Shake your Bon Bons?

I had written a little last night with more pictures of the latest release for you while in excruciating neck pain…but it didn’t save when my computer battery died so suddenly.

so …here I am getting another one done for you really quickly before I head down to my beach chair for my last full day of vacation. My neck still hurts, but that’s what I get for acting like I’m still in my 20’s and dancing like I’m in a Ricky Martin video!! It was Living la Vida Loca to be exact…that’s the song I was dancing to. LOL.  No more shaking my bon bons for a bit… I need to recover.

Now lets get those pictures up shall we?!

These make me laugh a little right now, because I feel like I’m in that same situation…with something wrapped around my neck like Except there is no Hitachi to save the day. I didn’t even bring it on vacation with me. I know…that’s a crazy thought…me with no Hitachi. I know what I’m doing tomorrow night when I get back to LA!! Getting off!! LOL

“Christina Carter’s Secret Identity Theft”

Starring Candle Box as Bat girl and Christina Carter as Wonder Woman…





I love that last pic…HAHAHAHA…priceless!!! Oh the torture we put ourselves through…for you!

NOW AVAILABLE  ON my embedded eclipstore 

and !!

Time to tan!!

Love ya!!


I strive for excellence, not perfection..

Hello Lovers,

Not sure if you recall, but I recently released some photo’s from the “CED7” video I was proofing last week.. here’s a reminder:

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.21.36 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.20.52 PM

And this what the customer had to say about his custom….

CC this was soooo incredible. CED7 is my fave.
First of all love the new music in the first scene and the GGG scenes. It really enhanced the atmosphere and kicked this show off the right way.  Of course it certainty helped that CC looked so ridiculously hot in that Red Spider Woman costume…I love the sheen and how it really accentuated CC’s curvaceous body….and how CC played that to her advantage. The crew did a great job editing that clip and timing the voice over……..and made me hope that all superheroines dress that way!  It’s definitely my fantasy! I was worried that the voice over might be rushed…..but CC delivered the lines perfectly and of course mastered the evil laugh
Scene 2 was great….VM AS and CC delivered those lines perfectly….it flowed and the pace was great and I really love the cattiness of it all. AS and CC really had the spiderwoman rivalry down to a tee and VM was a surprise….didn’t know much about her, but she delivered her lines incredibly well.  Plus the pheromone sound effect  was great. In fact the sound effects overall were stepped up a level (like those for the Psy Web and Venom Blast)
I knew AS had down that helplessly under a trance look from other clips I had seen of her, but, I fell in love with her in CED7 and it made me wonder why I never wrote her into CED earlier!  Angie is sooooo hot! And with CC working opposite of her as the temptress Scene 3 was amazing.  The 2 close ups where Angie gives in and kisses CC were out of this world hot and sexy….it would make me want to take off my black widow outfit too!  And the part where AS finally submits to her mistress CC was the icing on my hypno cake!
I’m not a fighting superheroine fan, and hence the lack of it most of the CEDs….but that was such a great fight scene, the timing and coordination was great and the ability of the girls to mesh in the hot dialogue was incredible. I know none of you actually hit each other (did you??) but I could feel the hurt from some of those hits, kicks, slams and shoves!
VM was great….she really fit her part, delivered her lines perfectly and played the role of the confused temptee to a tee!  She seemed seduced and was so hot as she teased us. Can’t figure out if I like the BW costume on her or off her or in varying stages of on and off!….it’s all good!
When I first saw your twitter pics with AS as the black Spider Woman I was a bit disappointed about the fact the BS costume wasn’t shiny (I think a shiny sheen to the BW and SW outfits would have added!) but the more I saw of it on AS, the more I loved it….I still prefer a bit of shine, but I think the costumes were good and off course AS played mad, helpless and evil so perfectly.  I loved all those shots of her being wide eyed and helpless.
CC you are so hot as a villain and yes you are the perfect Catwoman, but you were great as SW too….you delivered the seduction scenes with such a perfect blend of domination and sexiness and the pace at which you spoke was perfect.  I really liked you as SW!
Finally the GGG scenes were excruciatingly hot. I love the mix of close ups, POVs, from above and far away shots (but not too far away). I loved it all but loved the tribbing and the 3 way ass action were my faves
If I had one critique (and I only say this because I hope we do more clips) was that the avenger house too much like an ordinary house….and not avenger mansion. The background rooms for Revenge of the Spider Lady were perfect and similar type of settings would have made this 11/10 for me.  But then again….I’m not house hunting….so it really is a minor point.
I can’t wait for CED 6 or 8 or whatever  you do next! Thank you, the girls and the crew so much for making this fantasy come true!

