Meeting in the ladies room..


Before I post a few more pics from our latest release, I wanted to tell you a funny little run in I had yesterday while I was out at sushi with a friend. Per usual, before I left to get on the  road to face that long torturous drive on the 405, I went to the ladies room. The door was unlocked, so I walked in…and to my surprise there was a man standing with his back to me.. peeing. I jumped back and gave him his privacy as he reliezed I was there. Once he was done he came out and looked at the sign.. which clearly said WOMEN, but all of us have made this mistake He came really close to me and says “Oh wow..I’m so fucked up right now I went in the wrong one!” Of course I just laughed and smiled. Then he says “Are you married?” I didn’t want to see where this was going.. so of course I said yes (which you know i’m not). To which he replied “Oh, cuz if you weren’t I’d so make out with you right now.” I had no other reaction besides a nervous Then heading in to pee. Which to my horror I found every inch of the toilet and the surrounding floor covered with his urine. Ewwwww….What the fuck???? That is way more than a little fucked up. That is.. go the fuck home right now.. and don’t look back. lol. I’m still.. well…I’m not sure what I am. it was 4PM when this was taking place. It definitely made me think about limiting myself on the alcohol…I don’t want to be that guy. EVER. I’m sure I probably have been, but when you are sober and something like that rolls in your face.. lol.. oh

Let’s get back to those preview pics..

Christina Carter Self-Bondage Trap



This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish) THIS CLIP!!

Have a great night, you can breath now.. Monday is over!



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  1. Love that chasity belt dildo. Would love to see a superhero predicament with that and swapping the dildo with a lovense lush instead.

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