“Wonder Woman, Who’s In Charge” …

Hello Lovers!!
With all the craziness of the fires last week.. which are still going. I forgot that I had a Super heroine release! I don’t even know how that could slip my mind!! Of course when your afraid of your house burning down with all your belongings..yep, that happens. But here it is! I had a ton for fun shooting this with Karen and Reagan, this was a custom script for a very special fan/custom client/friend of mine. We had to bring in Karen just for him, as she is one of his favorite ladies. What can I say about this….Guess who gets anal? Me! I’m not sure why everyone wants to stick things up my ass lately.. but I like it..lol.
I won’t hold it from you any longer…..
“Wonder Woman, Who’s in Charge”
Description: Wonder Woman, Who’s In Charge is a CC Production superheroine fan custom staring Christina Carter, Reagan Foxx and Karen Fisher. Story-line: Diana Prince after a night out is seduced by the hotel’s housekeeper but the maid has bigger plans. With Diana trussed up she is made to preform oral sex, dildo sucking and anal sex. Diana is saved by Batgirl but Wonder Woman knows Batgirl is a part of the subversive plan. Using her magic lasso Wonder Woman makes the maid and Batgirl participate in oral sex before she fucks them both with a strap-on dildo. The three-way girl-girl is smoking hot.

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Double Trouble pt 2!!

Hello Lovers!

The wait is over… You finally get to see my Double Penetration!! This is my one and only DP…..the first time EVER. I had a fan email and comment that he thought what I meant by DP was just being with 2 guys, but it’s not. I meant the real DP.. one in the pussy and one in the ass!! Felt like I was on a rollercoaster trying to hold on for dear life. Did I like it? Maybe. I’m a one guy at a time kinda girl. I like to focus all my energy on one sole person. Two men are a lot to handle. I like to share my gf’s with my guys.. that’s a “me” thing. But every once and a while.. like this time you can watch right now…. I’t happens.

Enjoy my loves!!

DP Double Trouble, Part 2     

DP Double Trouble, Part 2 has the sexy Christina Carter in hardcore boy-girl action. Storyline: Christina’s in Vegas on business and decides to see what Sin City has to offer her sexual desires. After hiring male escorts (Tommy Gunn and Marcus London) Part 2 picks up with Christina deep in the throws of hard 3-way sex. The final crescendo, an very hot double penetration scene. Remember the Vegas odds, no holes barred. 😉 Clip Contains: Extreme boy-boy-girl action, kissing, fingering, oral, vaginal and anal penetration, double penetration, cum shots and cum on the face.

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