The Seattle freeze; I call bullshit!


Happy Saturday night! Two more nights in Seattle before I head home, it’s raining and I’m exhausted. So.. I’ll be hiding out in my friends new digs. We have nothing but an air mattress, two cats, and some of her personal effects in this place. It’s been an interesting trip thus far. I’ve met some great people, and…not so great people. All in all, I do like Seattle…would I live here? Probably not. I’m way to California girl these days. I’m very comfortable there. When I got here a few days ago, my friend and I were told by a local dude that there is a thing called “The Seattle freeze”. This meaning, if you are not from Seattle the locals will give you the cold shoulder and rarely talk to you. The thought of this made me very angry. How could people do such a thing? Had all the assholes decided to move to Seattle just so they could be pricks???

After 3 days here, I have realized it was just the childish ways of that dude and his friends. I have met lots of Seattle residents that are so sweet, some who became instant friends. So, I call bullshit on the “Seattle freeze” story. Those who do this just want a reason to be an asshole. You know what I say? You go be an asshole dude…. just not by me. ūüôā

With That being said, we have spent the last two days hanging and meeting with some really cool people. I’m even going to meet up with Lady Olivia Fyre tomorrow for lunch. Since my best friend is here, I might as well make some new friends up here myself :).

Back to the preview pics I’ve been promising….

‚ÄúWonder Woman vs Verona Queen of the Vampires‚ÄĚ– featuring Angela Sommers and Christina Carter







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Have a great night!!





We made it!!¬† After 3 days of travel…from LA to bestie is finally nestled in her new place and I am posting from her living room It really couldn’t have been a better, was the best road trip I have ever been on. The views, the convo, the music…ridiculous!!¬† ūüôā

Last night we stayed and Portland and hung out with my son and his friends. We had a great time, I really didn’t want to leave him..uuuugghhh..even when your kids are this age it’s hard to NOT be with them all the time. But he loves Portland…and me..well, I’m on the edge of making the change to new scenery….so we will see. It’s not that I do not LOVE California and the beach area, but the fast pace is crazy. Every single day is the weekend where I live…people throw events on Mondays and Tuesdays…it’s just like a Friday or Saturday.¬† I really miss the calm relaxation of Sunday-Thursday. I would love to just work Monday- Friday till 5 like everyone else…and then go all out on the weekends :). I want normal again.

Whoa…did you just hear me ADULT ?!??!!

So I took a mini break…went to the store…and what the fuck???? Who did not tell Seattle people to burn their khakis?? I saw at least 20 people in 15 minutes in Khakis…nice. I’m sure these people are great, but..the khakis must go!

Okay..time to go check out this town.

You get to this while I do…..

‚ÄúWonder Woman vs Verona Queen of the Vampires‚ÄĚ- featuring Angela Sommers and Christina Carter






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If you have not see this mighty little gem..the time is now!!!

Night loves!!


Hello Monday!!


No one really likes Mondays, we all know that…but what can we do? Maybe just ignore it…it will go away..I promise tomorrow will be Tuesday. By then, I hope my cranky sadness will go away as well. I freaking can’t stand it when there is absolutely nothing wrong…but all I want to do it hide and cuddle on the couch with someone. I’m not sure who that someone might be either. Damn it!

Actually, just took a mini break and played on FB for a bit, got in a few poke wars and felt so much better!! LOL… now I get why they have that on I’m so ready to take on Monday! First, a nice visit to my specialist…then the trainer…lets do it!!!

Lets check out more of these preview pics too…….

‚ÄúWonder Woman vs Verona Queen of the Vampires‚ÄĚ– featuring Angela Sommers and Christina Carter






NOW AVAILABLE  ON my embedded eclipstore                                                          and!

Again, imagine just how hard it was to lay there and act like I was under her spell… I couldn’t make a sound or move!! Tongue deep in my pussy!! Oh my!!!

Have a great day!!

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 7.13.57 AM


Sexual harassment???


Somehow I managed to have jet lag, my hours are really messed up. Which is odd¬† since it was only a 3 hour difference. I thought for sure if I stayed up a while I would be able to sleep…no chance. I slept 2 hours…and not even well. Guess I’ll be taking a nap this afternoon. Looks like a quiet Saturday night in for me, which I welcome with open arms!:)

After dropping my things off at the house when I arrived yesterday evening, picking up my car, taking my friend to pick up her scooter for a rally, and grabbing something to eat…. I got talked into meeting a few friends at a little dive bar to say hi since I had been gone so long. Little did I know that my friend Renee was going to be trashed when I arrived. She kept walking up to me and unbuttoning my top… telling me I had way too many clothes on…lol. I swear she did it at least 10 times before I told her it was seriously sexual harassment and I was going to kick her ass if she didn’t stop. I’m not talking just one button….all of them!¬† Geez, sometimes my girlfriends are friskier then the men around here. :)…lol. Believe it or now, I was outta there in 30 minutes because I couldn’t deal with it anymore. I know, sometimes I even surprise myself these days :).

