Here kitty, kitty…

Hello Lovers!!!

Are you up for some bad kitty tonight? This Villain aims to please, and loves to tease!! Get in on the action and watch her torment Spiderman!! All I gotta say is… someone ends up with cum all over them.. and it might be me!! I’m in Vegas for the next couple days shooting, and playing. It’s so hot here.. my car read 116.. wtf? It’s literally hell. The gas stations ran out of ice.. or the machines broke. Who knows.  What I do know, no one can drive when it is this hot out.. I almost got taken out 4 times trying to get to talent testing.

Anyway, I’m going to let you get at it… no long stories tonight, I’ll save it for tomorrow.

Black Cat vs. Spiderman, Leather Lust…



This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)THIS CLIP!!  (bondage/fetish)



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