Come and get her!


I feel like there was something amazing happening this weekend and nobody told me. Why? Because sales were non existent for all of us in the porn business. I even had to test out my C4S to make sure it was working, and then all of the sudden.. sales started like usual today…the flood gates opened. Thank goodness, because I seriously thought for a hot second that it was time to pack it up and start a new business. Thank goodness that wasn’t the case, because I love this too much to want to do something else. And who the hell doesn’t want to see Adria Rae be dominated by Abigail Mac?? Mum… everyone needs some of that in their life. Those beautiful pussies, I want more myself ..I can’t get enough. I love seeing Abigail sank and finger fuck her hard. I know I loved watching it live. Delicious!! Want to see? Come and get it, come and get her!


“The Tamer” featuring: Abigail Mac, Adria Rar, and Marcus London







This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish) (The Tamer)

Love you lots,


The Tamer is here…

Hello Lovers!!

Time for another incredible CC Productions experience, that’s how I’m going to be referring to it from now on. Your probably asking yourself.. why? Because this is more like a TV show than a clip you buy on a clip store. In fact, this is part 1 or 4 episodes.  As much as I would like to take credit for this greatness, It all goes to the fan who commissioned it, the magician who shot it, and the impressive talent we had in front of our cameras. Abigail, Adria, and Marcus. I took the role of producer and assistant director, which I really do enjoy. I also enjoyed getting to perv for hours as Adria was so sweetly tortured by the ridiculously sexy Abigail Mac. Bwahahahah.. I just can’t help it.. HOT HOT HOT!!! Lets get this party started shall we?!


“The Tamer” featuring: Abigail Mac, Adria Rar, and Marcus London








Get ready for your experience……

The Tamer, Part 1 is a first rate CC Productions custom video staring Abigail Mac, Adria Rae and Marcus London. Storyline: Agent Adria Rae is assigned a mission to infiltrate and takedown a BDSM trafficking ring. She quickly comes to realize that she has been setup and is now a target for the illegal ring. Her cover is exposed and she is handed over to Mistress Abigal, aka The Tamer to be broken and schooled as a submissive. Clip Contains: BDSM, bondage, stripping, showering, fingering, riding crop, nipple play, female and male domination and humiliation.


This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish) (The Tamer)

Have an amazing day!!!


Here’s how it went down..Golden Globes!

Hey Lovers!

I’ve been getting questioned from fans, friends, and others in the business asking me how in the world I ended up at the Golden Globes last weekend. Yes, it is a hard event to get into. So how did I get there???  I’ll tell you. Well.. it all started almost 14 years ago, as I was headed to a shoot in West Palm, Florida. I was crossing a road with construction and was running in heels to make it across before it was too late. There was a man also crossing in a suit. In true Christina Carter fashion I wrapped my arm around his and only three words came out ..”Wait for me!!”  To say the least, He was quite shocked to find me on his arm. I thanked him for saving my I got a text that my shoot was delayed, so we decided to grab a drink. We spent an hour laughing and joking about what had just occurred and decided to meet for dinner later. I told him I wanted to buy him dinner. He laughed.. I had no idea why at the time. Now I realize how entertaining it must have been then that a girl like me wanted to buy such a successful man dinner at a fancy restaurant. Since that day, Michael and I have been the best of friends. Over the years we called each other about kid  problems, met all over the country for dinners, tennis and spa days. If it wasn’t for him, there is a lot of things I would never had seen or done. You never know who you will pick up on the street that may change your life.

Anyway, Michaels friend runs InStyle magazine and invited him to the event, plus a date. So of course he called me. There was no way I was saying no to a once in a lifetime chance. I’m so glad I didn’t, it simply feels like it was a dream. Usually am not someone who gets star struck, but with so many HUGE stars in the same room with me, talking with me, standing next to me… I must say… I was speechless!!! Particularly when Sylvester Stallone  came up and stood next to me… I swear the blood dropped to my feet and the only thing I could focus on was not passing out. Another was the crazy convo with Sofia Vegara… Kevin (InStyle mag) wanted wanted to take a picture with her like he did 3 yrs ago. I went with him to talk to her. I thought she was totally joking when she said she was not going to take  a picture with him again because she would never look as good again as she did 3 years ago. I was like.. your joking right? She, he’s just going to put them beside each other and compare them!  That’s when I realized even the biggest beautiful stars worry about that kind of shit. I also decided from that moment on that I would take pics with everyone…because Kevin was truly brokenhearted.

