Bound Con here I come!!

Hello Lovers!!!

Looks like everyone is loving this clip, but some are waiting to buy it till the next episode is out. I get that, I really do. I’m one of those people who do the same thing. An episode ends on a high not and it drives me crazy waiting till the next one is out. But… honestly you are stronger than I am with preview pictures like this in your face…

“The Tamer 2, Pt 2”..








This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine) THIS CLIP!!  (bondage/fetish)

I’m off to bed, early morning for me.. headed to Bound Con.. I’m a guest of Honor this year!!! I hope there is wifi… I want to include all of you in all the fun! Bound Con here I come!!



I want to go Greek…

Hey Lovers!!

I’m all the way in Greece this week. I’ve never been so relaxed in my life. Life is so much different here, I feel as if only the moment you are living in is what matters….nothing else. I also noticed that cell phone/smart phone use is almost nonexistent here. People pay attention to each other, they have conversations’s beautiful! The streets are run down and all the buildings are minimal, old style, and but clean. You don’t see advertisements for movies, no billboards. No ones driving fancy cars. There are no distractions from what life is really about. I love this place. I wish I could find somewhere in the states just like it. I think i”d like to start looking at options. Any suggestions?

I have two more lots of pictures from our latest release, let’s get them out before I release the next one!!


“Slave Trade” Starring Christina Carter, Lyra Law, & Pamela Balian..








This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish) This clip!

Have a great night!! Even more great clips coming your way!!


Hello Friday!!!


If you didn’t hear by now, I shot for yesterday. WhippedAss to be exact. Mona Wales and I played hard, and I loved every second of it!! I might just have to make it one of my normal stops.. would you like that? I know all my hardcore BDSM guys would!!

I’m going to do two lots of pics for you today, these are just a few to start off your day !!


“Slave Trade”







This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)

Love ya!


If you are going to spank her…

Hello Lovers,

There is nothing like a little BDSM on a Saturday, especially when Lyra is involved..and we didn’t even get to the part where she services me. That might be my favorite part, It’s no secret I love to be serviced by a good little slave.

Speaking of serviced, I was talking to one of my really good girlfriends who is a sex therapist…. about spanking. It came to my attention that when a woman tells a man she wants to be spanked, it sometimes is taken the wrong way. This is where women should really give a little more detail. Here’s the dirty truth.. when a woman says she wants you to spank her she wants you to rip down her pants, or pull up her skirt..and put her across your knee and spank her firmly, dominantly, and like you mean it. Finger her wet pussy deep and slow, tell her what a bad girl she is. Tell her how she deserves to be spanked. Then….you can fuck her.  What she doesn’t  mean when she asks you to spank her: I’m not sure who told a guy that he should smack a woman ass when you are fucking her from behind. In no way is that fun or cool for a woman. When that happens to me… I want to turn around and slap the guy in the face…hard. LOL. So now you know. Don’t do it!!

“Slave Trade”








This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)

Love ya!


Ringing in another year…

Hello Lovers!!

Yes, it was my Birthday yesterday. Did I celebrate? Yes. I hung out with a very special fan/friend of mine during the afternoon,drinking champagne and laughing our asses off. Got a kick ass massage from my friend James right at my house, had angel hair pasta, cheese and crackers, and cuddled with my dog Romeo. We cuddled so hard that I woke up 2 hours later and stumbled my ass upstairs to bed. It was only 10:30 at that point. LOL! As you can see, I’m not the kind of girl these days that needs to be at the night clubs all night long. That just sounds exhausting. However, I do like a nice 5 star imagine that, I’m sure you wouldn’t have guessed.

Let’s get back to those preview pics of poor Lyra Law getting her ass handed to her by yours truly!!!


“Slave Trade”







This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)

Love ya!



PS… the live option on doesn’t seem to be what I thought it was, or maybe I just need to spend a little more time with it. We will see.. I’ll study it for you.. I’ll conquer it!

A force to be reckoned with….


Are you enjoying this new clip? It sure looks like it! I’ve had so many comments about what an amazing performer Lyra is, and I agree. Not only is this chick smart and beautiful, but fuck can she can act. It’s also a major plus that she really does love BDSM. The first place I met her was at DomCon LA, 3 years ago. I new right away she was going to leave her mark on the industry. She’s a force to be reckoned with. If you have the chance to spend any amount of time with her, you will love her. No question.

Before I forget to mention, I am on If you do become a member of this platform you will get all the dirty little pictures and videos that I will not ever be posting anywhere else. These are personal and not professionally done at all. It will be like getting to sneak in my iPhone and see all my dirty secrets. I want to have fun with everyone with this, but if I see them posed anywhere else I will close down my account. It is not expensive, and I only want true fans to join it. I will still be posting like regular on all the other social media, not to worry, but just not as dirty.

Okay, back to what we came to do… more preview picks!!

“Slave Trade”







PS.. There is a “Live” option on OnlyFans.. I think I will try it out tomorrow when I am shooting!! I’ll be shooting the next day as well.. so 2 days in a row!!


This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)

Love ya!


Are you ready for “Slave Trade”?

