Didn’t see that coming..

Hello Lovers,

January always comes with so many surprises, and so many sickness and flus. Everyone is sick. it’s scary. I can’t even telly you how many people have passed away in the last week. Sad, and scary. Please take care of yourselves out there. I’m sure you all know that my some moved back in with me a few months ago and is now in between jobs and schools. The other day he asked for some extra money. of course I asked what he spent the last transfer on. I really thought he said “Porn”, which took me by surprise… you spent it on porn I asked? No of course not he said… who pays for porn when there is porn hub? I spun around in shock and horror. Are you kidding? You do know that is all stolen porn do you not??? He had no idea.( I didn’t see that coming, not from my son) I then asked him if he like driving his car… you know who pays for that car? Porn. So yes, people need to start paying  for their porn. Plus the fact that I pay someone to send take down notices… Thats’s not cheap. He had no idea that people posted the porn they had paid for on these sites so everyone else could  watch them for free. He had no idea that that is why his mother has to work her ass off to make everything work these days. I explained to him how I think it is funny how so many people his age don’t want to pay for anything, yet whine about not being able to find a job. Well, that is how this domino effect started. People stopped paying and started stealing, we stopped hiring and it just kept filtering over into other businesses. We all spent less, we don’t have it to spend…because people are stealing from us. It’s happened in so may aspects of life, so many business’. I  have so many friends asking me to give them jobs, I can’t, I make a small percentage of what I did years ago. Due to piracy. The law really needs to do it’s job here and crack down. I still am blown away that my own son had NO idea that porn hub was still content and was wrong. OMG. Please pay for your porn, or we will no longer be able to make it.

“Wonder Woman, Who’s in Charge”

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