Eat the fries!!

Hello Lovers!!

Your weekend is here!! What am I doing?? Working. On EVERYTHING. There is so much going on. Emily Addison with be here Tuesday, and of course we will be shooting. What will we be shooting? Well that is up in the air.. another Gargantua? Or Batgirl and Cat Woman? We shall decide tomorrow. I’d like to do both.. but I only have her for one day. Plus, have to make up part 2 of the scarecrow this month.. and put the next Gremlin on the schedule. Looking at locations now. PLUS… a new fembot clip to get a location and dates for. That will be me, Angela Sommers and Kendra James. My head is spinning. So if you are messaging me just to say hi, thank you but keep it to a minimum please, I’m trying to get work done for

Funny story..One of my best friends drug me away kicking and screaming to a very beautiful secluded place last week to recover from AVN, While there, we are eating lunch beside 2 couples in there 60’s. I overhear them talking, and one of the guys saying “If you want to shave 10-15 years off your life.. go ahead and order the fries.” I look at my friend and say loud enough so they can hear (as I am eating the fries)..”Six people I knew have dies since the new year. I’m eating the Fries. People are dropping like no ones business.” The ladies then ordered fries… and drinks. LOL. You never know, you really have no idea. If I go tomorrow… I won’t be pissed that I didn’t have a fry.. because I will let myself. I suggest you live your life now, and live it happy and healthy.. not just healthy.

Okay, have a great night… and go buy some porn!! (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish) 

Support your favorite porn stars, … in all ways please.. if we are happy, we will keep you happy!!



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