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Here’s a quick one for you, the rest of the preview pics from Wonder Woman in Greece!! There’s going tot be a full week of shooting, so I am going to take this evening for me. I did some prepping earlier and that is probably what tomorrow is going to be as well. Coe play with me… (insert devious look here) lol.

Oh you have a great Saturday night… I fucking love you!


Wonder Woman in Greece

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Snapping me back…


The weekend is here!! You know what I’m excited about? First, even realizing it was the weekend was a plus for…it’s all quite a blur most of the time. Second, I’m excited to hit the gym again after I post this and maybe play a little on twitter and onlyfans with you while I am there…. as I typed that I remembered Instagram, had to check and see if I posted on there and somehow goy sucked into Dubsmash. WTF?! The freaking internet is like the black hole sometimes. Luckily I received a text that snapped me back out of it and back to to post. I’m not going to hold you up any longer, just know that I adore all of you, even more so now that I am taking me time and don’t want to snap necks no really. It does wonders!

Off to the gym to make my body super hot for you..and off to my clip stores or site for you.. because you need a release too, and that is what I am here for!


Wonder Woman in Greece

This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)THIS CLIP!!  (bondage/fetish) 



Exciting Nipples..


Theres just something about how a woman describes herself, she’ll say things that you would never expect. I was with a girlfriend last night who describes her nipples and “exciting”. I love this description, and from now she will forever be refered to as my exciting nipple I call them eraser nipples, and I love them. Besides having a lupus flare due to stress, I am also entertaining my little sister and her friend Stacy once again in Vegas. I took them to Cosmo last night.. which wasn’t exactly what either of them was expecting. It was full of Microsoft nerds. I however was very entertained by the bartender, and two dudes with ridiculous names. Chocolate and Constnatine. I was extremely giddy and couldn’t stop laughing for the life of me, I’m sure they thought I was out of my mind. But I felt like I was in an SNL skit, or getting punked. My sister likes strong black men.. so tonight I’l have to take her somewhere else.. somewhere she can pick up this kind of man.

Wish me luck, while I do that…. you do this…

Black Cat vs. Spiderman, Leather Lust…



This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)THIS CLIP!!  (bondage/fetish)



Last, but definitely not least…


Just a quick check in to get you the last of the preview pics from the last release. Just in time for our next release on the 11th.. which will be a Wonder Woman video. It will be released in 3 clips. Every week a part will be released :).. 11th, 18th, 25th..You are going to love it.

If you haven’t seen yet on twitter, I have been shooting Wonder Woman in Greece.. Just a little solo stuff, but you’re going to love that too.. It’s super hot! Self bondage, wet costume, pantyhose and foot fetish, masturbation, oiling my naked amazonian body up just for you …Yaaassssss!! I think I’ll just stay in character for ever now.. Wonder Woman all the time!!

But, before I do…


“Slave Trade”








This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish) This clip!

Get ready for our next amazing release!!


Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua

Hello Lovers!

It’s been a while since Wonder Woman has graced us with her presence . Are you excited?! Years back Nick Sterling wrote a script for me that had a lot of the same elements as the WW/Gargantua episodes from the 70’s. Needless to say, I loved it and wanted to shoot it badly. But as our business is, talent comes and goes quicker than you could imagine. This script was originally written for me and Emily . To my and everyone else horror..she retired in 2013. We were searching for someone who had her beauty and could also hold her own on camera as well to fill her shoes…we thought Angela Sommers would be perfect! Then she decided to take a bit of a break last year and focus on her belly dancing and featuring. UUuuugghhh. Not to fret, just months ago, Emily Addison decided she missed you all s much and retired way too early (I could have told her . And so…. here we are finally today release this little number to you!!

Be very aware that it is highly entertaining and may make you laugh your ass off and leave you wondering why it is SO hot watching Emily and I get sexually handled my a huge monkey. Let yourself be sucking in by the fun, that is why I made this. My favorite scene has to be Emily trying to get away as Gargantua lustfully rips off her clothes… and the second…well, I’m going to save that for my next post :).


Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua






DISCRIPTION: In a 1976 Wonder Woman episode: Wonder Woman vs. Gargantua the Nazis try to get back an agent who turned on them. To help in their efforts, they brainwash a gorilla named Gargantua to hate Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman fights and Apprehends the primate. CC Production’s super-heroine fetish parody begins with Wonder Woman (Christina Carter) and Doctor Osman (Emily Addison) discussing Gargantua’s (Marcus London) reprogramming. Clip Contains: cosplay, furry-play, damsel-in-distress, forced stripping, lift and shoulder carry, cum shots, dildo sucking, simulated sex, smoking and a whole lot of fun.


