Double Trouble pt 2!!

Hello Lovers!

The wait is over… You finally get to see my Double Penetration!! This is my one and only DP…..the first time EVER. I had a fan email and comment that he thought what I meant by DP was just being with 2 guys, but it’s not. I meant the real DP.. one in the pussy and one in the ass!! Felt like I was on a rollercoaster trying to hold on for dear life. Did I like it? Maybe. I’m a one guy at a time kinda girl. I like to focus all my energy on one sole person. Two men are a lot to handle. I like to share my gf’s with my guys.. that’s a “me” thing. But every once and a while.. like this time you can watch right now…. I’t happens.

Enjoy my loves!!

DP Double Trouble, Part 2     

DP Double Trouble, Part 2 has the sexy Christina Carter in hardcore boy-girl action. Storyline: Christina’s in Vegas on business and decides to see what Sin City has to offer her sexual desires. After hiring male escorts (Tommy Gunn and Marcus London) Part 2 picks up with Christina deep in the throws of hard 3-way sex. The final crescendo, an very hot double penetration scene. Remember the Vegas odds, no holes barred. 😉 Clip Contains: Extreme boy-boy-girl action, kissing, fingering, oral, vaginal and anal penetration, double penetration, cum shots and cum on the face.

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Have a great Friday night!!


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