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Sometimes you see and are around so much porn and talent that it becomes normal to you. Well, I’ve never quite been that girl, but I always thought maybe I was just being a little close minded. Which comes to my next story. I had to go get tested 2 days ago and was in Vegas. My 21 yr old was hanging with me. I didn’t bother to tell him why I needed to go to get a blood test, I just told him the basic info. We went in, and 2 other performers followed us. I signed in and went in the back, as my son hung in the waiting room. I heard the male talent say he was going to take a picture with just the blow up bat over his dick, and thought nothing of it. I finished my blood draw and we left. While we walked to the car my son says. “Did you hear that girl talking? Good thing she has a nice ass, everything that came out of her mouth was really dumb.”(In a concerned voice, not making fun of her) I just started laughing and commented that she sort of looked like Jenna Marbles. Fast forward to the next day when we are driving back to LA and my son says..”OH MY GOD, I just realized why that guy was acting like that at the doctors office. He was being such a dick and I was wondering why that girl was even dating him! They are in porn. Here I thought we were in just a normal doctors office.” BAHAHHAHAAHAAA  Yes, it’s true, they are. I always like to see what vanilla people think of the industry talent. These two gems that we ran into definitely had some crazy personalities, it was funny to see his reaction. I have never sheltered my son, his father and I had strip clubs. I did raise him right though, with manners… he knows how to act in public. All of my friends in the industry are like me, they are normal well put together people, and that’s what my son grew up with. The new talent are a whole different animal. But, with that being said… they are his age, so it’s funny to see his reaction. LOL!! They are manageable, they are just kids.



Wonder Woman in Greece


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