PS.. Ryan Reynolds looks even hotter in person!!

So there you have it!!

See you all at AVN this week, I hope!!


Sharing is caring..

Hello Lovers!!

Happy New Year!! Did you bring it in the right way? I usually spend it pretty low key, but not this time..I brought it in with more than a bang. Lets just say, if it is true that the way you bring it in is how the rest of your year will be….I won’t be needing my pants anytime soon. Not that I’ve had any luck keeping them on these days ..Note the attached pictures…

Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua 






You know me, there’s nothing quite like a threesome.. I love to a good friend said to me this weekend..”sharing is caring”.. you know that’s no joke. Emily and I shared this beast like it was our job, wait.. it is. I think it is about time I call her and get here on out CC productions calendar again. Time to shoot another one of these beauties for you already. Until then…


This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)


Love ya,


Lasso of lust…

Happy New Years Eve!!

Marcus and I are off to party with a few friends in Arizona tomorrow, just one night away..but it will be a ton of fun. I much prefer being in a private home with some really great fiends instead of out on the town. I like to get crazy in a safe place..that’s always been my style. Would love to know what everyone else is up to. Out partying like rockstars? Staying home? Either way, pleas have a safe and wonderful NYE!

Let me help you ring the new year in with more hot preview pics from our latest and greatest release…Emily turns my Lasso of trust into a Lasso of LUST! Whats better than a little hot cum dripping out of my mouth…A lot of hot cum dripping out of my mouth!!


Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua 









This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)

Please excuse the short post tonight, looking very forward to closing my eyes and drifting off to sleep. See you in my dreams.

Love ya,



In between-er….

Hello Lovers!!

Tell me, what have you done with your? You know what I mean… this odd week between Christmas and New Years that kinda feels like it should be a vacation from does it not? I Have friends and family coming in and out of my house right now, I love it..but I’m exhausted. Living in Vegas and being a tourist are two different things. We spent the evening on Fremont searching for a Michael Jackson impersonator for my sister to take pictures with, instead we found a very hairy Marilyn Monroe..full beard. A very chubby dude in a g-string playing electric guitar… and a dangerously hot santa, shirtless that even made me blush when he called me over.

Lets get some of these hot pictures out for you before my sister puts anymore vodka in me and I can’t remember


Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua 









This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)

Love ya,



Stay tuned for more pictures tomorrow!!


Fuck you like an animal..

Hello Lovers!!

I want to fuck you like an animal …like Gargantua actually. I’m still blown away at how much everyone loves this clips. I guess we have always been mesmeised when a beast is taking a woman. Whether it be the werewolf, vampire, king kong….it just get’s us hot. It’s that very fine line we walk, the one where we like watching someone be taken against their will. I have to admit, there’s a movie I love where a woman  is fucked by a Werewolf on a bench in the garden. She tried as hard as she could to get away, but ends up having her legs spread around the beast…taking every inch of him in. Now that I think of it….might this be why some women love men that are assholes? They are like a beast that can not be controlled, that we must obey and give ourselves to. Not me…lol…not these days anyway…lol. But I do like to role-play.

Lets watch Emily Addison give herself to the beast..

Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua 






We are writing another episode of this to come very soon, what would you like to see happen in the next one? I do want to show insertion/fucking. I have had a few storylines emailed me and I am reading through them. Please do email me your I’ll be looking at all your ideas.



This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)

Love you perverts!!


Monkey Lust..

Hello Loves!