This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish)

I hope you are ready for Christmas…it’s almost here!!!


Super Slutty Heroine Celebrity Status #9!


You might have seen me post this on twitter the other day, I’m still blown away by this fabulous article.. I am over joyed to be included in the top 14 Celebs that look amazing as Wonder Woman..what an honor!!

Since I don’t really wander around the internet when I’m not working on something for you, I didn’t see this until months after it was originally released and brought to my attention by a fan on the superheroineforum.

So here it is in case you where like me and did not see the list:


14 Hot Celebs Who Look Amazing As Wonder Woman

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14 Hot Celebs Who Look Amazing As Wonder Woman

53014, HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – Wednesday March 30 2011. Adrianne Palicki shows of her wonders during the filming of ‘Wonder Woman’ in Hollywood. During filming, a stunt woman hurt her leg (while in costume) and was aided off set by several colleagues. In another scene, Wonder Woman shoves aside two Hollywood icons, Darth Vader and The Tin Man. Photograph: © Ben Dome, Gaz Shirley, **FEE MUST BE AGREED PRIOR TO USAGE** **E-TABLET/IPAD & MOBILE PHONE APP PUBLISHING REQUIRES ADDITIONAL FEES** UK OFFICE:+44 131 557 7760/7761 US OFFICE:1 310 261 9676

Wonder Woman originally appeared as a character in DC comics. When they thought of the idea of Wonder Woman all those years ago I am sure they didn’t know that all of these years later, dressing as Wonder Woman would still be something that women do as well as something that drives men crazy. But think about it, Wonder Woman is supposed to be a warrior princess of the Amazon, and not only that, but her costume is totally boss. How could guys not like Wonder Woman? The whole thing is impossible to even think about.

So Wonder Woman just won’t go away. Over the years many women in TV and film have dressed in a Wonder Woman outfit, and just as many times over the years guys got turned on by them. So why not collect the best of them all in one place? What you are about to see may just be the hottest collection of Wonder Woman shots anywhere. This was Cosplay before Cosplay was even a thing.

So get ready for Wonder Woman to tie you up with a magic rope. Okay, that isn’t going to happen, but at least you get to look at some hot Wonder Women. Here are 14 hot celebs who look amazing as Wonder Woman.


14. Kaley Cuoco


Okay, so Kaley loses a couple points for not wearing the cool Wonder Woman head gear, but still, all in all, she looks fabulous. She appeared this way for an episode of the Big Bang Theory. In the episode a bunch of nerds acted all weird around a hot woman dressed like Wonder Woman. Which is pretty much exactly the way anyone would act around Kaley if she was dressed that way. Sometimes art imitates life. Anyway, I digress. Kaley looks awesome.

13. Kim Kardashian



Okay, really? I know what you are thinking. Is there ever a list that Kim does not appear on? Believe me, I feel your pain, but one has to admit that she pulls off this costume pretty well. Not perfectly, though, as she doesn’t quite have that whole Amazon thing down. Wonder Woman is supposed to be tall and powerful, not short with a huge bum. But still, just like everything else that Kim does in life, we may find fault with it, but it still works somehow.

12. Olivia Munn


Okay, this is more like it. Olivia used to be the host of a show on G4, in which she would put on all sorts of cool little outfits that she looked hot in. But of course, the very coolest and the very hottest just has to be Wonder Woman. She looks awesome here, and totally pulls off that whole ” superhero that is going to wind up tied up soon” vibe that is so essential to a good Wonder Woman. Olivia is now hanging out with Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, so sadly it may be that her Wonder Woman days are over. At least for the rest of us.

11. Rachel Bilson



Rachel dressed up as Wonder Woman on an episode of The O.C. which was a TV show of days gone by. In this episode, Rachel dresses up this way to try to get a high school guy that is really into comic books to like her. As a full disclaimer, if you are a high school guy that is really into comics, this is never going to happen in real life, and I mean ever. Regardless, Rachel looks hot here and we thank her for being on this list.

10. Rileah Vanderbilt,h_2112,w_2816/t_mp_quality/g61fkywaop96zvp0k2mc/these-17-incredible-wonder-woman-cosplayers-will-explode-your-brain-327293.jpg


Rileah is a part of the comedy group Team Unicorn, and posed for photos dressed as Wonder Woman as part of a comedy sketch. While she may have been attempting to be funny, we have to say there is nothing humorous about the way she looks. She looks absolutely hot as Wonder Woman. If they comedy thing doesn’t work out she can always try to knock Jennifer off her perch as the Wonder Woman queen of Hollywood Boulevard. Maybe they could fight over it. Okay, sorry, my imagination is starting to run wild. Back to the list.