Oh wait…that would be a great wrestling/catfight video! We’ll have to shoot that one when we have time. Title it “Sexual Harassment” as well…lol.

Are you ready for my Wonder Woman transformation?? Lets do it!!

‚ÄúWonder Woman vs Verona Queen of the Vampires‚ÄĚ– featuring Angela Sommers and Christina Carter






Get it now!!!

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I have so many things to share from Fetish Con, but my mind seems to be mush at the moment. I’ll have write them down as they pop in my head so I don’t forget to share.

Have a great Saturday!!


A tasty little treat…

Hello Lovers!!

Here comes the weekend, and I’m coming home for it! I’ve been gone for 2 fun filled weeks. I’ll only be home for 3 1/2 days before jumping in the car and driving up the coast to Seattle Washington. I’ll be relocating my bestie, which is going to be heart breaking….but I know how to get buy a plane ticket :)… I’ll be there often. ūüôā

I did leave Turks and Caicos this morning, I’m hanging in Florida for the night. I’ll be jumping on a plane to LA in the morning. Just in time, I just saw there is a hurricane heading up the Caribbean right now.¬† It’s about to get a bit wet and crazy over there!! OH NO!!

Speaking of things getting all wet….lets look at the next couple of preview pics from the latest release. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to act like you are under a hypnotic spell when one of your favorite women is licking your pussy. Talk about some…that was rough, but so fucking hot.

MMMMMMmmmmm…let’s do it…


‚ÄúWonder Woman vs Verona Queen of the Vampires‚ÄĚ– featuring Angela Sommers and Christina Carter






Damn…just revisiting these pics makes my pussy start throbbing!!

Get it now ….

NOW AVAILABLE  ON my embedded eclipstore                                                          and!

Time to work on booking your customs, if you have sent them in… I’ll be getting your info to you after the weekend. I know I sent out follow ups¬† to those who have projects in the works before I left……lets make some magic lovers! I’ll be scheduling the next CED installment asap, and wrestling as “The Deliminator” every weekend in September. PLUS….MMA shoots are starting again…woo hoo… I can’t wait!!! So many great things coming your way!!!

But first….where’s my trainer?????? OH FRANK…..I’m back!!! LOL!! I’m sure he’ll be as happy as I am that I’m back :). I’ve already got him booked for Saturday!



Straight outta paradise…


Hoping you are all having a wonderful week and taking care of and loving yourselves. Don’t forget to do that, it’s very important! I need you in my life.

I have to share something with you that was happening multiple times at Fetish Con…

I made sure this year to get tied and vibed a few times a day on the convention floor. Much to my surprise, every time I would cum ….everyone would clap. LOL….are you kidding? How did my life become this fantastic??!! I would have never imagined it could be like this. How cool is that? I cum, they clap.¬† :). Could life get any better than this????

Lets enjoy this amazing life we live….and take in some cool pictures of Angela making me her sex slave. Now that she has put me under her trance….ther is no telling what may happen. LOL…okay, okay, we all can guess what is going to happen…lol. Lets just take it all in!

‚ÄúWonder Woman vs Verona Queen of the Vampires‚ÄĚ– featuring Angela Sommers and Christina Carter






NOW AVAILABLE  ON my embedded eclipstore                                                          and!



My thank you letter to all….


I would like to send out a big than you to all my fans and new friends that made it out to Fetish Con. I had so much fun meeting and getting to talk and spend a little time with everyone. So many great people, I really feel so blessed to have you all in my life.

Also, a big thank you to my great friend Jim Weathers for loaning me 2 amazing banners for my booth, tying me as O-Girl in front of my booth (which gave my fans a close and person experience into what it is like to be at a shoot with us), and being my red carpet date. You are one amazing friend don’t know what I’d do without you! I can’t leave out my wonderful friend Mr. David Mack, who was one of my right hand men through the whole convention, Thank you sir, you never cease to amaze me. Thank you for sharing your new clip that is soon to be released with me first, I’m still dripping wet! You have definitely got something there :)…HOTTTTTT!!!! Thank you Michelle Carey, I would not have been able to do it with out you…seriously…thank you for taking care of me. I love you.¬† Thank you Lilly and Sharon, I had an amazing time with you and can’t wait to see you and spend more quality time with both of you. Thank you Stone Cutter for manning my booth more than you wanted to…lol… see what happens when you want to be part of my crew? It’s some serious work. ūüôā You handled it with such grace. I’m sure you will be hiding from me next year…lol. Jeff and Jennifer Jamm, thank you for helping with my booth on Sunday and with breaking it down..much love. Thank you Princess Anna for gracing me with your presence all week.I love all the time we got to spend together, even if half of the time we were getting ready for shoots and events or in bed trying to get some kinda sleep, I love you girl! Reno Binder, thank you for tying me multiple times on the convention floor/C4S stage, you rock! Clips4sale, thank you for letting me ride your Sybian and orgasm live on your stage with all your beautiful girls fondling me. Your the best!!Thank you to all the wonderful producers I got to shoot with this past week, it was so much fun!