I’m so happy he loves his custom, and always up for hearing what could be changed or done to make the customer even more satisfied for his next custom.
why? Because I strive for excellence, not perfection.

Speaking of, I know you have been waiting for more preview pics of my latest release..

“Christina Carter’s Secret Identity Theft”

Starring Candle Box as Bat girl and Christina Carter as Wonder Woman…






NOW AVAILABLE  ON my embedded eclipstore 

and !!


This post was supposed to go live last night, but I had three chicas breathing down my neck to go into town for a little local flare…and boy did we get some flare!! Looks like I have no power against their mighty margarita at PiPis. It’s definitely one and done for me, due to it’s fish bowl size I guess. Which turned into dancing with the waiters to the Mariachi bands music…they could play anything you can think of..anything!!



Sunday Funday

Buenos Noche…

I’m making my presence known here in Mexico, not that you were doubting that at all :). I have made the beach my new office, looks like I won’t be needing my place in the states anymore…lol…kidding, kidding..I’ll be around for Fetish Con. No, No… I’ll be home Friday. Just enough time in Mexico to get a kick ass tan and read up on a few things I have not been able to get to at home, and get sick of their food (that always happens). One thing has definitely changed…my new version of vacation is to have a great night sleep, eat, tan while reading, maybe get in the pool if it’s really hot. Mixed in with a trip to the buffet for lunch, plan spa days and dinners…get pretty for dinner…and then back up to the room for more amazing sleep. I was reminding the girls of how we used to look forward to hanging at the disco(Mexican for night and dance till we had blisters, drenched with sweat, and drunk off our asses…which always brought mornings/afternoons of painful hangovers…and new friends from different countries. We’ve acquired lots of French friends from trips like those.

Enough sharing my vacation relaxation, now let me share something really hot with you…because I got to do it, and i know you want it….

“Christina Carter’s Secret Identity Theft”

Starring Candle Box as Bat girl and Christina Carter as Wonder Woman…






NOW AVAILABLE  ON my embedded eclipstore 

and !!


Good Night loves!!



Hola from Mexico…


I hope all of you who have seen the video loved it, and those who have not seen it yet…well…what are you waiting for?? I’ll be updating from Puerto Vallarta this week. A well deserved week with my sister and two of our girlfriends. I’ve met lots of new friends already, including a gorgeous 30 year old drag queen from Vancouver. HHmmmmm…so I attract people as open minded as me or what??

Great news…the fan that created this gem of a video is already working on a part 2!! I’m about to send him a reply email to please send me a peek.

Okay, this is quite the short post since I spent the day traveling and in the sun, I will post some personal pics as well as more previews tomorrow…

As for tonight:

“Christina Carter’s Secret Identity Theft”

Starring Candle Box as Bat girl and Christina Carter as Wonder Woman…






NOW AVAILABLE  ON my embedded eclipstore 

and !!


I just corrected the link, so please feel free to let me know if it doesn’t work for you…or leads to my other embedded store.

Kisses from Mexico!!



The wait is over!!! “Christina Carter’s Secret Identity Theft”



It’s finally released, the one I spent hours upside down …doing crunch after crunch to save Bat Girls ass :)…do I save her? We’ll you will just have to buy the video to see!!

The rave reviews from the customer on this one..


I downloaded my video. I watched it. It was OK. Maybe if you and your crew put a little more effort into it…

LOL! OK. I couldn’t even keep a straight TYPING face while writing that!

It was INCREDIBLE!! MIND BLOWING!!!! It was well worth the wait. I’m still in awe! You not only nailed all of the details but you improved everything about it! It was even better than I imagined! The predicaments, the acting (especially the acting!), everything was dead on perfect. It looked and felt like a comic book to life because of the creative use of camera angles and the expressive facial reactions. You of course gave a remarkable performance, as did your abs! I was also really impressed by Candle’s performance. She was such a great choice to play Batgirl and she has really grown into the role.

This is why you and your incredibly dedicated, talented crew are the best in the business. All of you did not have to bust your asses so hard on this. There were hundreds of places where you could’ve cut corners but you didn’t. In fact, you and your crew went above and beyond at every possible turn. I’m humbled by all of the effort and hard work that went into creating something I thought up. I’m not entirely sure why you did that. Hell, I probably wouldn’t have! I’d have looked to cut corners wherever possible! I guess I do know why you did it this way. Because you’re Christina Carter! When I wrote up this idea, I knew there was only person who could make it happen in the right way. I could not have been more right! And I could not be happier with the result!