Hello Lovers!!

oh you’ve been waiting so long to see this beauty, and so have I ! Never a dull moment when Lyra Law is on set, or in my vicinity that is.. when have quite the chemistry together. We just love to  get each other off. I just found out a little secret about this shoot day. My PA just told me the other day that he had a hard time keeping it together when we were shooting this. Particularly when Lyra was eating my pussy. He said he was so hard he almost had to excuse himself to go jack off. Damn!! i love hearing that!! Best compliment EVER!! I’m hoping you get the same reaction, she is the best pussy eater …very talented.

Lets do this!!!

Slave Trade….






Christina Carter, Lyra Law and Pamela Balian star in Slave Trade, a CC production’s custom bondage/submission video. As Lyra walks home from the club after a night out she encounters Mistress Christina in a dark alley. The next thing Lyra knows is she finds herself locked in a dungeon. She is now the Mistress’s student. She will be broken and trained as a professional bondage sex slave. Once trained as an obedient slave she will be auctioned off to the highest bidder in an international sex trafficking ring. After weeks of training Lyra is ready and she is sold to a Russian Latex Mistress. Mistress Christina a few weeks after the sale travels to Russia to check up on her student and to inquire if her Russian client is being well served. This video contains damsel in distress, bondage, submission, device bondage, nipple play, flogging, riding crop, Hitachi vibrator, butt plug, drawling, ball gag, penis gag, pussy play, fingering and oral sex.



This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)

More tomorrow of course!

Love ya!


Best pussy eater award goes to…

Best pussy eater award goes to……..Lyra Law! Holy shit she rocked my fucking world when we shot on Wednesday.. she can absolutely turn me into a  full fledged lesbian. I wanted to share some hot behind the scenes photo’s with you. This is not what the clip will look like, it is different angles and shot on different iso. If it seems dark to you, do not worry..the real thing is not. BTW, I ran into two amazing fans at AVN, I was happy to hear are so appreciative of the way we shoot or clips and videos. This takes a lot of time, we were on set Wednesday from 11AM to 9:15 PM, we shoot like movies and commercials shoot…lots of angles and cuts. So you get the product you love, cuz I love you 🙂

Here’s some BTS…






and two of my favorites….



These two may have been the only time Lyra and I had been serious the whole

While you are waiting for another fresh release, please go check out any you might have missed: (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)

I have a ton of custom requests coming in, and a few that still need to be shot this next month. So excited to keep shooting away!

Love ya,


“Spider-Woman vs. Ms. America, Epi. 1”!!

Hello Lovers!!

I’m so excited!! It’s finally here….tonight we release the “Spider-Woman vs Ms. America, Epi. 1” starring Angela Sommers!! Videos with Angela will be very limited these days, she is so busy with featuring and belly dancing…that the fetish and porn world will have to wait patiently idle for her, hopefully, to come back one day. I know she is one of your favorites… as she is mine. So we can just watch and drool to this one a few hundred times until she returns. Not to worry, this is only part 1 as it says in the title :). I can not begin to tell you what a treat it is to shoot Angela, that sweet perfect pussy is so missed on set.

It’s been a long day on set, as you may have seen from my twitter and FB posts. I’m going to get to bed, you enjoy this video!

Feel free to email me and tell me your


“Spider-Woman vs. Ms. America, Epi. 1”






Christina Carter and CC Productions presents Spider-Woman vs. Ms. America, Episode 1. Sexual Essence. Wonder Woman has gone missing! Ms. America has been called in to find the missing Amazon Princess. Spider Woman quickly becomes the main suspect. Ms. America finds Wonder Woman who is being held captive in Spider-Womans lair. An Electra-Web holds Wonder-Woman motionless. Spider Woman uses Wonder Woman as bait to lure Ms. America into her trap. The villainess is capturing super heroines and extracting their sexual essence to create and army of Spider Woman. The battle between good and evil is on! This clip contains: Super heroine transformation and super powers, device bondage, strap-on, oral, girl-girl sex, and a whole lot more.
Get this video NOW!!!!!
Only on…

New Release!! “Unexpected House Guest”

Happy Friday!!!

It’s been a while since I have released a clip, and this one is smoking hot!! How can it not be with Angela Sommers starring along side of me??!! I have to admit I was a little nervous about shooting with her. She is so beautiful, and flawless..and I got to play with her all day…mine all mine. The day we shot this was a little different from the rest of my shoots.. I was using a new crew because my other was not available and shooting new talent…not to mention in a new location!! So much NEW going on!! Anyway, I had only heard great things about Angela, and let me tell you …it’s all true!! She’s my sultry little dream girl.. I’m in love!! I’ll be shooting her again Tuesday in a super heroine clip,I can’t wait!!!!

So here it is…..

“Christina Carter’s Unexpected House guest”
“Unexpected House Guest” stars Christina Carter and introducing the seductive little minx, Angela Sommers. A new comer to CC Productions. Angela has been hired to star in one of Christina’s custom video’s, But Christina has a little more than a custom on her mind. Angela will soon know how it feels to be Christina’s little sex toy. But not for long, as Angela has her own little game in mind. This clip contains: Handcuffs, rope bondage, kissing, stap-on sex, Panel gag, penis gag, domination and much more. Runtime: 28 minutes
You want it now lovers??
Get it  RIGHT NOW on my embedded clip store and !!
More photos tomorrow…so check back in!!