Bringing in 2018..and saying goodbye to the past

Good Evening loves!

Everyone is so excited for 2018, and I don’t blame them one bit. I, myself, feel like it was a blur of unfortunate events. One after the other, without fail. Now, we all focus on making our lives better and and putting the past behind us… because of one little difference.. the the year. It almost sounds silly when you say it like that, just the change of a number and everyone has hope. Whatever it takes I guess, I love when people are positive. So here is to an amazing year ahead. It’s going to be that way because we are going to make it that way!! I myself am still recovering from my surgery (lower wisdom teeth), I’m still in a good amount of pain.. which sucks my ass. I’m not the kind of girl who like to be stuck on the couch or in bed. Plus, not being able to focus and get things done while just sitting here is pretty sucky too. I mean I can, but lord knows if I will remember what I wrote someone or if I even make sense. This entry is going to be somethingI will look at tomorrow to see if it made any I took my pain pills about 30 minutes ago and wasn’t into eating today.. so I am already feeling them kick in. Let’s get some preview pics to you before I hit a wall…

“Wonder Woman, Who’s in Charge”

This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine) THIS CLIP!!  (bondage/fetish) 

Have a great night!


Really BAD things..

Hello Loves!

I spent another lovely evening with my trainer, Omar, yesterday. He’s now comfortable with me, which is fabulous… because now when I say “I hate you”, he comes back with “I love me!” and when I swear like a trucker he just I asked him what the fuck was wrong with him as he handed me some heavy weights and wanted me to do back exercises. He says.. “Everything, I’m a fucking psycho.”  Oh boy.. I asked for this remember??? But I do love it. I was pulling on the fireman rope and he was holding the other side for resistance.. I’m grunting and bitching..let it go mother he just laughed it off and said.. “I’m only 230 lbs whats wrong?” LOL. Last night he says to me.. “You do know it sounds like I’m doing really BAD things to you over here?” Yes, It sounds like we are having a really crazy fuck I’m well aware of what it sounds like.. but I can’t help it!!  If anything, I think this is giving Omar great training for the next couple years of marriage.. he’ll thank me and I’ll thank him later when my body looks like it used to. I’m already feeling the pain when I go up and down my stairs, luckily for me I have surgery tomorrow, so the pain pills might even pull me through what he did to my legs last night. It’s always day 2 and 3 that are the worst.

Okay, I’m off to shower and get a few things done before surgery in the morning. I know I’ll be in pain this weekend, but.. I have been in pain the last two months with these bottom wisdom teeth. The one is pushing into my molar, cracking it in half. I can’t wait not to feel this pain anymore!! Let’s do this!!

“Wonder Woman, Who’s in Charge”


This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine) THIS CLIP!!  (bondage/fetish) 

Later Lovers!


Let’s get it done YO!

Let’s get it done YO! …

This being the theme at my house I have been sending emails, estimates, Face booking, Twittering…all day. I took a break to actually do my hair when a friend of mine asked for a few minutes of my time to brainstorm….which turned into at least 2 hours. Not that I’m bothered by that at all, he’s a motivational speaker who helps Entrepreneurs  better know their clients. I must say I did learn a lot. I guess my mother was right about the crowd you hang around with :). You are, who you hang out with……I know about Business and sex..hows that for a combo? LOL

Oh, so lets get back to this release..

I’m happy to say we still look pretty good, even going through all these traumatic experiences…and I must have blocked it out of my brain….all that pain from hanging so long…because I can’t recall how bad it really hurt. But you can watch and see 🙂

“Christina Carter’s Secret Identity Theft”

Starring Candle Box as Bat girl and Christina Carter as Wonder Woman…





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and !!




Settling back in..


Happy Sunday Funday!! I’m relaxing at home, and getting some work done. It’s always a transition from vacation to home again….especially when you have an event you have to attend the day after you return home. Like a trooper I went, with a hat and a smile. I posted some photo’s on Facebook. If you are not on my FB..please come be my friend. I’m easy to find… search Christina Carter Los Angeles  on FB. You can always email me directly if you need some help finding it 🙂

I’ll be getting ready for a shoot this Wednesday with Suzy Q and Angela Sommers…going to remake an old Wonder Woman episode. I don’t want to spill the beans just yet… But it’s going to be so much fun!!!! Make sure you are watching my FB and twitter that day for sure.

