Hot Heroines of CC Productions..

Hey Everybody!!

I’m always looking to add to my list of Hot Heroines, so if there is that special someone that you are just dying to see in your favorite Heroine costume there is no time like now to get your fantasy going. I’m working on getting 3 of my favorite girls together with me in one very big fetish clip/movie for you.

It will be me….

Gigi Allens..

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 12.44.15 AM

Angela Sommers…

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 12.46.05 AM

and Elle Alexandra…

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 12.45.15 AM

It’s quite the project to get everyone together on the same day, I’m trying to make this happen in December. Cross those fingers!! I wanted to do it this month but couldn’t get all the schedules to mesh…and my heart is set on this 4some.


Not sure if you happened to see the twitter pic from last night..

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 12.46.43 AMMy dear friend George Perez is in town for his first national signing tour for the release of his book “SIRENS”. I do not appear in this book, but will be appearing in a future release and will be at The Collectors Paradise comic store tomorrow to give all my love and support. If you are in the Winnetka area, please stop by and say hello!! We would love to see you!!

Would you like more preview pics of our latest release??? ………

“Christina Carter Presents Super-Girl vs. Nightmare”

Featuring Christie Stevens and Alison Tyler…

SGvsNM_reedit.Still014 SGvsNM_reedit.Still015 SGvsNM_reedit.Still016 SGvsNM_reedit.Still017

Now available only on my embedded clip store and !!

I’ve received many great emails raving about this clip…so if you haven’t seen it…go get it..what could you possibly be waiting for?!!?

Bed time lovers!!! Good night!!!


Thursday night @ Fetish Con 2014..

Wait… I’ve got more convention pics for you!!!! This is Thursday night at the meet and great, red Carpet, and a few random shots in rooms and bathroom!!

If you didn’t come this year, be sure you are there for 2015…the convention just keeps getting bigger and better every year!!


Red Carpet Sarah, ?, Christina, and Jewel Red Carpet Chrisitna, Delilah..? Red Carpet Opening of meet and greet Christina, Cory, Sarah Christina Chrisitna selfie Chrisitna and George Perez Chrisitna and Tracey Chrisitna and Dizzy Christina and Jeffrey





Here I come Fetish Con!!!

Hello Lovers!!!

Only a few more days until Fetish Con is upon us once again, I missed last year…and swore that would never happen again :) . I love seeing all my east coast and mid west fetish family and friends. Now just to figure out all the costumes I’ll be bringing along..and what I want to have Nyssa Nevers play in a short script…super heroine wrestling maybe..HHmmmmmm..that sounds like so much fun!!

How about something like this……

Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 8.00.17 PM

I think Nyssa Nevers will look amazing in this type of costume. Guess I’ll be looking for a purple face mask tomorrow after wrestling JC in the morning ;) .

Crazy enough this post was supposed to be up last night…but I was so tired I took a second to lay down…the next thing I knew it was 6:45 AM… So here it is for you now.

Just in Case you are not on my twitter feed..Here are preview pictures for our next release:

Super girl vs Nightmare: Starring Christie Stevens and Alison Tyler …






This is my first CC Productions where I was solely behind the scenes…and not on camera. I’ll still be performing of course, but I did love being on the other side. So, like I have said before…if you are looking for that very special custom…and know who you want to preform in it..just let me know. I can make it happen.

Find this (Coming soon) and so much more at my embedded clip store or and also !!

Later loves!


Another beautiful summer weekend..

Hello lovers,

It’s another beautiful summer weekend…I love it!! Like I’ve stated before…it’s my most favorite time of year. I’m so excited…one of my very best friends flew in yesterday with her family to spend a week with me! Yea!! I’m going to be the tour guide. Lets see, where should I take them? Hollywood is a must, along with the beach.

By the way, I was so tired last night that I tried writing this post and was going completely out of my tired and dizzy…couldn’t focus at all, so…that’s why you have it this



Christina Carter’s Wonder Woman- “Dark Days





Available right now on my embedded clip store and !!!


How about a little teaser of whats coming soon…..this evening on my Journal :)


Have a great day!!!



“Spider Lady’s Revenge” Now on C4S!!!

Hello Lovers!!!

You ready for the C4S Release of Spider Lady’s Revenge??!!!

It’s been a long crazy week..from my excursion in the Desert Hot springs…to the Kings parade and party… I’m tired and have been catching up on sleep. But I really wanted to get this out to my C4S peeps..

I’ll be giving you pictures from my wild weekend tomorrow…need to upload.. xoxoxo

“Spider Lady’s Revenge”




Available right nowon my embedded clip store !!


AND… !!

Have a great night!!



Happy Memorial Day weekend!!

Hello Kinksters!!

I’m wondering how you are all spending your weekend…HHHmmm???  I’ll be working, helping a girlfriend move and taking a little time to have fun. This weekend is one of the two big festivals that happen in my neighborhood, it’s going to be fun…but crowded. I’m definitely not going to be able to take my car anywhere…the block most of the roads. Oh well!! Just have to camp out at my place for the long weekend :) .

In case you are wondering what’s coming next,here is the customer review of “Spider Ladys Revenge” Featuring Electra woman and Dyna Girl:

Spiderlady’s revenge was awesome. With every new movie your production quality keeps on improving.

The setting was great and the lighting really did establish the mood (although it did create a lot of shadows that periodically hid the actions of CC SJ and RM). Also like the sound effects when the girls were getting seduced (the only thing that would make it better is if I asked for visual effects to match it).  The Electro Coms looked fantastic!  Thank you for adjusting the collars and making the capes easier to put on and off. But the best part was the special effects for the transformations ….. which I am not going to spoil here by going into too much detail!……….those were my favourite parts!

