A happy ending..

Oh yes, everyone is searching for a happy ending..and Gargantua got his for sure! I’m so pleased with how this clip has done and keeps doing. Im seriously thinking about shooting me and Gargantua in another in the next two weeks. What are your thoughts on this? Is it too soon? Not soon enough? You tell me. There are so many shoots coming up. I might have to have my crew shooting once a week. Except This month we have the awards..lots of them. I saw Summer Day today on set with Marcus… couldn’t help thinking about her being Super Girl again… so needed. I have so many things I want to shoot. I really want to shoot my new Wonder Woman gear soon, I had it 3D printed. It’t an exact replica of the moving coming out in 2017. I also want to shoot another Dark Dimensions, this time having myself and Reagan fox as leads.

I’m running out of battery on my laptop and I’m in the car on the way back to vegas, so let me post this for you.. and no, I am not driving.


Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua 







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5 thoughts on “A happy ending..

  1. Another ‘Dark Dimensions’ story? That sounds great but um…there’s one small problem with that, Wonder Woman.

    Your girl Diana? I heard she’s quit the industry…and that’s not good. How are you gonna continue the storyline without her? 🙁

    She’s the original Dark Wonder Woman and I doubt there’s another fetish model out there that can be deliciously wicked as she was. Diana had a tenacity that many fetish models can only dream of having. Without her, can another story even be created?

    If so just do me one small favor: PLEASE LET WONDER WOMAN WIN THE GAME THIS TIME. She needs a victory in the Dark Dimension more than ever (and you did promise that Wonder Woman would have her revenge on her).

    Please don’t break your promise this time, Christina. 🙁

  2. Likewise. I too would like to see a ‘happy ending’ for Wonder Woman in the Dark Dimension stories, Christina. I mean, we know you like to create stories where our favorite Amazon is getting her butt handed to her, but in all honesty, we’d like to see her get a victory over Dark Wonder Woman this time, please.

  3. With Diana Knight gone, is another Dark Dimension chapter even possible? Don’t get me wrong, I think Shay Fox was an excellent replacement when Diana wasn’t available for the last one (she was one hot M.I.L.F.) but I think Diana pretty much has cemented ownership to that role with her performance. However, I’ve always been so intrigued to see fetish models take a shot at playing a role played by someone else. So it would be interesting to see someone else in the role of Dark Wonder Woman…question is, is it going to have the same flair as the other chapters?

    Also Christina, I agree with Sally’s comment…when are we gonna see Wonder Woman get a victory this time (especially for the Dark Dimension chapters)? Come on, why are ya’ lettin’ our favorite Amazon hold back on the enemy? I’m sure she’s got plenty of Amazonian justice she’s just itchin’ to unleash. 😉

  4. Dear Christina,

    I really love your work and you have very creative stories that leave me wanting more…but I too would like to see Wonder Woman have a victorious happy ending in the next Dark Dimension story. What will it take for us to see that? Is money the issue? Is that why there hasn’t been much victory for Wonder Woman?

    If money’s what you want, I’m willing to pay whatever I have on me if it means I can get to see Wonder Woman have a victory instead of a defeat for a change.

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