The release…

Hello Loves!!

It’s happened…”Batgirl vs Gretel, REVENGE” Has finally released on Clips4sale!!

Oh man has it been a long two days.. I have had about an hour and a half of sleep on a plane. That’s what happens when you want to be there for your friends in every aspect. On set and in real life. I shot for Melissa Jacobs yesterday with Angela Sommers and Fancesca Le, it was an amazing yet long day. Then I ran home and packed..tried to get a few hours sleep (didn’t happen) a town car at 4:45am..and in Miami at 5PM. A quick change and off to brain fried and trying to get pictures out to you. PLUS…another release.. a solo pantyhose video. Someday I’ll catch…someday.

I hope you are having a much more relaxed week…

lets get some ass shall we..

“Christina Carter’s Batgirl vs Gretel, Revenge – Pt.3″

starring Christina Carter as Gretel and Candle Box as Batgirl…
Available to you right now on my embedded clip store and!!
Now available on !!
Good Night Loves!

All kinds of crazy!


Another ridiculously hot day here in California, it’s starting to wear on my nerves. LOL. Usually I love this weather, but we don’t normally have humidity like this here. We have little to none. can take this shit back… I want the 60’s and 70’s again!! At this point I might as well give up on trying to do anything with my hair… It just turns into a huge lion mane and as soon as I start to sweat..turns into one giant knot. Damn it to hell…LMAO!!

Okay.. funny story before I give you some more great preview pics…

A crazy lady made me question my own sanity today. I was getting quarters at the laundromat … Went to put a 5 dollar bill in..

Lady: that machine doesn’t take 20’s.
Me: it’s a 5 (as I put it in.. Then it comes back out)
Lady: I told you it doesn’t take 20’s.
Me: it’s a 5 (I try the machine again.. It spits it out)
Lady: See.. It doesn’t take 20’s.
Me:(showing her the 5) it’s absolutely a 5 dollar bill!)
Lady: No it’s not.. That’s a 20.

I try one more time, it comes out again..
This time I looked at the 5 and thought “Oh shit.. Could this really be a 20 and I have lost my freaking mind and think it’s a 5???”
Then the Mexican dude next to me says.. “Here let me give you a newer 5, I think that ones too old.”
Thank god he stepped in…. I seriously thought I was loosing my freaking mind!!
I should have taken a closer look at the lady when she was talking to me.. Who wears fuzzy pink socks with flip flops.. When it’s hotter than balls out!!? She was clearly crazy.


Now that I’m sure I shouldn’t be locked in a padded cell like our girl Gretel…lol…lets get to some really juicy pics from our release shall we??

I haven’t had as many comments as I usually get on forums and in emails..please, I love to hear your voice and know what you are thinking!! Comment, comment, comment!!!

“Christina Carter’s Batgirl vs Gretel, Revenge – Pt.3″

starring Christina Carter as Gretel and Candle Box as Batgirl…
Available to you right now on my embedded clip store and!!
Off to bed I go.. I’ll be having a really long day on set tomorrow with some of my most favorite ladies… Melissa Jacobs and Angela Sommers!!
Love you!!

Social Media…

Hello Loves,

It wasn’t strange to me that I wasn’t on any social media until right now. It as become so much a part of my life, people expect me to be on all the time. I have learnt to accept it. When I say it wasn’t strange, I mean it didn’t bother me at all. Guess that means I’m not addicted to  Are you? I know I see a bunch of you on there all the time. I even know some people who have there twitter set to alert when I post. I always think it’s funny when I am sitting next to someone who has that and there is that awkward moment when I wonder why and they get Stalk much? It’s the easiest way…like I’m doing all the work for them. 🙂

All I really wanted to do right now is check in and get you more preview pictures..

So here you are! I’m going to get my butt in bed..were you probably are.


“Christina Carter’s Batgirl vs Gretel, Revenge – Pt.3″

starring Christina Carter as Gretel and Candle Box as Batgirl…
Available to you right now on my embedded clip store and!!
Love you!!


I’m on it!

Hello my loves!

It’s another crazy hot day on the west coast. I did not get my ass out of my bed until 12:45pm ..odd, when I went to bed at midnight. I’ve felt a tad strange all day, it’s either dehydration or just my body trying to heal from working out so much. Worst case scenario… I’m going to be fighting some cold for the next few days. Lets hope it’s just dehydration from the work outs. This girl ain’t got no time for that! (BTW.. I don’t like the word “ain’t”’s still not a word to me…lol )

So, for those of you who have yet to purchase this video….what exactly are you waiting for? :)..Like I have stated before…it’s a hot one. Especially if you like anal. It does get a little messy…bet it’s all real. You wanted me to fuck her in the ass…so I did..and she loved every inch of it! I loved giving it to her. The dominant side of me is raging these days… and I love that you are giving me the chance to show it. Only question is what and who to do next. So many options, so many girls. Tell me…who and what next. I want to know.

I am getting a lot of scripts coming in, all that are waiting for tiny little details to be filled before we set a date to shoot. Sometimes this can take many weeks or months to get nailed down…but believe me…it’s all worth it in the end.

