Halloween is coming..

Hello Lovers!!

It;s seriously the middle of October, Halloween is almost here!! What are you doing for Halloween?? Are you going to any party or events? Usually I do, but I’m not really feeling like doing anything big at the moment. I was thinking about that as I drove home from the airport the other night. Why don’t I feel like being out and being the life of the party anymore? I used to thirst for the weekend… crave going out and seeing everyone. I remember running into Anastasia Peirces place years ago at one of the parties and screaming “Party’s here!!” LOL Now, not so much. A glass of wine somewhere comfortable and classy are more my style. I like to hear the person I am with. When did this change happen? Where is the old me??? Then it hit me, I don’t want to go out and be the center of attention because I now find myself trying to get time away from the attention. Let me tell you, yesterday I took a break from social media… and boy did it fix my mood!! Wow… it’s amazing how much pressure is on you when hundreds of people are demanding your attention. Damn. So, I’m going to do us all a favor and give myself breaks. That way I can make us both happy. Sound good??? Not that that pretty girl is coming back.. ever. But I’d like more time to take care of myself. I finally got a gym membership by my new place today. I’ll be going to use it after my Skype show this evening.


Lets look at some more preview pic!!

Wonder Woman in Greece

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2 thoughts on “Halloween is coming..

  1. Christina, I was thinking of throwing a Halloween party. My buddy used to throw one, every year where we all get together to carve pumpkins & drink beer. We know a lot of people in the arts here, so you get some very creative Jack-o-Lanterns. But since he’s not doing that this year I thought I might.

    Also, I know what you mean about not wanting to go out. I think that when people are younger they tend to look for outward stimuli for excitement, but as you get older you turn more inward. You become more comfortable with yourself & all the noise & crowds at the clubs become a distraction. Better to sit quietly and have a deep conversation with someone you love, than to be surrounded by noise and crowds where you can’t communicate and are really more alone.

  2. I’ll be honest and say I don’t quite know the feeling. I have never wanted to be the center of attention. But I have realized the older I get, the more I just want to have interesting conversations with friends and really have fun. I get so much more out of reminding myself of humanity through interactions. A good drink, a good book, movie or show, some peace. It’s underrated nowadays.

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