Happy Day after Thanksgiving!!

Hello Lovers!

This from before my computer decided to fake crapping out..

It’s time to reconnect with all your friends and family, and hunker down for that big day of non-stop eating. Oh you know it’s true…the holidays are all about that aren’t they..lol. I’m in Portland with my son, his girlfriend and her brother. I just got here…so we just finished the grocery shopping. It’s going to be cooking all day for me, and the kids..all 19 and over are begging for me to hang out right now. So I just stopped in to get you more pics from our latest release…


I really think my laptop loves to play games with me, evidently the battery can’t take the cold here. Neither can I, but I didn’t crap out …lol. I cooked my ass off all day long and washed more dishes that you could ever think possible. But the food and the company was amazing, I would do it over and over in a heartbeat :).I hope your day was a magical as mine.

“Sensual Foot Tickle Worship”- Starring Christina Carter and Akira Lane






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Have a great day!!



Happy Friday!!!!

Happy Friday night!!!

So I’m feeling much better today…finally, like myself again. Had a great day of work, did the voice over for the new  Diana Knight video we shot early last week, and then had another short shoot in the valley. I’ve been up since 6AM, and it’s finally time to relax…ahhhhh… I hope you are relaxing too.

We had a great production meeting today ….with lots of great things coming your way. I’m very excited!! BTW, I have a girlfriend who wants to write me a script with me playing Daisy Duke. What do you think about that? What fetishes should we cover with this video? I’m really excited about it… I’m all about different ideas these days. I’m also wanting to introduce male super heroes in my video’s…yes, You may get your male fondling females back…happy? I knew you would be. 🙂

Now…go relax and watch some of ridiculously hot videos on C4S!!


“Sensual Foot Tickle Worship”- Starring Christina Carter and Akira Lane






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Have an amazing night everyone!!




New release on C4S!!

Hello lovers!

I’ve been in bed for days, sick as a dog. The most I was able to do was watch TV, take loads of medicine and sleep. Six days later and I’m still not at my best, but I’m trying. Even while I’m barely conscious in bed the crazy world keeps turning.

I have been able to fit time in to watch a few great Super Hero TV shows while going in and out of sleep. Like “The Flash” and “Agents of the Shield” , which I am watching right now as I right this post 🙂

How about the news of Charlie Sheen?  You know I had to go there. I would love to know your thoughts on this subject. I have just seen one interview, and read a few on the internet…but I can’t be surprised that people point to the porn industry when stuff like this happens.Yes, I get it that he dated a few of our girls, but they are clean. We all must get tested, more often than you might think. A test is only valid for 14 days. He didn’t get it from the industry girls. Anyway, good for him for coming out and telling the truth…My heart does go out to him as well…It’s terrifying I’m sure.

But please people..wrap it or get tested!

Geez…there is never a dull moment is there…never just calm and peace?? I did watch a lot of news….wow..that can get depressing. I try not to do that too much, I just check in every once in a while.

I guess all there is to do is keep pushing forward and entertain ourselves and make our own happiness in our own little bubbles if we can. So….that’s what we shall do!!

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“Sensual Foot Tickle Worship”- Starring Christina Carter and Akira Lane






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Have a great night!



No rest for the wicked…

Hello lovers,

After a crazy busy week of shooting and trying hard not to get sick…. it got me. I am exhausted and have that cold that everyone else had. It really could be worse though, It’s just annoying and I just want to sleep. Just posting this little journal is taking all the energy I have left. But before I shut my eyes and rest tonight..lets take a peek at some very sensual pics from our last release…

If I have to look at one thing before closing my eyes to go to sleep, I’m glad it’s this. I love Akiras soft lips and tongue all over my toes and arches. This is just a glimpse of what is going to happen in this clip. It’s no secret that I love her feet as much as she loves mine… let the orgasms begin!

“Sensual Foot Tickle Worship”- Starring Christina Carter and Akira Lane







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Please enjoy this clip as well as all the other clips on my many clip stores and my membership site, while I get myself back in tip top shape for you!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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An amazing day with Diana..

Hello Loves,

A couple of weeks ago I wrote on the forums of the up coming shoot with Diana Knight. I did ask for ideas and scripts. I received more than I had anticipated and they were all very good. However, we went on our own for this little number. It was about time I got revenge on my sweet Diana, she is always kicking my ass. Plus, I have gotten many request over the past few months asking us to turn the tables, and that we did.

We decided to go with two characters that rarely get featured on my stores and  site. Diana as Viper and yours truly as Spider Woman. Oh, I almost forgot…someone very special has a cameo is this video. Sorry…you will have to wait and see.:)

Here are just a couple preview pics from today….



Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.13.04 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.13.53 PMScreen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.13.22 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.13.44 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.13.14 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.14.01 PM

Whoa…that was a hot one today! Just ask Diana, she was busting out those orgasms compliments of Spider Woman.

It’s very late, time to get my booty to bed!



New Release; Sensual Foot Tickle Worship with Akira Lane!

Hello Lovers!

It’s been a very, very busy week..that has ended with this ridiculously hot video of me and Akira after a night out on the town. We are addicted to each others feet and love to make each other feel good. LOL..and although this was a custom..it isn’t that far off of what really happens when Akira and I are out together. Usually it also includes Randy Moore in the mix of course…and maybe a Jacuzzi, pool, Ferrari, or even a yacht. We do always end up naked..and someone is getting off :)..no joke. So you can see why this little number ws such a blast for us to make…it’s just so natural. I mean… come on, have you seen Akira’s beautiful feet??? They are so delicious and suckable…mmm… yummy. When do we get to do part 2??

Please, go enjoy this new release. I will go send dirty little text messages to my Akira..I’m now craving her little toes and arches!


“Sensual Foot Tickle Worship”- Starring Christina Carter and Akira Lane
Sensual Foot Tickle Worship is a CC Productions custom video staring Christina Carter and Akira Lane. After a night out of dancing and partying Akira spends the night at Christina’s apartment. Akira makes the first move admiring her friend Christina’s beautify feet and toes. Christina is receptive to the attention and discovers her own foot fetish. Clip is a custom video, which includes stripping, nudity, kissing, girl-girl play, foot worship, toe sucking, masturbation, large beasts, Asian, brunette, @ChristinaBound and @AkiraLane.
Now available on my embedded clip store and http://www.eclipstore.com/28 !
Have a wonderful weekend!