I have been seeing parody after parody all over the internet…the latest being of Harlequin. It’s being done over and over. So what so what do you want next? Let me know.. I’m on it!!!

“Christina Carter’s Batgirl vs Gretel, Revenge – Pt.3″

starring Christina Carter as Gretel and Candle Box as Batgirl…
Available to you right now on my embedded clip store and!!
Love you!!

Oh Eva!!!


Happy Tuesday!! What a great day it was, even though I was up and running at 6AM…it was pretty fucking good! So I posted the wrong name yesterday, of the girl I was to work with today. It turn out I was shooting with Eva Karera…and I am so glad I did. I love this woman! We had so much fun wrestling, licking, sucking and fucking each  other. YUM!!  I seriously had such a good time fucking her…if all women were like her, I might be a hardcore lipstick lesbian. Then so many men would have to be with out my love, that would be sad… I won’t do that to you I promise 🙂 I was thinking about making her a Villain in one of productions. If you do not know who she is let me introduce you…

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.02.16 PM

Eva has a great French accent…it’s very sexy! What character do you see her playing?

Lets get to the preview pics from our latest’s getting hot now. Time to get into Batgirls butt!! How sweet it is to spread those little checks and give her what she has coming….and what you all have been asking for!!!

“Christina Carter’s Batgirl vs Gretel, Revenge – Pt.3″

starring Christina Carter as Gretel and Candle Box as Batgirl…
Available to you right now on my embedded clip store and!!
Night lovers!!!

Boob crushing…coming right up!!


Hope you had a great Monday, I spent it driving to around LA to appointments and at the gym getting my ass kicked. It was still all fun though! I had barely enough time before having to run to the post office to mail a few things out to eat and shower. Now I’m at my desk, wanting so badly to be in my bed sleeping. I have to be up early again tomorrow to be at my very first mammogram….ever. SWEET…boob crushing!! If they let me bring in my phone, you could bet I would snap a few pics…but I don’t think that will happen. They warned me that it might be a little uncomfortable…and my mind wandered back to the days I worked for I think I’ll be able to handle it…Hahahaa. Just as long as Matt Williams is not standing there waiting to do a breast tie on my

Then I have to be at a wrestling shoot right after… with the beautiful Asia Carrera. I’ll definitely be getting pictures of that! The legend herself!!

Lets get to these photo’s before I pass out at my desk!!


“Christina Carter’s Batgirl vs Gretel, Revenge – Pt.3″

starring Christina Carter as Gretel and Candle Box as Batgirl…
Available to you right now on my embedded clip store and!!

Wonder Pumps!!!!

Hello Lovers!!!

I’m back home safe and sound, and came home to an amazing pair of shoes. Thank you Michele Carey!! I can not wait to wear these… I’m thinking about wearing them out tonight!!

Wonder Woman pumps!!!!! How fucking sweet are these?!?!

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 7.48.42 PM

What do you think? Should I wear them in a shoot?

Now for tonights preview picks!  I’m so happy to have so many …yet really want to get those dirty, dirty preview pics to you…lol. We’ll get there. It’s just so damn delicious watching myself torture poor little Batgirl…Bahahahah!!! Unfortunately I can not look at this all night, I have to go get ready for a friends birthday celebration.


“Christina Carter’s Batgirl vs Gretel, Revenge – Pt.3″

starring Christina Carter as Gretel and Candle Box as Batgirl…
Available to you right now on my embedded clip store and!!

Debauchery at it’s finest…

Whoa…I’ve had quite the adventure this trip to Florida. I never did get to play tennis, due to my back pain. In fact, one of my normal girls that gives me massages is about to give me another in 45 minutes. My upper back is still so tight.

Back to my adventures….

Yesterday after I posted I went to meet a few friends for dinner. I was almost done with my salad, maybe two bites to go when this girl with one crutch passes my table and says…”MMMMmmmmm that looks yummy..what is it?” “Ummm, It’s a salad.” I said with a polite smile on my face. She decided to stop and continue talking to me, it only took me a second to realize she was so drunk she could barely complete a I was in a black button down, nice jeans and little black boots…barely any make up and my hare slicked back in a low pony. I asked her what happened to her leg..she started telling me how she was hit by some girl in a pick up truck in a Bed, Bath & Beyond parking lot…then she stopped and said.. “Are you a doctor?” Of course I felt like having some fun…so with out skipping a beat I said “Yes…that’s odd…how did you know that?” LMAO!!!! Then she went on about how I just looked like one. She asked me what kind, I told her I was a plastic surgeon. LMAO!! She was so I kept going with it. Finally after 5 more minutes of her drunkin talk, I asked her if she could give me some time to talk to my friends since I had been working all day. She left, and my friends were loosing their shit laughing at my new made up

After dinner the one friend and I decided to go to a strip club. We’ve been friends for 13 years and have never done this together. So…we went to Rachael’s. What a beautiful place, but they have so many rules for their girls…weird rules…like you can not sit down with someone unless they specifically ask you to. Anyway, this chick with a unrealistically perfect barbie body catches my eye. I tell my friend that we must get a lap dance from her. He calls her over and we exchange names. Then she asks what we do for a living, and before I could get one word out…he says..”I’m an astronaut and shes a plastic surgeon.” OH MY GOD…LOL… here we go again!! So we played it off the whole The one girl just blurts out.. “Oh, you know what? I’m going to go get Botox next week”.. I just looked at her kinda sideways and said..”I don’t do peoples Botox, I’m a Surgeon.” I was so willing to tell them who I really was and what I do…and I kept laying hints..but know one was picking it up. I was talking about how a lot of my friends feature and are Penthouse girls, also when one of them said the guy she likes just realized she was a stripper, he saw her in the elevator at 3 in the morning with a bag and full makeup… I said she should have said she was at a shoot, a photo shoot.

