I’m watching you..

Hello Lover beans!

I hope you all had a kick ass Thanksgiving. I took a few days away from work to and keep my head together, and then spent Thanksgiving with my son, Jolene Marz and her big family. It was full of loud crazy kids. Which I guess most Thanksgivings are. But it always seems there are  a few crazy ackward moments each year. This year, as I was making  mashed potatoes I had one of the children three feet away from me staring at me through a screened window. Addi is her name. I turn off the mixer to add more butter and she says in a creepy voice while staring at me with a blank face “I’m watching you.” I just smiled and laughed. She continued to do this to me all night long. At the end of the night I told her that i’m hoping she becomes a horror movie writer/producer/or director… either that or she’s going to be a mass murderer. That’s not all… Another good friend of mine asked if I could invite another one of our friends sons, which I had never met. Before he arrived Jolene looked at me and said “She’s trying to fix you up”. No way!!  Yep.. that’s exactly what was going on. Seriously? On thanksgiving? Good guy, but.. I’m not dating for a while.. for a long while. I need to just be me… and alone. Luckily I have great sense of humor and see the positive in everything. Thanksgiving was …fun.

Let’s get back to some preview pics shall we?? Double Penetration …

DP Double Trouble, Part 2     


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Have a great night!!



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