The latest release pics are getting even juicier…..take a look..

“Christina Carter’s Secret Identity Theft”

Starring Candle Box as Bat girl and Christina Carter as Wonder Woman…





These last few shots are a great piece of the movie, Wonder Woman gives up the fight and bows on her knees to Cat Woman. In turn unmasking Bat Girl for the whole world to see her identity. It’s painful to watch, but beautiful in so many ways. This definitely isn’t the end, watch as the power struggle continues!!

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and !!

Love You!!


Shake your Bon Bons?

I had written a little last night with more pictures of the latest release for you while in excruciating neck pain…but it didn’t save when my computer battery died so suddenly.

so …here I am getting another one done for you really quickly before I head down to my beach chair for my last full day of vacation. My neck still hurts, but that’s what I get for acting like I’m still in my 20’s and dancing like I’m in a Ricky Martin video!! It was Living la Vida Loca to be exact…that’s the song I was dancing to. LOL.  No more shaking my bon bons for a bit… I need to recover.

Now lets get those pictures up shall we?!

These make me laugh a little right now, because I feel like I’m in that same situation…with something wrapped around my neck like Except there is no Hitachi to save the day. I didn’t even bring it on vacation with me. I know…that’s a crazy thought…me with no Hitachi. I know what I’m doing tomorrow night when I get back to LA!! Getting off!! LOL

“Christina Carter’s Secret Identity Theft”

Starring Candle Box as Bat girl and Christina Carter as Wonder Woman…





I love that last pic…HAHAHAHA…priceless!!! Oh the torture we put ourselves through…for you!

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and !!

Time to tan!!

Love ya!!


I strive for excellence, not perfection..

Hello Lovers,

Not sure if you recall, but I recently released some photo’s from the “CED7” video I was proofing last week.. here’s a reminder:

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.21.36 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 9.20.52 PM

And this what the customer had to say about his custom….

CC this was soooo incredible. CED7 is my fave.
First of all love the new music in the first scene and the GGG scenes. It really enhanced the atmosphere and kicked this show off the right way.  Of course it certainty helped that CC looked so ridiculously hot in that Red Spider Woman costume…I love the sheen and how it really accentuated CC’s curvaceous body….and how CC played that to her advantage. The crew did a great job editing that clip and timing the voice over……..and made me hope that all superheroines dress that way!  It’s definitely my fantasy! I was worried that the voice over might be rushed…..but CC delivered the lines perfectly and of course mastered the evil laugh
Scene 2 was great….VM AS and CC delivered those lines perfectly….it flowed and the pace was great and I really love the cattiness of it all. AS and CC really had the spiderwoman rivalry down to a tee and VM was a surprise….didn’t know much about her, but she delivered her lines incredibly well.  Plus the pheromone sound effect  was great. In fact the sound effects overall were stepped up a level (like those for the Psy Web and Venom Blast)
I knew AS had down that helplessly under a trance look from other clips I had seen of her, but, I fell in love with her in CED7 and it made me wonder why I never wrote her into CED earlier!  Angie is sooooo hot! And with CC working opposite of her as the temptress Scene 3 was amazing.  The 2 close ups where Angie gives in and kisses CC were out of this world hot and sexy….it would make me want to take off my black widow outfit too!  And the part where AS finally submits to her mistress CC was the icing on my hypno cake!
I’m not a fighting superheroine fan, and hence the lack of it most of the CEDs….but that was such a great fight scene, the timing and coordination was great and the ability of the girls to mesh in the hot dialogue was incredible. I know none of you actually hit each other (did you??) but I could feel the hurt from some of those hits, kicks, slams and shoves!
VM was great….she really fit her part, delivered her lines perfectly and played the role of the confused temptee to a tee!  She seemed seduced and was so hot as she teased us. Can’t figure out if I like the BW costume on her or off her or in varying stages of on and off!….it’s all good!
When I first saw your twitter pics with AS as the black Spider Woman I was a bit disappointed about the fact the BS costume wasn’t shiny (I think a shiny sheen to the BW and SW outfits would have added!) but the more I saw of it on AS, the more I loved it….I still prefer a bit of shine, but I think the costumes were good and off course AS played mad, helpless and evil so perfectly.  I loved all those shots of her being wide eyed and helpless.
CC you are so hot as a villain and yes you are the perfect Catwoman, but you were great as SW too….you delivered the seduction scenes with such a perfect blend of domination and sexiness and the pace at which you spoke was perfect.  I really liked you as SW!
Finally the GGG scenes were excruciatingly hot. I love the mix of close ups, POVs, from above and far away shots (but not too far away). I loved it all but loved the tribbing and the 3 way ass action were my faves
If I had one critique (and I only say this because I hope we do more clips) was that the avenger house too much like an ordinary house….and not avenger mansion. The background rooms for Revenge of the Spider Lady were perfect and similar type of settings would have made this 11/10 for me.  But then again….I’m not house hunting….so it really is a minor point.
I can’t wait for CED 6 or 8 or whatever  you do next! Thank you, the girls and the crew so much for making this fantasy come true!