You played Spiderlady so well (add another perfect villain to your arsenal!…you play them so perfectly)  and you got the evil laugh down (sounds like the original show!) and of course the costume looked hot.

SJ is quickly becoming one of my favorites, she fit the role, and I love how electric her eyes look. She played the trancey parts well, and looked so hot when she put on her evil smirks. Also she sure looked incredible licking SL/EWs pussy (as did RM on the receiving end).  RM will always be top of the list….she just is so good at playing “good” and “bad” characters, she can be submissive and dominating and she fills out the EW costume so well.

The GGG scenes were awesome, I loved the nice 3 way pussy play and the Hitachi and double dildo scenes, I think it had to be one of the hottest scenes yet.  I will say I was a tad disappointed in the last scene…only because the angle of the shots (I wish I had requested a POV vantage) because I could see what RM and SJ were up too.  Otherwise, this was one of my favorites! Thanks again CC and crew!

Thanks again CC

Yea!!!!!! I’m so excited he loved it!! I also sent a copy to the man who so nicely made our electrocoms for this production, whom loved it as well.

I’ll be checking back in over the weekend, please be safe, and if you need me email or come visit me on all my sites and clip stores… I’ll be waiting for you!!


Christina and and

Sweet Super Heroine Saturday!!

Hello Loves!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! I’m happy to report that it has now cooled down over here, back to our normal 70 degrees…don’t get me wrong… I loved it, but sleeping was rough, no air conditioning over here.

Lets see a few more preview pics from the latest release..

I instantly got turned on when I when to grab the second picture and attach it…there is something about watching Candle squirt over and over again that really gets me going.I’m seriously going to have to bust out the Hitachi in a sec and take care of this….

wait….aaahhhhhh..much better, couldn’t wait..had to do it now

Okay, okay..lets check out the pics now!!

“Christina Carter’s, BatGirl and Gretel”






Available right now on my embedded clip store  .


I’m going to do boring errands, while I do that…you should see how many times you can get off to me :) ..naughty girl today, just down right dirty!




Sexy “BatGirl and Gretel” preview..

Hello Loves…

Here’s to hoping you having a great Thursday, I’m reading scripts once again. Let me tell you, every time I think I have heard it all… I’m proven wrong. First let me say that I love the fetish world and industry…and all of the fans. But, your not much of a fan if your fantasy is watching me suffocate and die as you jack off. There I said it! Lol I almost didn’t write this post, but I think maybe if I put it out there.. these types of emails will stop. I do not want to shoot or do anything that may severely injure or threaten my life. But thanks for asking… : P…hahahaha!

Now…on to a much more positive note:

I love reviews as I told you…thought I would share this  great one with you…just in case you where wondering if you should purchase this clip…


I really liked the movie. I appreciated the way you structured it telling the story in flashback and going back to the prison cell as the plot moves. I would say that it is something I have never seen in the genre.I also liked your acting in the prison cells. Another point that I really like in your movies is how clear the images are. I am sure you use great equipment in your shootings. The quality of the camera work is top notch. The costumes were great and the last scene ….wow!!! Candle plays a great Batgirl with the hands on hips attitude that I particularly love. The comic book art was a nice touch and the artistic did a great work. would give the movie a 10 out of 10. Great addition to anyone’s movie collection: gorgeous actresses, nice costumes, great camera work, fighting, bondage, forced orgasming, mind controlling, forced stripping, heroine with an attitude.

A few things I would have made different (these are just points based on my personal tastes. The movie technically speaking is flawless):

- I would have added an unmasking after the “torture” at the end, but I completely understand that the heroine without the mask and without the costume is just another woman and that is a turn down for a lot of people.
- I would have shown a little bit of batgirl investigating and dressing before meeting the villainess. Although this would probably make the movie too long.
- I would have a shorter fight between Batgirl and Gretel, but I completely understand that a lot of people love the fighting scenes.
- Batgirl fell for the mind control too easily. I would love to see a close up on her face as she slowly fell under your control.

Thanks for all great movies you have been producing,


PS. You looked great in the white costume!!!

With that being said, lets look at some more hot sexy previews shall we?!

“Christina Carter’s, BatGirl and Gretel”





Available right now on my embedded clip store  .

……and… !!!

More coming your way through out the weekend!!




Who’s coming next..Spider Lady!!!

It’s Titty Tuesday…or so everyone is

Lots of work to be done and lots of estimates being emailed out…so I’m not sure I’ll be twittering a titty pic. But, what I will be doing is giving you a little preview of what is being edited as we speak. You’ve been asking for it, lucky for you…so has one of my favorite fans/customers. Coming to you from the creator of the Cat’s Eye Diamond series….Spider Lady!!! Lets not forget my lovely ladies Randy Moore and Shyla Jennings playing Electra Woman and Dyna Girl!!





Also, Next week I will be shooting with the one and only Ashley Renee!!

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 3.03.19 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 2.58.09 PM

I want to make her a super Heroine or Villain. If you have a custom you would like done with her or a suggestion on who you can see her playing…let me know asap!!

And keep enjoying my latest release “Christina Carter’s, BatGirl vs Gretel’ on !!!



Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!


I’m sure all of you are out having a great Cinco De Mayo..hope you stay safe and have..believe it or not, I’m home. :) ..So unlike me.

Sales have been off the chain for this new release, I think you might like it…lol… I know I do. I’m so glad you like the new character and costume, also love the feed back..all of it :) .
Yes, a Tomb Raider is going to have to be done… so if you have any requests or customs please get them to me.

Anyway, before I get back on the forums and answer all your questions…lets get some more preview pics shall we…….

“Christina Carter’s, BatGirl and Gretel”





Available right now on my embedded clip store  .

……and… !!!

Have a festive one!!!