“Blackmailed Pt 1″…


New incredibly RELEASE at 9PM tonight!!!!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, I pull out an incredibly hot Boy/Girl ANAL video that I really, like the Double penetration, had no intention of ever releasing. However, why should I keep it from you? Like the other video, I shot it for a fan who is really into seeing me get punished, spanked, and fucked in the ass. He loves when I act bitchy…but who’s acting? LOL Kidding, I find it really hard to be bitchy. I mean, everyone has there line you don’t push them over.. and I am no different, but it takes a long time to get me to that point. But, luckily I’m a pretty good actress and this video shows it.

I have a couple of things I want to pick your brain on. Everyone knows Marcus and I are no longer dating, so there won’t be any video’s of he and I doing anything like this after this release. But, I am willing to do video’s like this.. and Super Heroine video’s like this with another man. But who? Who would you like to see have there way with me?

Also, my beautiful friend Mistress Leya is coming in tonight and will be staying until the 30th (she lives in Ibiza, so this is rare) I’d love to do some little BDSM fetish clips with her while she is here. Get your requests in now please. She’s the real thing, and you know I’m a submissive at heart… so let us do something to make your heart skip a beat and your cock rock hard.


“Blackmailed Pt 1″…. Staring Christina Carter & Marcus London


Description: An arrogant business woman and cheating wife, (Christina Carter) gets “Blackmailed” when her wealthy husband hires a private detective, (Marcus London) to see what she is up to while away. The detective is smitten with the arrogant beauty and decides to make a deal of his own. Her ass…literally in return for the incriminating photos he was going to provide to her husband. Mad and caught red handed, she decides to gives in. Not easily of course, this is one bitch that doesn’t go down without a fight. This video was done as a private custom for a very good fan, the same fan that had the double penetration custom produced. Clip contains: boy/girl, forced stripping, blow job, pussy eating, pussy anal fingering and anal and vaginal fucking.

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