I’m so happy he loves his custom, and always up for hearing what could be changed or done to make the customer even more satisfied for his next custom.
why? Because I strive for excellence, not perfection.

Speaking of, I know you have been waiting for more preview pics of my latest release..

“Christina Carter’s Secret Identity Theft”

Starring Candle Box as Bat girl and Christina Carter as Wonder Woman…






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and !!


This post was supposed to go live last night, but I had three chicas breathing down my neck to go into town for a little local flare…and boy did we get some flare!! Looks like I have no power against their mighty margarita at PiPis. It’s definitely one and done for me, due to it’s fish bowl size I guess. Which turned into dancing with the waiters to the Mariachi bands music…they could play anything you can think of..anything!!



Saturday’s Sizzlin’ Hot…


Here’s to hoping your weekend is as sizzling hot as mine has been!! If it hasn’t been…lets see what Candles Box can do for you,lol, always gets my heart pumping!!

So, you may have seen the request on the forum to do a little anal strap on with Candle next time. This is do-able… but what is the story line? Who’s got this one? I wrote this one, so it’s your turn. That’s everybody’s homework this week.

I will be doing a little fighting this evening, but will be back home later and on the forums and in my emails messing around :)…. I’ll meet you there after 10? Till then…..

“Christina Carter’s Catwoman, Mesmerizer”

Starring Christina Carter as Catwoman and Candle Box as Batgirl..





NOW AVAILABLE ONLY ON my embedded eclipstore 

and !!


Lots of love!


“Mesmerizer” releases right NOW…..

Hello loves!!

After what seemed like forever, we have a phenomenal new Super Heroine release for you!! Now, I might be bias because I wrote this script…but I think it’s pretty damn cute, if I do say so myself.  What do you do when you know you are shooting Candle Box, and you know what really turns her on?! You do what turns her on of course :). If we must fuck your pretty little ass, and make you squirt…well who am I to stand in the way of that. But I will add in some of my favorite fetishes as well….

Super Heroines and Villains, fembots -aka- being mesmerized, and bondage…I just can’t contain myself!! It’s been so long since I’ve made Bat Girl squirt, squirm and struggle…Mmmmm…


Christina Carter’s Catwoman, Mesmerizer
Catwoman (Christian Carter) is up to her old tricks again trying to lure the female caped crusader, Batgirl (Candlebox) into a trap. Catwoman uses an ancient Egyptian relic with mystical powers to capture and control Batgirl. Clip contains: Super heroine cosplay, fetish parody, female domination, bondage, dancing, stripping, damsel-in-distress, ball gag, rope bondage, anal dildo and vibrator play, squirting, orgasm, masturbation and a whole fuck load of sexy!
Now lets get to it shall we???!!! No need to wait any longer!!
NOW AVAILABLE ONLY ON my embedded eclipstore and !!
Have a great night lovers I’ll see you manana with more great preview pics!
PS.. This is the one I was originally calling Hush Money on twitter.