LMAO…finally we decided to go back to my hotel and go to the pool. Never mind that is was 1AM and it was closed. My friend asks the girl at the front where the main pool is, and she told us where but said it’s closed and security with just come in and make us get out. I pulled my friend away and said that we would tell them she said hi when they come….and then I told my friend to keep his mouth shut and not to talk to anyone else…lol. I think we might have been out there till 3… no one came..even though the first thing we did getting into the huge Jacuzzi was hit the wrong button. Yep..the emergency button!! was dark. Never hit the button…it’s very loud! Bahahahaha!! Thank god it wasn’t a real emergency… no one came.

Are you ready for tonights preview pics? I love this part of the video, I put Batgirl under my spell. All I had to do is say the numbers 3-3-8…and shes my own private living doll. I get to do anything, yes anything to her…and with one quick snap of my fingers…she’s awake and wondering how she got into the predicament she is now in.

“Christina Carter’s Batgirl vs Gretel, Revenge – Pt.3″

starring Christina Carter as Gretel and Candle Box as Batgirl
Available to you right now on my embedded clip store and!!
Doreen is her to give me my massage, later loves!!

That’s what you get..


Happy Thursday…hold on we are almost to the weekend!!

I’m in Florida, it’s rainy, yet so Maybe I feel this way because I have not seen the rain in so long..who knows. I came down to play tennis, flew in yesterday. But this morning brought really bad back pain…and I was so petrified that it was my Lupus. I thought for sure the lining of my lungs and heart were swelling again. This usually happens when I fly and land in cold weather….but I’m not in cold weather. The first sign is lower back pain, due to everything swelling and pushing on nerves. I just said two days ago how amazing I feel. I totally jinxed myself.  BUT… I went to get a massage to see if it would help, the girl is also a trainer, she said my upper back s so tight that it is transferring pain to the lower back. That’s what you get when you work out so freaking hard!! Then she gave me the best deep tissue massage ever. I’m doing much better. Which makes me happy since I want to be able to travel more. I laughed when she said..”You need to take it easy super woman”.. I wanted to correct her and say.. “Wonder Woman”. LOL!!

Enough of the gabbing right? Lets get more of those preview pics to you….

Note the second one picture, I’m not sure how she fell like this..but I love it sooooooo much!! It’s one of my all time favorite pictures. As a matter of fact..If I am lucky enough to be guest of honor again next year… I’m putting this in with photo’s that will flash on a screen at my booth. And maybe have a big screen like Sandra Silvers did  with videos playing behind me :). This being one of them!! I love this video!


“Christina Carter’s Batgirl vs Gretel, Revenge – Pt.3″

starring Christina Carter as Gretel and Candle Box as Batgirl
Available to you right now on my embedded clip store and!!
Love you!!!


Let’s have a quickie!!!

Hello lovers!!!

Tonight’s post is going to be a quickie…it’s just got to be like that sometimes. As long as it’s a good one it’s all good right? RIGHT! Nothing like some good old fashioned ass whoopin’ before I make it mine right?? LOL…of course 🙂

Why are you only getting a short post tonight? Because I drove an hour away to give the ridiculously beautiful Angela Sommers  a pair or burlesque fans that can from a mainstream movie set (because I knew she would absolutely love and appreciate them)….. and to  return the amazing banners that Jim Weathers let me borrow for the  fetish convention. As a bonus… I got to spend an hour chatting it up with my girl Jewel Evens while Jim was finishing up a shoot with Gigi Allens… and we waited for Angela to return from a shoot herself. It was my first time meeting Gigi in person, and let me tell you…she’s a freaking doll !! I love this girl, and I can’t wait to shoot her for my site someday soon.

Of course we all went out to dinner before heading home…

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.24.35 AM

Yes, I’m make-up-less lol… because why not?

You know what, I look at that picture and it reminds me of how lucky I am and how much I love this business and the people in it. 🙂

Okay, lets get back on track…

I have to be up early and on a plane so I need to get some sleep…Lets get these to you 🙂

“Christina Carter’s Batgirl vs Gretel, Revenge – Pt.3″

starring Christina Carter as Gretel and Candle Box as Batgirl








Available to you right now on my embedded clip store and!!


BTW… I just realized the embedded link from before was leading to the other store…fixed now!! Must have been what that wonderful fan of mine was talking about…lol..THANK YOU!!