Panties? Perfect to stuff your mouth with..

Hello Lovers!!

I’m so excited that you are all loving this clip, and it’s only Pt 1 !!! As I put up these pictures, I’m recalling all the little funny extras that were not in the script, yet just happened. That’s how I love to shoot our films. It’s so much better when the cast have personalities and really put themselves into their role. You get things like this… Cherie cutting off my panties and shoving them into my mouth to keep me quiet.  I gave here a few notes of things we needed to have in the scene, and she had her lines…but I’d say 25% of this clip was definitely ad-lib. It’s always so much more fun like that!!!

Let’s take a look at the next round of preview pics..


“Tamer II, Part 1”









This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine) THIS CLIP!!  (bondage/fetish)

I’m in London until the 24th, shooting with some great people in the next week, hopefully it will keep me from thinking about my homesickness that I feel coming on. I normally don’t stay out of the country for so long. I miss my puppy and my friends so badly. In Greece I was taking in lots of sun and fun, so I didn’t think about it. Here in England its not so beautiful, so I find it hard not want to go home to the heat and sun. Luckily I’ll have Nyssa Never with me soon.. she’s like a ball of sunshine herself, that will help! When is summer in England anyway? EVER? I don’t think so… it’s May and chilly. I’m good really, Just missing home.

Anyway, let’s keep each other entertained on twitter and snapchat @christinabound, and Instagram -@christinacarterfetish.

No go make that cock hard and cum with me to my clips and vids!!



Never ending sexcapade..

Hey loves!!

We’re to the end of the preview pics for this and dirty.. just like the me! My little pussy really enjoyed that. What did I learn from shooting this clip? Never shoot in a green What did Marcus Learn? Not to shoot in this little euro shorts. Who would ever guess he is straight? Not But then again, his body still looks so good so why not?

I was explaining to someone that I don’t watch porn, and it occurred to me why…

My life is a never ending sexcapade. It always has been, and always will be. I should make some of my adventures into porn. That’s a great idea actually. It would definitely blow all these other storylines they use away. I wonder if I can incorperate super heroines into them, anything is possible!! Would you like me to try?? Or how about you send me some of your dirty sex stories? I’d love to hear them.  send them  to me!!!!

Check out  the last pics…

Pussy Punishment






This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish) (PUSSY PUNISHMENT)

Good night, sleep tight!!


The last of the cat..


Real quick before my next SH release goes up this evening, the last preview pics from..

Christina Carter’s Catwoman, Double Cross

double cross.00_07_24_07.Still027

double cross.00_07_37_01.Still028

double cross.00_08_20_27.Still029

double cross.00_09_08_20.Still030

double cross.00_09_21_23.Still031

This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available now… (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish) 

By the way, I will be in the video we are shooting this Wednesday… not going all crazy, cuz I’m not ready yet… but I will be playing a tiny role.;)

Love you!!


Satisfied Customer….


I only spent the last two days in LA, yet it feels as if I had been gone for a week! One long night with hundreds of porn stars in one room. It’s a site to see, but also loud as fuck. It’s amazing how I always feel I am wearing way too many clothes at these events. If there was an award for the person who is most covered in clothing.. I would win it..every time. LOL!

Before I get to bed I wanted to share a little something with you that came straight from the fan/customer that the “Dark Dimensions V” custom belongs to:


I recently had a custom script produced by Christina Carter and her team, and I wanted to take a moment to give some feedback about my experience.


Now, I could focus on how amazing Christina and her co-stars were, how great everyone looked, how hot the action was, but I think anyone who watches five seconds of the video will figure all that out.


What I want to mention instead is just how incredible a job Christina and her team did bringing their vision to my script. I’ll admit, my script had some rather unusual elements. For a long time, I’ve loved superheroine kink that had a strong narrative attached — hot action, but within the context of a story. I sent in a script with voiceovers, flashbacks, monologues, and other quirks.


I like to think I’ve got a pretty vivid imagination, but I’m no producer. The script could have turned into an unworkable mess. It could have been filmed in a way that checked all the boxes but was lackluster and fell flat. But no, Christina and her team, they took it, they GOT it, they ran with it. They found a way to not only make a rather unusual script work, but they brought it to life, enhancing it and putting their own touch on it. It’s incredible — story, incredibly hot kink, even artistic elements — and it ended being far beyond my expectations.


Christina was great about communicating, always keeping me in the loop. She provided great feedback and when my suggested choice for one of the roles wasn’t available she made a rather inspired suggestion for a substitute (the amazingly wicked Shay Fox) that turned out great.

I’m absolutely 100% satisfied with my experience. If you’re in the market for a custom and you want someone who will not only film your idea, but go above and beyond in bringing that idea to life, Christina Carter should be the first one you talk to.

YES, another satisfied customer!! That is what make me happy. I’m ready for another script to make DDVI...anyone got any ideas? While you are thinking about it, take a look at these..

“Dark Dimensions V” – Starring: Christina Carter, Shay Fox, Summer Day, & Marcus London






This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available now… Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)



Super Bowl Sunday!!

Hello Loves!!

It’s super bowl Sunday!! I know you are all exited to hang out with your buddies, drink beer and scream and cheer at the TV in hopes that your team wins. Good luck everybody!! I’m not sure who I will be cheering for, I just decided to go to my friend Vicki’s for the game. Wait, who am I kidding.. I’m going for the delicious food she cooks. Good thing I’m training hard again.. I might be consuming some extra calories today :) No worries, I’ll burn it off at the gym later.

You know what you should be doing before or after the game? Checking out this new clip if you haven’t already. It’s our super bowl of heroine clips!! You are going to love it….especially if you have been waiting for a man to manhandle me. I’ve finally done it again… just for you!

Lets get into some fighting pics… I really beat the shit out of Batman. I’m not kidding, a lot of these hits are real. Why not?! He has lots of

“Christina Carter’s Batman, Catwomans Demise”






Available right now at !!! 

I posted a poll last night on twitter: What do you want to see CC Productions shoot this month?

CatWoman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Bondage? Yes, there can be a “bad guy” in this one as well :).  ?????????  Let me know what you want.

Have a great day and don’t forget to check back in for more amazing screen caps!!




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