck.. They have new drugs for you!! Seriously, they said they have a new drug for this. ???????

I was laughing as I was driving home from Trashy Lingerie over this…pretty soon everything is going to be a disorder…and there will be a pill for it.

Okay, I’m done…

Night loves! 🙂



Saturday night festivities :)

My Saturday may not be as festive as you think it is….I’m staying home. 🙂 I’ll be on my computer and watching TV and movies. Don’t know about you, but it sounds like one incredible night to me. I’ll be shooting all day tomorrow for X Club Wrestling, so I need all the rest I can get…The Dominator needs to kick some ass. 🙂

Just dropping by to leave you a weekend present of the last two preview pics from last weeks release..


“Hostile Takeover Pt. 2″ …starring Alison Tyler and myself

Hostile_Takeover Pt2.00_16_39_02.Still016

Hostile_Takeover Pt2.00_20_58_07.Still017

NOW AVAILABLE ONLY ON my embedded eclipstore and !!

“Hostile Takeover Pt.1″ is now available on!!

Get it now!!



F#ck my face.. it’s Friday!! :)


I’m so excited…the weekends finally here!! I have been working my fingers to the bone..literally, that are cracking and bleeding. No more scrubbing down peoples houses, at least not without rubber gloves. I should have got all pretty and been filming it for you. Wait, would you have liked that?? Who’s got that fetish? Anyone? Or is someone going to have to come up behind and shove a soaked rag over my face?? Dressed as a villain maybe? LOL..I’m being serious…let me know.

Just wanted to share and thank Ronnie for the great tweet:

ronnie garcia@brosemail 3h3 hours ago

@ChristinaBound I saw #hostiletakeover part 1 and all I have to say is that body……#mindblown

For those who have not seen it yet…get your but in gear…what could you possibly be waiting for?? Just because there are no pictures does not mean this isn’t filled with Take downs and tons of eye rolling…it is. 🙂 Plus…who doesn’t want to see Alison Tyler FUCK my face?! I enjoyed it immensely.


“Hostile Takeover Pt. 2″

Hostile_Takeover Pt2.00_12_38_02.Still013

Hostile_Takeover Pt2.00_13_14_06.Still014

Hostile_Takeover Pt2.00_14_15_15.Still015

NOW AVAILABLE ONLY ON my embedded eclipstore and !!

“Hostile Takeover Pt.1″ is now available on!!

I’ll be the mighty Dominatrix wrestler this Sunday….and hopefully playing Cat Woman against my sweet Candle Box as Bat Girl Wednesday. Still picking out a script for that one. Lots of behind the screen photo’s coming your way!! Plus so many video’s in editing and dying to release them to you…. :).. I feel like it’s time to get the editor an assistant.

Love you much!!