9. Christina Carter


Christina is an actress that you won’t see unless you are a fan of a certain kind of adult film. The kind of adult film that often finds Wonder Woman in some sort of peril and being treated badly by the bad guys, in some totally hot ways. Christina simply has to be on this list as she is everything that a hot Amazon warrior is supposed to be. In fact, she looks ridiculously hot dressed this way. All women do a little, but Christina knocks it out of the park.

8. Geri Halliwell


Geri Halliwell was a member of the Spice Girls, who if you don’t know, were once one of the most popular bands in the world.  So popular in fact that they made a truly awful movie called Spice Worldin which Geri dressed up briefly as Wonder Woman. While the movie was awful, Geri pulls this one off okay, although she is without a doubt not the most physically imposing Wonder Women out there. She still looks great though.

7. Emily Deschanel


Emily is a star on the TV show Bones which is where she showed off her Wonder Woman side. While the premise of the episode was that she was wearing this outfit for a costume party, we get the feeling the real story is that the director just wanted to figure out a way to see Emily in a Wonder Woman costume. And who could blame him? She pulls the whole thing off quite well. Her sister is the actress Zooey Deschanel. Hopefully some director out there is plotting to put Zooey in a Wonder Woman outfit as we speak.

6. Sarah Michelle Gellar


Okay, so not all celebrities look totally hot as Wonder Woman. While Sarah looks as cute as always, she is not quite pulling off the whole Amazon warrior thing when her thighs look like toothpicks. Still though, Sarah is cool; anyone that was Buffy the Vampire Slayer gets a lifetime achievement award in our book. And there is no doubt that she looks cute dressed this way, just not Wonder Woman hot.  This was part of her hosting the MTV awards with Jack Black.

5. Gal Gadot


Gal is wearing this hot new Wonder Woman look for the new movie Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. While we must admit she looks totally hot, part of the appeal of the whole Wonder Woman thing is that she is an Amazon warrior that looks hot, tough, and also incredibly silly all at once. Gal looks like a Wonder Woman that actually could do some serious damage to you, and while that is hot to some folks, we at TheRichest like our Wonder Woman a little on the sillier side.

4. Adrianne Palicki


Speaking of a hot Wonder Woman with more than a touch of silly, Adrianne Palicki has the whole thing down. She starred as Wonder Woman for a TV pilot that never got picked up to be a series. It had some money behind it too, so it must have been horrible. There is one positive thing though; at least now there are dozens of photos on the internet of Adrianne looking totally hot dressed as Wonder Woman, so we all win. Except for the people that spent millions on a failed TV show.

3. Erica Durance


While on the show Smallville, Erica dresses up in an Amazon warrior costume to try and go undercover at a comic book convention. While it is not a one hundred percent Wonder Woman costume it sure is close enough to put her on this list. Erica looks fantastic and should be proud to know that of all the women that have dressed as Amazon warriors, she is one of the very hottest. She already is almost certainly the hottest Lois Lane ever. Well done, Erica.

2. Tiffany Fallon


This one is a little confusing, even for us. Tiffany was on the cover of Playboy dressed like Wonder Woman, which makes no sense, really, as Playboyfeatures women who don’t wear clothes of course. Well, the thing is, the Wonder Woman costume was painted on her body. Whether this is hot or not is for you to decide, but there is no doubt that Tiffany looks amazing in her Wonder Woman costume, or body paint, or… whatever, she looks great.

1. Lynda Carter


There simply is no doubt who is number one in any Wonder Woman competition. Lynda Carter is the one who started the whole thing. She is a former Miss America who was Wonder Woman on TV in the ’70s. As hot as she was back then, I don’t think people today really understand the glory that was Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. She had that whole sexy and tough thing down, but she was still always getting knocked out and tied up by the bad guys. If you don’t know why she is number one check out this gif of Lynda running as Wonder Woman, it will blow your mind.


Of course Lynda Carter is #1, as she should be…. She is Wonder Woman in my eyes and most everyone’s eyes as well. She’s my hero and the woman I look up to! lets be honest, I probably owe my success to her. She made Wonder Woman….well….WONDER WOMAN!

Love you!!

Christina (Super Heroine) WONDER WOMAN CLIPS  (bondage/fetish)

Breathe it in Batgirl..

Hello from London..

