Come and get it….

Hello Lovers,

Come and get it.. dinner is served… on this bed. This will be a quick post as I am getting ready for a one of our big CC productions shoot tomorrow. It will be a very including some very restrictive bondage, so I would like to make sure I get all the rest I need and I’m ready to go. I need to make a gorgeous Wonder Woman bondage video for my fucking amazing fans. Let’s get you some more preview pics so I can get my butt to bed!!

“Blackmailed Pt 1″…. Staring Christina Carter & Marcus London

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Let’s play a little game..

Hello Lovers!!

You ready to play a little bondage game? I hope so, because it is my favorite kind. It always starts off so innocent.. a girl walking into a room looking for her friend. She finds a box of kinky toys and decides to try them out. I man, really what else is a girl to do? I know, get naked and and try out all those play things. Especially that ass plug and that big black dildo.. they need to be held so deep inside as I struggle in in cuffs. This definitely needs to be finished off with a big red ball gag snug I’m my mouth and clover clamps biting down so terrifyingly hard on my swollen nipples. Not that I ever thought my girlfriend would know what I was going to do all alone in her room.. and maybe sh’d arrive just in time. The moment I am bound with no escape… helpless. At her mercy, Like she had planned all along. That dirty bitch!!! LOL

It’s waiting for you…

Christina Carter Self-Bondage Trap


This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish) THIS CLIP!!



Pussy for the weekend..

Hello Lovers!!

Would you like some nice juicy pussy for the weekend? I would!! Unfortunately, this is the closest I’m coming to it.. these delicious pictures!  I have another funny story to tell you.. So last night after I flew in, I had time to kill before I could get a lyft back to my place (no one likes 405 traffic at 6PM). So I met my friend out for a drink, which turned to more than just one or two. We found ourselves out at one of my favorite Hermosa Beach spots. It didn’t take long before guys where flocking around us. This really hot guy comes up to me all excited to see me and throws his arms around me, I didn’t think anything of it since I lived there for a couple years and had met so many people over the years. It only took a few minutes before I was commenting on how hot this dude was and how I’d want to date him and keep him forever. To which he replied..”Ummmm.. we did date.” I started laughing and told him there is no way and he reassured me that indeed we had. In fact I had sex with him a few times. I still didn’t believe him.. until he said his name.. and then it all came rushing back to me!! Then out of no where I blurt out…. Oh my god I had sex with you in my kitchen!! Yes you did.. and your bedroom. Holy hell, I’m going to have to blame it on my Lupus memory, I actually saw this guy for a couple weeks before I realized he was still so in love with his ex… and then I called it quits. He said he was freaking out back then that I didn’t tell him who I was, only that I had a production company. He found out accidentally on pornhub. To which I replied … buy your porn please. LOL. Anyway, it still blows me away that either I blocked him from my memory, or my memory is just that bad. Fuuuucccckkkkk!!! Or maybe it just wasn’t that…I can’t even remember if it was my friend told me to text him and ask for a dick pic to refresh my memory. HA!!

Let’s get to the last preview pics from this release…

Friends with benefits ……..




This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish) THIS CLIP!!



Pantyhose and toes..


It’s Saturday night and I’m about to roam the South Bay with Marcus London and my little friend Eve -AKA- Dirty Sanchez. Oh no…nothing crazy is about to go… I swear. (My fingers are  That’s why this is a quick little post for you….that, and it is hotter than hell once again in my house so we need to get the hell out of here pronto before I fucking

Lets suck on some pantyhose and toes shall we….


“Christina Carter’s Pantyhose Dirty Talk”

Starring: Christina carter





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