Short and sweet..

Hello Lovers,

This is going to be a very short post, I’m healing from my surgery so I’m in-between pain and the haze of pain meds. I look like a chipmunk and feel like I lost a fight. Not how you want to be feeling on New Years Eve weekend. Let’s hope you’re feeling better than I am.

I feel bad for how short this is..but focus is not my strong point right now..


“Wonder Woman, Who’s in Charge”


This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine) THIS CLIP!!  (bondage/fetish) 

Have a great night!


One thought on “Short and sweet..

  1. I don’t know if you read these, CC, but I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and also say that I hope you are feeling better. You are too good-looking to be in pain. So, pain…go away from CC.

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