We aren’t even close to being done with the preview fro the latest release… we haven’t even gotten to the sexiest parts yet. Sure, If you like hypno and smoking your in heaven right now. But for those of you waiting for us to get all nasty an naughty…it’s only a matter of time…

It’s coming ..if you can’t wait for the preview pics.. go get the clip now!!

“Christina Carter’s, Corruption of Batgirl” 

Featuring Emily Addison and Christina Carter..






Get it now!!!

This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available … (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish) 

Love ya!!


Christina Carter’s Wonder Woman, Out of Time..

Hey Lovers!!

You all know I love a good challenge, especially the kind where there is rope involved. Especially when I have someone around who really knows how to tie and there is something to suspend me from :). Honestly though, I had no idea how to get out of this one.. thats a lot of rope and and being suspended in mid air really pushes it to the next level. Struggle they said… they now how hard it is to do from that position? Nah.. I don’t think the do. Buuuuutttttt… I can’t say I didn’t love every minute of it!!!

Just watch and you will see…

Christina Carter’s Wonder Woman, Out of Time

WW BONDAGE.00_00_45_01.Still004

WW BONDAGE.00_01_00_27.Still006

WW BONDAGE.00_01_16_18.Still007

WW BONDAGE.00_01_51_26.Still008

In Wonder Woman, Out of Time the ultimate super heroine Christina Carter goes back to her roots in this WW episode. Born in bondage, this girl loves to struggle! Running out of time Wonder Woman is forced watch the time tick-tick-tick away to her imminent demise, as the explosive devise beneath her is out of reach. She struggles to break free from the strict suspension her villain nemesis (Pro Villain, Tim Woodman) has over powered her with. This can’t be the end for our Amazonian Princess…could it??! This clip contains: strict bondage, suspension, struggling, and escape.

This clip and many more amazing fetish vids available now… (Super Heroine)  (bondage/fetish) 

Hot wet bondage kisses!!


“Spider-Woman vs. Ms. America, Epi. 1”!!

Hello Lovers!!

I’m so excited!! It’s finally here….tonight we release the “Spider-Woman vs Ms. America, Epi. 1” starring Angela Sommers!! Videos with Angela will be very limited these days, she is so busy with featuring and belly dancing…that the fetish and porn world will have to wait patiently idle for her, hopefully, to come back one day. I know she is one of your favorites… as she is mine. So we can just watch and drool to this one a few hundred times until she returns. Not to worry, this is only part 1 as it says in the title :). I can not begin to tell you what a treat it is to shoot Angela, that sweet perfect pussy is so missed on set.

It’s been a long day on set, as you may have seen from my twitter and FB posts. I’m going to get to bed, you enjoy this video!

Feel free to email me and tell me your


“Spider-Woman vs. Ms. America, Epi. 1”






Christina Carter and CC Productions presents Spider-Woman vs. Ms. America, Episode 1. Sexual Essence. Wonder Woman has gone missing! Ms. America has been called in to find the missing Amazon Princess. Spider Woman quickly becomes the main suspect. Ms. America finds Wonder Woman who is being held captive in Spider-Womans lair. An Electra-Web holds Wonder-Woman motionless. Spider Woman uses Wonder Woman as bait to lure Ms. America into her trap. The villainess is capturing super heroines and extracting their sexual essence to create and army of Spider Woman. The battle between good and evil is on! This clip contains: Super heroine transformation and super powers, device bondage, strap-on, oral, girl-girl sex, and a whole lot more.
Get this video NOW!!!!!
Only on…

Get your freak on..

You ready for more feet?Pantyhose?Hot Milfs that are really into each other??? I hope so… time to lick, suck, devour Syrens perfectly edible feet! Like I said last night on the first post having to do with this release, we are a bit into each other.. for this was a lot of fun to make 🙂 I’ve had some requests via email to make her into a super heroine or villain. What are your thoughts on that??

Also, I’ll be shooting Maria Marley on Monday. I am thinking about some Mother/Daughter clips.. spanking and forced masturbation..

I’ve never shot incest kinda vids, but people love them… they always seem to be #1 on C4S. And since we look like we are related…why


Parent Teacher Conference Pt1

Parent_Teacher_Conf _Pt1.00_02_23_20.Still006

Parent_Teacher_Conf _Pt1.00_02_44_01.Still007

Parent_Teacher_Conf _Pt1.00_03_37_07.Still008

Parent_Teacher_Conf _Pt1.00_04_04_16.Still009

Parent_Teacher_Conf _Pt1.00_05_45_18.Still010

Get it now!!!!!!

Available at !!! 

Have a great night!!

I’ll be going live on periscope tonight… I hope to see you there :)!!



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