In your note in the file download, you apologized for it being “a little late.” That was very nice of you but you needn’t worry. It wasn’t late. There was no agreed-upon deadline. I’ll admit I was steadily getting more and more excited and impatient (which I tried to keep from you!) but it was only because I knew how great it was going to be. The trouble is, greatness takes time. I knew how hard everyone was working so it wasn’t a big deal. I wanted to write something that was creative and different yet still up to your high standards. I wanted something that would stand out and give your fans what they deserve. I think I succeeded which I think was shown by how excited you were to bring it to life. But when you try to do something different and difficult, it’s…difficult! I don’t think either one of us realized just how difficult it was going to be but in the end all of that blood, sweat and tears were well worth it!


Now to see it for yourself…

“Christina Carter’s Secret Identity Theft”
Secret Identity Theft is a Christina Carter custom production bringing together Wonder Woman (Christina Carter), Batgirl (Candlebox) and Catwoman (Christina Carter). Catwoman has captured Wonder Woman as a ploy to lure Batgirl into her clutches. In the word of our villainess, the plan plays out “perrrrrfectly”. Catwoman exploits her captive super heroines exposing them to grueling punishment. Secret Identity Theft is a comic book fantasy come to life. The video delivers on all level of the heroine in peril genre. The video contains: device bondage, struggle, electric shock, ball and cleave gags, Hitachi vibrators, heroine un-masking, humiliation and female domination and a whole lot of cat-titude!

NOW AVAILABLE  ON my embedded eclipstore 

and !!



Have a great night!!


Last, but definitely not least!

Hola, Que pasa?

I’ll tell you what’s up…

first and foremost, the last of the preview pics for

“PleasureBot 3000 G3 (Part-Two)”

Starring Angela Sommers and Christina Carter…

G3 pt2.00_13_22_09.Still023

G3 pt2.00_13_53_06.Still024

G3 pt2.00_14_02_21.Still025

                                Now available on my embedded clip store

and http:/// !!!!!!!!!

Soon to release on clips4sale… I will keep you updated as to when they release.

look who I was playing with today…

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.07.08 PM

That’s right…my girl Paris!!! After a very kinky boxing match we decided to end the afternoon with a bowl of soup at Islands restaurant. I really missed handing out with her, it’s been way too long.

After my wonderful afternoon full of Kennedy hotness, I was so excited to find the next releases preview pics in my inbox.. I’ll share only two that I posted on twitter already…and…a few from the video I proofed last night. Oh Lawd we have some hot ones coming out…

This is what I proofed yesterday “CED7”

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.21.36 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.21.48 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.21.25 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.21.14 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.21.04 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.21.59 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.22.10 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.20.52 PM

Okay, okay…you have to wait for that one. Just a couple more weeks.

But Not this one..

“Secret Identity Theft”, starring Candle Box and Bat Girl and Christina carter as Wonder Woman…



That’s right, the wait is almost over…this is the video in which I suspended upside down doing crunches. Sweet!! It will be releasing tomorrow evening!!

On my embedded clip store and  of course!!

Have a great night/morning!!



She who came around…

Hello my loves!

It’s odd how someone just pops back into your life after a random meeting…. at Janice Dickinsons  house. If you were following my journals or tweets… about two years ago you would remember me talking about ending up at Janice’s house one random night. I was with a good friend and her male roommate, the male roommate was dating a girl from out of town who had been getting her nails done and met Janice while doing so. She ending up hanging out and drinking wine with her for the rest of the evening and then calling Joe for a ride back. My friend and I went along for the ride.

My friend and I hung out drinking wine and eating some coconut milk ice cream with Janice as the girl ran up and down the stairs in different dress that I would guess had belonged to Janice herself. Janice was very focused on making the girl a beauty pageant queen…

Here she is again…Jaclyn Taylor…

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 3.03.41 PM

notice the background?

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 7.13.48 PM

Yep….she’s now in the fetish family. So check her out and let me know what you think, she’s just a custom away!

Speaking of custom videos….lets get back to some really hot preview pics from last weeks release…

“PleasureBot 3000 G3 (Part-Two)”

Starring Angela Sommers and Christina Carter…

G3 pt2.00_10_37_02.Still020
G3 pt2.00_11_22_04.Still021

G3 pt2.00_12_45_16.Still022


                                Now available on my embedded clip store

and http:/// !!!!!!!!!

Soon to release on clips4sale… I will keep you updated as to when they release.

PS…Don’t forget ..

“Christina Carter’s Catwoman, Mesmerizer”

Starring Christina Carter as Catwoman and Candle Box as Batgirl..




NOW AVAILABLE  ON my embedded eclipstore 

and !!