I’m so excited everyone loves this clip! I was a little nervous, it’s quite kinky. It might be the kinkiest clip I have EVER shot. In fact, I really thought Emily was going to say no when I asked her to shoot it with me. I sent the script and made sure she read it before saying yes. Who knew she’d enjoy playing a little “slap and tickle” with a giant gorilla!! Please be sure to tell her how much you love it.  I would like to make a follow up to this one asap! If you have an idea of what might happen next, email me, I’d love to hear it!

Who knew you’d ever see me, Christina Carter, with a gorilla cock in my mouth?! And the Jizz…oh Jizz, was it a lot.. all over me and Emily, over and over! Gargantua, who knew he was such a sexual beast?! Okay, I admit it.. this turned me on too!!


Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua 







This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)

Merry Christmas Eve!!!!


Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua

Hello Lovers!

It’s been a while since Wonder Woman has graced us with her presence . Are you excited?! Years back Nick Sterling wrote a script for me that had a lot of the same elements as the WW/Gargantua episodes from the 70’s. Needless to say, I loved it and wanted to shoot it badly. But as our business is, talent comes and goes quicker than you could imagine. This script was originally written for me and Emily . To my and everyone else horror..she retired in 2013. We were searching for someone who had her beauty and could also hold her own on camera as well to fill her shoes…we thought Angela Sommers would be perfect! Then she decided to take a bit of a break last year and focus on her belly dancing and featuring. UUuuugghhh. Not to fret, just months ago, Emily Addison decided she missed you all s much and retired way too early (I could have told her . And so…. here we are finally today release this little number to you!!

Be very aware that it is highly entertaining and may make you laugh your ass off and leave you wondering why it is SO hot watching Emily and I get sexually handled my a huge monkey. Let yourself be sucking in by the fun, that is why I made this. My favorite scene has to be Emily trying to get away as Gargantua lustfully rips off her clothes… and the second…well, I’m going to save that for my next post :).


Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua






DISCRIPTION: In a 1976 Wonder Woman episode: Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua the Nazis try to get back an agent who turned on them. To help in their efforts, they brainwash a gorilla named Gargantua to hate Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman fights and Apprehends the primate. CC Production’s super-heroine fetish parody begins with Wonder Woman (Christina Carter) and Doctor Osman (Emily Addison) discussing Gargantua’s (Marcus London) reprogramming. Clip Contains: cosplay, furry-play, damsel-in-distress, forced stripping, lift and shoulder carry, cum shots, dildo sucking, simulated sex, smoking and a whole lot of fun.


This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)

I hope you are ready for Christmas…it’s almost here!!!


What turns you on…


Let’s talk about what turns you on. I was just doing an interview yesterday for Amazon and Audible about different ways in which the internet has impacted the porn industry. Lina (the journalist) and I had a long conversation about many things I do on a daily basis, like communication with fans about fantasies and custom inquiries. I hear and read a lot of things that turn people on..and I absolutely love it. I don’t find anything really strange about peoples fetishes, I do find that it is all over the map. Bondage, balloons, forced orgasms, knockouts, over the shoulder carries, tongues hanging out, crushing, being stuck…what ever it is.. I love you for it. I just got an email about a man wondering if his friend was really serious about wanting to watch him suck her boyfriends cock. Of course she is!! This really turns some girls on. In fact, a lot of girls I know in the porn industry like to watch gay porn. I realized that, I, myself might have a little thing for B/B Blowjobs. I love to watch a man that knows what he is really doing suck another mans cock. I know…this is a shocker.. there is just something about it. I also am really into g/g.. watching women eat each others pussies. I want to make a very intense clip with just close up pussy eating.

Speaking of clips.. I just shot a spanking video the other day for myself. I forgot how much I really loved that. I was dripping wet the whole time. I even took the paddle for you..ouch! That damn paddle is worse than the cane!!

Here’s a few more pics from the last release for you…

“Breakout, A Harley Quinn Story”- starring Marcus London as The Joker, Christina Carter as Catwoman, Pamela Balian as Harlequin, and Kendra James as Batgirl






This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)

Love you!