“Christina Carter’s, Captive Fantasy”…

Hello Lovers!!

I’m back in the United States!! I  brought something home with me that I absolutey did not want, a nasty cold/flu. I’ll be in bed if you are looking for me. You remember that day I decided I wanted to shoot a bondage clip where I get thrown in a trunk… and ended up stuck inside of it for a hot second? A serious 109 degrees of hot seconds. Well… it’s time for that clip to be released!!!!

BTW, this has one of my favorite fetishes in it… I like to be inappropriately touched..lol..surprised aren’t you?! Didn’t think so ..lol!!


Christina Carter’s Captive Fantasy

Starring Christina Carter and Marcus London..






Christina Carter loves the damsel-in-distress role. In Captive Fantasy she has her lover act out her secret desire of being forcefully taken against her will, thrown in a vehicle’s trunk and taken to a secret place where she will be used and played with by her captor. She’s not getting out of this one until she makes him cum. Doesn’t everyone like a little role-play in their life, Christina just likes to take it to the next level. This clip contains: Role-play, rope bondage, humiliation, squirting, fingering, groping, oral sex, blowjob, over the shoulder carry and sleepy play.

More to  preview pictures to come tomorrow!!!

Get it now!!!

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Love ya!!



My pleasure, or yours?

Hello Lovers!

So much has been going on this week already, I’ve barely had time to think about anything  but being in front of the camera. I spent ALL day Monday on set with Emily Addison. Yes, she did jump in the Batgirl role that day as I played CatWoman opposite her. You are going to be very pleased, I know you’ve all been patiently waiting for her return..the wait is over!! She seems to play that role PUUUURRRFECTLY! Especially once the double dildo and hitachi came out..that woman is insatiable!

Back to our latest release, which I need to catch up on preview pics, so you might be getting double today. If you have never seen me play a fembot, you will love this!  I’m crazy good at it, if I do say so myself. This might be why so many want me to shoot it for their companies. But, since it’s not one of my favorite things to do (even though I am good at it), I save it just for me….actually just for you. I feel much more comfortable in front of my crew doing this than anyone else. Were you pleasantly surprised to see me with a cock in my mouth for the first time on film in years? You asked.. I give! I can’t say I didn’t enjoy every succulent second of it, and yes I want more.. a lot more.


Christina Carter’s PleasureBot 3000, Reboot

Starring: Christina Carter & Marcus London..

This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available now…

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Check back with me later for more, I want to get all kinds of dirty with you tonight!!



Wonder Woman XXX: A Porn Parody Epi.6

It’s the final episode of Wonder Woman XXX: A Porn Parody!!  As I’ve said time and time again….the cast, crew and I worked very, very hard on this project. Lots of sweat and tears. I’m very, very proud of everyone that was involved.
Shall we????….
Christina Carter’s Wonder Woman XXX: A Porn Parody Epi.6
Christina Carter’s Wonder Woman XXX: A Porn Parody is premiering as a six part episodic series. The film stars Christina Carter as Wonder Woman, Tasha Reign as Stephanie Trevor, Paris Kennedy as Minerva and Randy Moore as Feminine Spirit. Wonder Woman XXX is a parody of the 1976 television show Wonder Woman. In episode 6, entitled “Rise of Minerva” Defeated, de-powered what will Wonder Woman do? What will Minerva do? Tune in and find out! This clip includes: Heroine-in-Distress, Magic Lasso, Super-Heroine Costume Stripped, Shiny Tights/Pantyhose, Fingering, Oral and Strap-on Sex, Boot Licking, Girl-Girl, Lesbian, Female Domination.
More Photo’s to follow.
Available right now http://www.wonderwomanxxx.com and http://www.eclipstore.com/522 !!!