…. Also available on C4S!!!! !!!


With releases like this, I almost feel like I might have a bit of a control I must be in control of all my little slut muffins!

Have a great night!!


Just hanging…

Hola Lovers!!

Hope your day was amazing, and rolls right into a fabulous night. I had a day full of ups and down, as I stated on twitter earlier. But that is life. If it wasn’t like this we would not know how good things where when they are rally good…right? So we chug forward…

I did however get lots of things sent out to people today..I’m talking snail mail. Why do I feel like this is such a chore these days? Doesn’t feel like like it when I actually do it, but the thought of it…

But all in all…the day was good… I got to hang with one of my besties….

Screen Shot 2015-04-18 at 8.34.10 PM



“PleasureBot 3000 G3 (Part-Two)”

Starring Angela Sommers and Christina Carter…

G3 pt2.00_05_51_22.Still016

G3 pt2.00_06_46_15.Still017

G3 pt2.00_07_21_07.Still018

G3 pt2.00_08_48_13.Still019

                                Now available on my embedded clip store

and http:/// !!!!!!!!!


Looking forward to your emails and comments on this clip…like I said, It might be my all time favorite videos. Meaning, it really turns me on…I hope it does the same for you.



Fucking Friday!!!

Hello lovers!!

With all that was going on today…aka shooting…me and Holly Heart :)…

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 7.13.48 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 7.13.58 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 7.14.06 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 7.14.15 PM

Yes, that running with the dog thing is paying

Then I was caught meditating…

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 7.14.31 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 7.14.39 PM

Actually it was more like…holy fuck I’m so white..I need some sun!!! lol

… I am finally getting to post photo’s of this weeks release…

and my thoughts are…(do I really need to say much with these preview pics??) UUmmm…NO! This is fucking HOT!!..

“PleasureBot 3000 G3 (Part-Two)”

Starring Angela Sommers and Christina Carter…

G3 pt2.00_02_18_04.Still012

G3 pt2.00_02_45_18.Still013

G3 pt2.00_04_21_08.Still014

G3 pt2.00_05_11_10.Still015

      Now available on my embedded clip store

and http:/// !!!!!!!!!


Get it now….It’s more than worth it.

Have a great night my loves!


Two girls, one camera…and another release!

Hello Loves!!

There is no need to wait for PleasureBot 3000 G3 (Part-Two)… I have it for you right now!! Yes, that’s right…it was released on my eclipstore earlier this evening. If you have been waiting to get to the juicy parts…well…it doesn’t get juicier than this!!

Now is the time to buy them back to back if you haven’t gotten part one already!

PleasureBot 3000 G3 (Part-Two)

G3 pt2.00_00_26_17.Still008

G3 pt2.00_00_38_00.Still009

G3 pt2.00_00_59_07.Still010

G3 pt2.00_01_49_19.Still011

PleasureBot 3000 G3 (Part-Two) Christina Carter has taken a new job in New York City. She doesn’t know anyone in the city and is a bit lonely. She decides to order the newest PleasureBot 3000 3G model (Angels Summers) to keep her company. The day has finally come that her new third generation AI playmate has arrived. Clip contains: Artificial Intelligence, fondling, stripping, kissing, dancing, pussy and breast play, dildo play, oral sex, girl-girl. Look for part one for the whole for the whole cyber sexy storyline.


 Now available on !!!

So, I am sure you had seen via twitter that Melissa Jacobs and I did shoot yesterday… it was rough shooting like we did. Just two girls and one camera…oh and two little dogs that make a small appearance every now and They want to be stars. This type of shooting is not what we are used to…but if you like amateur, this is definitely going to be for you. I did ask for any ideas or thoughts from all of you, easy things here and I could shoot together…I got a few, and would love to share one that shocked me half way through reading it to Melissa…

She binds you nude with zipties, tape-gags you, tapes your hands together and sodomizes you with a strap-on.  Uncomplicated enough? 🙂
UM? WTF?? When did sodomy become easy? That takes a whole lot of prep….on my ass. Not sure if I’m up for that right now…lol. It was all easy until that work popped in there! Whoa…easy, easy!!
We did film two super heroine clips and two tied and tickled clips as well :).
On another funny note, you all know I have a healthy sense of humor…
We have 2 cards of humanity refrigerator stickers and the other night I thought I would be funny and write crazy answers on them…except the dry eraser markers I used will not erase. So now it says…
“Money can’t buy me love, but it can buy me ADDERALL.”
“Soup of the day is…Cream of CROTCH“.
OOPS!!!! Guess those will be coming off the fridge very
Have a great night/morning!!