But the biggest THANK YOU of all… FETISH CON crew and all the staff.¬† Mike, Vesta, and Genesis…thank you for this amazing event and for honoring me with the role of being one of the¬† “Guest of honors”. I enjoy every second of it…I love it and all of you so much. I would love to come to Florida soon just to spend time with the three of you.

wait…another big late thank you for Nick Sterling aka “The man behind the curtain”, who did so much work for me in the past at the convention. I didn’t know it would take multiple people to replace you at this event. Thanks for making it happen all the time!

I wouldn’t be who I am today without all of you amazing people in my life, Thanks ūüôā

Okay, now that I got that out of my system…. and before I get some much needed rest…preview pics from our latest update:

By the way, it was a sweltering 90 some degrees in the house when we shot this…can’t have windows open or air on due to noise level. All the sweat in this video…super real :). But super hot!

‚ÄúWonder Woman vs Verona Queen of the Vampires‚ÄĚ- featuring Angela Sommers and Christina Carter






NOW AVAILABLE  ON my embedded eclipstore                                                          and!




Winding down…

If you call 4 more hours of me in my booth and 3 shoots and the bondage ball winding down…lol…thats what I will be doing today…. I’m actually sitting at my booth right now finishing this Jumping u every few minutes to take pictures and sign autographs :)…because I love my fans..all of you!

Take a look at theses next couple beautiful preview pics while I go get tied up as O-Girl!!!


‚ÄúWonder Woman vs Verona Queen of the Vampires‚ÄĚ- featuring Angela Sommers and Christina Carter







NOW AVAILABLE  ON my embedded eclipstore                                                          and!

All my love and kisses!!



New Release – WW vs Verona..Plus Fetish Con Love!!

Hello from Fetish Con 2015!!!

We are celebrating 15 years of this amazing convention. With each year it grows bigger and bigger, and we love it more and more. If you are not here, I’m about to give you a couple reasons you should be..

Lets play a little game I love called….name the people in these photos:




















“Wonder Woman vs Verona Queen of the Vampires”– featuring Angela Sommers and Christina Carter







Wonder Woman vs Verona Queen of the Vampires;
CC Productions is very proud to release a fan custom, Wonder Woman vs. Verona Queen of the Vampires. Christina Carter the quintessential Amazon Princess is flanked by the smoking hot Angela Sommers as Verona. Anyone that knows Angela knows playing a vampire always brings out the best of her. Story Line: Diana Prince is interviewing vampire hunters to track down the Queen of the Vampire Nation. Verona disguised as a vampire hunter interviews with Diana Prince with the subversive goal of enchanting Diana Prince and luring Wonder Woman to her aid. Clip Contains: Vampire Enchantment, Robot like behavior, humiliation, kissing, girl-girl, strap-on sex, oral sex, super heroine transformation and female fighting.
                                NOW AVAILABLE  ON my embedded eclipstore                                                          and!


I’ll post more tomorrow!!


Let the Fetish Con fun begin!!!

Hello lovers!!!

I’m in Tampa and my week of Fetish Con madness has begun!! It doesn’t officially start until Thursday nights meet and greet, but the shooting has already begun, and many have already arrived at the host hotel. Princess Anna and I are relaxing at David Macks house tonight. She flew in from California today, while I spent the day shooting for hypnolust. It’s been at least 5 years since I last visited there studio. If you are fan, they will have some really nice video coming to their site very soon.

Not to fret if you will not be at Fetish Con and need some entertaining this weekend…. CC Productions will be releasing a brand new Super Heroine release featuring yours truly and Angela Sommers!!

Stay tuned!!

Here are some cute personal photos from today straight from my trusty iPhone …..

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.19.15 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.19.27 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.19.38 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.20.02 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.20.19 PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.20.31 PM

I’ll be arriving at the hotel tomorrow…I hope they are ready for my crazy ass!!!!