Feliz Navidad meets Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

Here’s to hoping you had a beautiful Christmas filled with your favorite family and friends. Last night I made a delicious filet dinner with my famous “Crack” Potatoes (because they’re that addictive) and sautéed spinach for my son, Jewel Evans and myself. It was so good.. we were all sleeping about an hour and a half later. Today, my son and went to one oh his bestie houses. The family is Mexican, and even though I have Mexican in my family, I am a white girl. So as I walk in with a bunch of yummy food I made… everyone in the house gets very quiet..lol. It’s that awkward yet confused ..”Did a random white girl just show up.. and did she bring white people food with her?”  Don’t get me wrong, they were great people, especially after they ate some of my food..lol… then they liked me.  There wasn’t that much English being spoken, but I can catch on if I listen. They also had a birthday today as well. It was Sabastiens 7th Birthday.. he must have thought I was one of his presents because when I walking in he was hugging me like we were long lost friends..lol. He was adorable!! The poor dude had to sit in front of his cake through 4 Mexican birthday songs before he was about to blow it out. Fliez Cumpleanos!!

Now back to what you’re here for…PORN!!

“Wonder Woman, Who’s in Charge”

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Merry Christmas!!


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